Today’s Incendiary and Bombastically Insane U.S. Threat to Carry Out a Cyber Attack on Russia


October 15, 2016 by Alfred

This is a succinct foreword for an Argentum Post News Flash Digest

[ APFND Nr. 11 ]

As we have just heard the bizarrely incendiary threat announced by Lester Holt on the  NBC Evening News of today,  October 14, 2016, that the U.S. is about to carry out a cyber attack on Russia, it becomes clear that the hysterical smokescreen generated by Hillary Clinton which involved the knee-jerk scapegoating of the President of Russia,  when in the aftermath of the exposure by  Wikileaks of the DNC scandal involving top operatives discussions of how to use Bernie Sanders insufficient Jewishness against him to sabotage his campaign, since he said he would be “neutral” on Israel’s international law violating occupation, something which forced the disgraced Director of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz to resign, only to be immediately hired by Clinton for her campaign who then decided not address the content of said e-mail which,  is what really mattered about this e-mail release, which was to be kept secret from the American public.

The relentless demonization of Putin and Russia continued relentlessly since.

It is now clear that while Russia’s interest in collaborating with the U.S. lies in the confrontation, containment, and destruction  of the ISIS/Daesh AND Al Nusra (which is an  Al Qaeda affiliate) attacks on secular sovereign Syria state within which Moslems, Christians, and seculars co-exist harmoniously,  the U.S. in stark contrast, is providing selling billions of dollars worth of U.S. weapons and planes to Saudi Arabia, our so-called “‘ally, which Saudi Arabia is funneling to the so-called Syrian rebels which are overwhelmingly ISIS and Al Nusra, and so the U.S. is now guilty of complicity with Saudi Arabia, and Al Nusra, and Al Qaeda for protecting them in order to bring about the same kind of regime change, and infrastructure destruction as the ones that were brought about with catastrophic consequences, and  on the basis of falsehoods,  when in 2003 the US invaded Iraq, and then Afghanistan, then Libia, and now Syria, and it looks like quite likely, that, if Hillary Clinton is elected, Iran will be the next targeted country.

Up to this day, no categorically convincing evidence has been presented that Russia’s Putin is trying to “influence the US elections”.

Of course the U.S. has not only tried to influence elections in plurality of nations globally, but was also actively involved in the overthrow of the democratically elected government in  such a plurality of nations.  To name a few examples, the secular democratic government of Mossadegh of Iran which was destabilized and overthrown by the U.S. and Britain in 1953, the democratically elected government of Dr. Salvador Allende in Chile which was overthrown by on 9/11 of 1973  by the active support of President Nixon and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, the democratically elected government of Brazil, João Goulart which was overthrown in 1964 by a U.S. supported military coup which submitted Brazil to twenty years of fascist rule and torture practice before it finally collapsed, and many others.

So, there really is no strategy in this insane step to now enter into brinksmanship with Russia, only reckless, greedy interests of a hegemonic sector of the US which is pressured by the industrial military complex to carry out war after war, at the expense of the hard-working people of America, who have their hard-earned tax-dollars siphoned off by this corrupt to the core undue influence lobby.  President Eisenhower warned us about the gathering danger of the undue influence of the industrial-military complex which would get us entangled in foreign wars.

Today. October 14, 2016, The Washington Post reported that the nation’s capital Metro system is in dire need of $ 125 million dollars and cannot find a source for funding.

At the same time, Israel which is fanning the flames of hate and fear generated by Saudi Arabia and by the Israel lobby, receives $ 10 millions dollars per day from our taxpayers funds, and just two weeks ago Israel was promised to receive $ 38 billion dollars in the course of 10 years, as it continues to violate international law by its illegal occupation, and continues to violate the most fundamental rights of the Palestinian people had 75% of their land taken over violently by their “war of independence” after the British empire facilitated  influx of Jewish immigrants who proceeded to nationalize their Jewish religion on the basis of the Hebrew Bible, in 1948.

And at the same time Saudi Arabia has received billions of dollars from the US and Britain as it is now carrying out brutal massacres in Yemen, of the kind Netanyahu carried out in Gaza in the Summer of 2014.

And now our misleaders have the temerity to engage in a most dangerous, and outright stupid, game of brinksmanship with Russia and this on the basis of specious reasons which camouflage and agenda of using so-called “rebels” in the Middle East to bring about regime change and demolitions of infrastructure in stable nations, so as to better control them.

The hypocrisies, the corruption, the dishonesty, of our top misleaders coupled to the deliberate dereliction of duty of the corporatized mainstream media, which violates our constitutional right to a First Amendment guaranteed “free press” , is leading us now into the abyss of a confrontation with Russia on false claims and misleading pretexts from which, if something goes wrong, we may never recover, since the specter of nuclear war is real, by mistake or deliberately,  and no one will “win” such a  war.

So, with this foreword, which turned out to be not so succinct, this writer brings its readers to the attention of the words of extraordinary wisdom, honesty, and clarity, which the courageous and principled former CIA analyst and former US State Department Counter -Terrorism expert, Larry Johnson splendidly and eloquently  offered us in the prestigious Crosstalk program hosted by Peter Lavelle.

Larry C. Johnson, must be highly commended for his brilliant, sobering, rational, balanced, analysis of the current events.  He his the founder and main author of the weblog  No Quarter.


One thought on “Today’s Incendiary and Bombastically Insane U.S. Threat to Carry Out a Cyber Attack on Russia

  1. Marie Spike says:

    Indeed, “hysterical smokescreen.” Hold onto your hats!

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