What Makes America the Greatest Country in the World ?

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November 16, 2016 by Alfred

This question was asked in “The Newsroom“.

Enclosed is the HBO clip of said  “The Newsroom” American television series written by Aaron Sorkin.

The series was created by Aaron Sorkin and features an ensemble cast including Jeff Daniels as anchor, who with his staff, sets out to put on a news show ” in the face of corporate and commercial obstacles and their own personal entanglements“.

Sorkin is known for, inter alia, creating the Emmy Award-winning political drama The West Wing.

The clip enclose infra, is particularly apt to the current crisis America is undergoing with the election of Donald Trump, who due to the bizarre disfunctionality  built into our flawed  undemocratic elections, “won” the election even though, by a direct democratic vote count, he actually lost it by some 2 million votes.

Without the extinction of that relic of the history, namely the “Electoral College” which violates the one man/woman one vote norm, as it grants members of said “college” who can and will decide who wins the election, and can do so arbitrarily and without accountability, and thereby renders our vote an”indirect vote” and therefore “we the people” are relegated to an exercise in futility in some elections such as that of Al Gore v. George W. Bush, where George W. Bush, as now Donald Trump, became presidents even though they lost in  the direct democratic vote which is the standard of most of the world’s democracies.

In the former case  of the W. Bush/Cheney et al. administration assumptio of power,  the consequences were catastrophic, as they led America into a war on Iraq on false claims, something which not only resulted in a tremendous hemorrahge of treasury and blood in trillion dollar wars, but which also led to the evolution of the horrific Al Qaeda in Iraq and eventually to the scourge of ISIS / Daesh criminally terrorizing destructive violence which now, 13 years later is still generating millions of refugees, something which probably would not have happened had Al Gore, the winner of the direct democratic vote been inaugurated on January 20, 2001.

Donal Trump has stated that he is not interested in military interventionism abroad, so we must now pray that he means that.

Furthermore the inception of the Instant Runoff Voting (IRV)System is also long overdue, since the American electorate must not be forced to have their choice for nominee limited by  two establishment parties’ nominees.  Via the IRV system, voters could vote their conscience and still designate, in this case, the “lesser of two evils” the recipient of their vote.

As it turned out, after the DNC’s scandalous sabotage of the Bernie Sanders campaign, the voters were relegated to choose between two in many ways unacceptable candidates for the presidency.    As a result countless millions did who would have voted for Sanders who woud have defeated Trump, did not vote.

The IRV system  would render moot that sarcastic and offensive branding of the voters for the best nominee, in this case the third-party one, i.e. the Green Party’s Dr. Jill Stein,  as “spoilers“.

This 2016 election forced on American voters the non-choice of two equally unpopular nominees, while the highly competent nominee of a third-party was largely ignored by the mainstream media and was not allowed on the ballot of all states, and furthermore was not allowed to enrich the national debates.

This state of affairs has rendered our electoral process a charade.

So, with this foreword, see infra the video titled “What Makes America the Greatest Country in the World”   All statistics in this video are factual.


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