[APNFD Nr. 18] A Heads Up on the Next Documentary Masterpiece by the Legendary John Pilger

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November 15, 2016 by Alfred

This is an Argentum Post News Flash Digest [APNFD Nr. 18]

The Argentum Post is a medium for literary peace activism.

As such, in addition to articles focused on peace through social, economic justice and transparent, accountable, participative progressive democracy, the Argentum Post as well functions as a dissemination agent for some of the most highly talented, professional, ethical, authors, academics, documentary producers, investigative journalists whose brilliant and selfless endeavors under ideal conditions in civilized societies should get ample coverage by their periodical newspapers.

Unfortunately under the present conjuncture in the United States, the corporatized mainstream media is derelict of its duty to accurately, comprehensively, objectively inform its readers.

So, with this foreword the Argentum Post informs its readers about a new documentary which is about to be released  titled “The Coming War“.

The documentary producer is the stunningly brilliant, dedicated, independent, creative, productive, incisively intellectual, Australian author, investigative journalist, and documentary producer,  John Pilger.

This is the link to said documentary which is about to be released.


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