A Democracy Now Video Addendum re: Previous AP Article on Fidel Castro’s Death

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November 29, 2016 by Alfred

As an addendum to the Argentum Post article titled “ Legendary Cuban President Fidel Castro Dies a Natural Dignified Death, Notwithstanding Numerous Unjustifiable Attempts by U.S. Presidents to Have Him Assassinated “ and published on November 27, 2016, the video of a Democracy Now special on the death of Fidel Castro is enclosed for readers not acquainted with the prestigious Democracy Now program hosted and produced by Amy Goodman, or for readers who readers who live abroad and for some technical reason do not have access to the daily Democracy Now news and interviews program which is independent, highly objective, and subscriber supported.

So, with this succinct foreword, the link to said Democracy Now Special is hereby provided.

IMPORTANT NOTE : When this video clip ends, the reader has the option to see additional clips on the same subject by electing to click on the black and white small square picture which appears at the end of the first video.

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