Legendary Cuban President Fidel Castro Dies a Natural Dignified Death, Notwithstanding Numerous Unjustifiable Attempts by U.S. Presidents to Have Him Assassinated


November 27, 2016 by Alfred

This writer mourns the death of President Fidel Castro, celebrates his legacy, and denounces the U.S. decades of sabotage, boycotts, and embargoes against Cuba and its people and the criminal attempts to have President Castro assassinated, primarily because the Cuban people and their supported leaders dared to embark on a social and economic development system which was not aligned with the neocon/neolib hegemonic capitalist interests of the power structures of primarily the United States, and  Israel, both of which were for decades the only ones who voted against the vastly overwhelming number of some 190+ member nations of the United Nations which on a yearly basis called for an end to the singling out of Cuba for striving for a socialist development program.

This yearly vote of the United States and Israel, against the world exposed to the world that the terms “democracy” and “freedom” are not to be taken literally in what characterized and characterizes to this day essential aspects of our internal and external policies, since they are conditioned on alignment with interests of aggressive corporatists and militarists elites often not elected in a truly participative democratic mode, just as the 2016 election has most clearly established when it resulted in the ascendance to power of a candidate who lost the democratic direct vote by some 2 million + votes, and who only has a so-called “mandate” of a measly  29.1 % of the American electorate.

Fidel Castro’s led popular uprising liberated the Cuban people from the yoke of the U.S. backed classist and racist dictatorship of Fulgencio Baptista who came to power via a  coup in 1933.   There is a plethora of excellent sources of information on the pre-1959 dictatorship which oppressed the Cuban people.  Global Research, for example,  has published an excellent historical background written by Timothy Alexander Guzman which is titled “Cuba Pre-1959 :  The Rise and Fall of a U.S. Backed Dictator with Links to the Mob”.

The Cuban Revolution was one, if it is not the one, most unique of revolutions in the world as the Cuban people faced a daunting task to overcome huge resistance by the U.S. financial, and political sectors, by the special interest groups and their lobbyists,  and the entrenched mobsters in both, Cuba and in the U.S., who were the ones who had the most to lose by this authentic humanist people empowerment process movement which has been going on since 1960 to this day.

It is partly due to the Revolution’s organized and disciplined arming of major sectors of its urban and rural communities, that – after the utter failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion attempt, the U.S. has not attempted another invasion of Cuba, hoping that strangling Cuba’s development and economy would turn its people against its leaders.

This was a major miscalculation, since the exact opposite objective was achieved.

The Revolution was also most unique in the sense that it succeeded in largely in its main priority objective in the areas of public health, education, and equalization of obligations and rights for its people under the law.

The Cuban infant mortality rate went down from a high of about 50 deaths per thousand for children during their first 5 years of life to about 4 – 6 per thousand which is equivalent to that of Scandinavian countries and Japan.  The statistics for this fact are those of the Worlds Health Organization and a CIA Factbook

When vilifiers and detractors of the Revolution attempt to generate “fake news” by referring to human rights violations, they ignore that most fundamental right of a child to survive its first 5 years of life.   They also ignore the right of children to free education.

On the other hand, when it comes to human rights violations, it is in U.S. occupied Cuba, i.e. in Gitmo, where torture after 9/11 has been secretly carried out on often even  innocent captives.   In fact the Guardian of London reports that torture in Guantanamo went beyond the Senate report disclosures,

As regards toCuba though,  in a press conference given on January 28, 2009,  by Felipe Perez Roque, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, on the occasion of Cuba’s presentation  to the Universal Periodic Review Mechanism of the Human Rights Council, the following relevant portion is noted :

Today we are announcing that Cuba will proceed in the next few days to ratify the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance. Cuba is a country, where over the last 50 years, there has been neither a single case of a missing or tortured person, or extrajudicial killing.”

The following link to the complete supra referred to document is hereby provided

The detractors of Cuba keep silent on Cuba’s commendable role when, as a member of the Non-Aligned Movement, it came to the rescue of Angola when it was the South African white supremacist Apartheid regime it undertook an attack and attempted to invade Angola as Angola succeeded became casting itself off the yoke of the Portuguese Salazar regime colonialist rule.

The decisive defeat of the South African Apartheid regime came about when it had to  fight Cuban troops during the Cuito Cuanavale battle which liberated Angola and that was a turning point which hastened the demise and subsequent collapse of the racist Apartheid regime.

In contrast to that, Dick Cheney while was a congressman from Wyoming, as well as President Ronald Reagan, supported preventing the release of Nelson Mandela from prison for merely advocating for the eradication of the racist Apartheid rule, and both opposed imposition of sanction on the racist Apartheid regime, characterizing falsely that Nelson Mandela and the ANC were “terrorists”.

