One of the Foundational Elements Which Make America Great is that Proto Fascism, Ethno Religionism and Ethno Nationalism Are Unconstitutional in Practice

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November 18, 2016 by Alfred

Proto Fascism is composed of the direct predecessor ideologies that influence and formed the basis for fascism.  Clearly this is in the United States an unconstitutional practice in the official realm of governance.

Fascism is an authoritarian right-wing dictatorship.  Clearly in the U.S. an unconstitutional practice.

Ethno Nationalism is the racist ideology that a state can be made up of citizens who are members of an exclusivist ethnic background, such as for example, the Apartheid state of South Africa was, and the would be Aryan state of Nazi German under Hitler was becoming, prior to being defeated as it undertook its ethnic cleansing domestically and its aggression for conquest abroad.  The same applies to the racist fundamentalist Zionist power structure of present day Israel whose cabinet approved a measure requiring persons applying for Israeli citizenship to affirm that Israel is a “Jewish and democratic” state.

As such, asking someone to say that Israel is a “Jewish and democratic state” in order to gain citizenship would be analogous to asking a Hindu Indian immigrant to the United States to affirm that the US is “a white and  Christian democratic state.”

The citizenship requirements of the world’s modern democracies do not require the bizarre notion that their states be recognized (and have a supremacy ) of people of a specific pigmentation and religious belief.

Hence, again, “Ethno Nationalism” is clearly, in the U.S., and unconstitutional practice.

Ethno Religionism is religious exclusivism.

Zionism is an example of ethnic religious exclusivism.

In 1975, the United Nations condemned the ethnic exclusivism of Zionism as ‘a form of racism and racial discrimination’.7 At best, it seems, the Israeli State views Palestinians as an inferior species to be herded into Bantustan townships and refugee camps and, at worst, treated like animals, expendable to be sacrificed before the god of Zionism. Israel’s continuing illegal settlement plans, land seizures, house demolitions, expulsions, deportations, military occupation, use of torture and ‘extra-judicial’ killings of Palestinians is seen by many as a form of racially motivated ethnic cleansing.8

[Counterpunch, 11/05/2003]

As stated in Stephen Sizer’s article titled “Christian Zionism : Justifying Apartheid in the Name of God :

The UN General Assembly based its 1975 anti-Zionist resolution on the UN’s own definition of racial discrimination, adopted in 1965. According to the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, racial discrimination is “any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life.” As a definition of racism and racial discrimination, this statement is unassailable and, if one is honest about what Zionism is and what it signifies, the statement is an accurate definition of Zionism. But in 1975, in the political atmosphere prevailing at the time, putting forth such a definition was utterly self-defeating.

[Church Society, Stephen Sizer]

Once again, “Ethno Religionism” while possibly tolerated as confined to belief shared and limited to the realm of residences and synagogues of such believers, is not and cannot be but unconstitutional as a basis of practice in the realm of official politics.

It is also noteworthy that it is dangerous and may be considered treason to preach Anti-Zionism in Israel. Canada has admitted refugee cases based on such facts.

This refugee hearing was by the Commission of Emigration and Refugee Status of Canada in Montreal Quebec.   Tribunal Gilles Shier, Behind Close Doors.

It was uploaded by the “Fifth Estate” which for three decades has been Canada’s premier investigative documentary program.

This is refugee hearing by the Commission of Emigration and Refugee Status of Canada in Montreal Quebec.   Tribunal Gilles Shier, Behind Close Doors.

this was uploaded by the “Fifth Estate” which for three decades has been Canada’s premier investigative documentary program.  See

So, as “we the people” are about to undertake peaceful, disciplined, rational, pre-emptive and assertive demonstrations whose object must be to send the message to Donald Trump that :

(a) in the preponderant democracies of the world he has not won the election by the direct popular democratic vote, since he only received 61,578,849 votes while his opponent received 62,981,308 votes (i.e. 46.69% vs. 47.75 %), and

(b) 42.1% of all eligible voters did not vote, which means that his electoral mandate in percentage terms is only a measly 29.1%.

(c) if he really would like to be the president of “ALL Americans he will have to stay away from nominating hawkish, fear and hate mongering, special military-industrial complex pandering, dishonest, officials who tune in to hysterically and/or opportunistically anti- Russia and anti-Iran hysteria and who will continue to be deferential to the Israel propaganda lobby AIPAC lobby which is hell-bent to continue to push for billions of our taxpayer funds ( $ 10 million per day / 3.8 billion per year ) while continuing to be in egregious violation of international law in their occupation, and oppression with massacres, collective punishments, tenths of thousand house demolitions, incarceration of minors on the basis of ludicrous charges, and so on, and

(d) if he really would like to be regarded as a populist anti-establishmentarian he will NOT nominate mummified hate and fear mongers as John Bolton, and such opportunists as Rudolf Giuliani who used the 9/11 tragedy as a political platform for his presidential aspiration and recommended to George W. that he nominate his friend Bernard Kerick for the Department of Homeland Security Director, a man who was weeks later indicted, tried, and sentenced to prison for a number of felonies in coordination with organized crime,  and

(e) that he not nominate Sarah Palin for anything since she just about knows nothing about everything, and

(f) that he not nominate Newt Gingrich or Romney for any post as they have proven with and abundance of redundancy that they are establishmentarians and losers, and

(g) that he surround himself with academic historians and learn the difference between East and West Aleppo, between Judaism and Zionism, and about the history of the 67 year oppression and ethnic cleansing of the natives of Palestine, and much, much more so as not to start shooting from the hip in ways which could spiral into a U.S. and global cataclysm, something which makes it an imperative that he immediately propose a summit of all nations which have nuclear weapons and signed on to the NPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) as well as of Israel which clandestinely developed its nuclear arsenal with the help of the U.S., Britain, and France ,yet refused to sign on the the NPT, and North Korea, India, and  Pakistan which also have not signed on to the NPT, and urge all, and that includes the U.S.,to initiate the dismantling of all nuclear weapons on earth.

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