From the All Saints Church in Pasadena an Infusion of Solace


November 17, 2016 by Alfred

While the writer of the Argentum Post espouses and touts secular humanistic values, this is merely a referential characterization which cannot but, include the values of religious humanist / spiritual progressives.

From a very dear friend in Oaxaca, Mexico, who was a progressive Jesuit Priest and eventually left the priesthood while conserving its progressive humanist values and became a social anthropologist, this writer received an enthralling  sermon by the new Rector of the Episcopalian church in California, the All Saints Church of Pasadena.

The sermon clip depicted in the infra enclosed video clip, is profoundly impactful in the richness of its words, in its eloquence and in its content which provides insight, sympathy, compassion, and healing comfort to an extend which is truly touching to all, regardless of their faith or lack thereof.

No additional words are needed to express the immense appreciation one can feel for this noble new Rector of said All Saints Church,  Mike Kinman.



One thought on “From the All Saints Church in Pasadena an Infusion of Solace

  1. aliceny says:

    Thank you, Alfred.
    (Still on the same Journey, searching for the same righteous justice for ALL.)

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