And further in contrast to this U.S. support for denial and active blocking of democratic justice to the African natives of Apartheid South Africa, Israel was similarly supportive of said racist regime by engaging with said regime not only by providing military assistance to it,  but by going as far as proliferating its clandestinely acquired technology for the weaponization of nuclear energy and even detonating a small nuclear device off the coast of South Africa, something which a 28 – year CIA analyst, Paul Pillar, shared having awareness of in a reply to a question by this writer, during a Q & A session at a conference at the National Press Club called “The National Summit to Reassess the U.S.- Israel Special Relationship” which took place on March 7, 2014.

The Israeli proliferation of nuclear weapons technology to the racist Apartheid regime of South Africa is amply documented and most particularly incisively so, by Sasha Polakow-Suranski, a son of Austrian Jewish refugees from Nazi occupied Austria, in a book titled “The Unspoken Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship With Apartheid South Africa

Today, Cuba has more medical officials abroad in emerging economies countries than the World Health Organization has.

While poverty has not been eliminated in Cuba, human misery has been in ways that distinguish Cuba from any other nation in the Americas.

The legacy of the Cuban Revolution is priceless.

The smear campaign by the Miami-based right-wing extremist detractors of the Revolution, supported by the likes of right wing  extremist Republican Senators Jesse Helms, and Dan Burton, who passed the “Helms-Burton” bill which codified it into the law imposing the embargo and travel restrictions by Americans to Cuba, and which was strongly supported by the other right wing extremists in the Cuban-American National Foundation (CANF) who was led by Jorge Mas Canosa, and by Ileana Ros- Lehtinen and the criminal terrorist Luis Posada Carriles who bragged to being the ideologue of the bombing of a Cubana Airlines plane which crashed in 1987 killing all 76 on board (mostly young members of a fencing team), and yet outrageously he was not prosecuted for that in Florida.   He was jailed in Venezuela for other reasons, but somehow managed to walk out of that prison and returned to Florida.

Additionally the Everglades trained  “Alpha-66” terrorists who carried out thousands of assassinations in the NY City , Queens, and inside Cuba, and who dropped incendiary devices in Cuba to put sugar cane stalks on fire, were all part of broad Cuban Revolution defamation campaign which is now all but fizzing out.

President Obama and Pope Francis deserve enormous credit for their secret negotiations which finally resulted in the beginning of the normalization of the U.S. policy towards Cuba which must be completed NOW with the abrogation of the Helms-Burton law and with not only the closure of Gitmo, but the return of the U.S. occupied territory of Guantanamo to Cuba.

On January 18, 2015, this writer had the fortune and privilege to travel to Miami airport with the illustrious and distinguished Dr. Wayne Smith, who was our former Chief of the U.S. Interests Section in Havana, Cuba.    We traveled there for a celebration for the release of the “Cuban Five” who were wrongly arrested and incarcerated as “spies” when in reality they were only guilty of entering Florida illegally to monitor the criminal activities of the Everglades Alpha 66 criminals who were carrying out the supra-described despicable acts.

These were some of the same Cuban expats who abducted Elian Gonzales and refused to allow him to join his Cuban resident father after his mother illegally took the boy with others on raft to Florida but sadly she drowned on the trip and boy was rescued by American fishermen and subsequently abducted by these anti-Castro Cubans until, thanks to Attorney General Janet Reno, she did what governor Jeb Bush would not do, namely order National Guardsmen to break into the house of the abductors to rescue the boy and return him to his father who came from Cuba to pick him up.

Today Elian Gonzales is a happy young man in medical school, in his native Cuba.

Today some of these die-hard disseminators of falsehoods about the Cuban Revolution are disgustingly and irrationally dancing on the streets of Miami.

Fidel Castro is an unforgettable monumental figure not only in Cuban history but in world history, as he has inspired genuine people liberation movements world-wide,  and today, more than ever, “we the people” have long aspired to have in the White House a president who would complete the honorable task of normalizing with Cuba, a nation which  will forever be the the  product of the evolution of the Revolution.

It is now an imperative that normalized relations with mutual respect between the Cuban and the American governments take place, regardless of who is occupying the White House, since this is the only way to a  win-win relationship which will benefit all genuinely concerned.






2 thoughts on “Legendary Cuban President Fidel Castro Dies a Natural Dignified Death, Notwithstanding Numerous Unjustifiable Attempts by U.S. Presidents to Have Him Assassinated

  1. aliceny says:

    This is a wonderful, well researched, fair and just piece that you have written.
    The facts that you present here have needed a hearing for many, many years.
    How long will we have to wait for similar unearthing of long ago buried and
    distorted truths and facts?

    Sleep well tonight, my friend….

    • Alfred says:

      I am touched by your so sweet and flattering comment on my Fidel Castro article.

      Coming from an obviously well read, scholarly, and compassionate person endowed with a heightened social, historical, and political awareness, who is therefore as well exigent when it comes to standards of integrity based on the foundation of honesty and ethics, this means a lot to me.

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