Trump’s Pick of David Friedman for the Israel Ambassadorship Further Underscores The Colossal National and International Threat Both Represent if the Electors Vote for Trump and Friedman is Approved as the Ambassador

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December 19, 2016 by Alfred

 Trump’s selection for U.S. ambassador to Israel of the fundamentalist right-wing extremist Zionist David Friedman,  is an insult to what his now probably the majority of American Jews, as well as Jews everywhere, and furthermore it is an insult that is also damaging to Judaism itself.

David Friedman besides being a fundamentalist extreme right-wing “Israel-can-do no-wrong” individual, had  the beyond the pale temerity to characterize as “Kapos
the peace aspiring progressive and humanistic Jews of J-Street, and therefore by extension all of those who are involved with such constructive, noble, and principled, peaceful organizations as, for instance,  ACJ, JVP, and other Jewish organizations striving to once for all end peacefully the Israel- in-Palestine conflict  !


“Kapos”  where Jewish inmates of Nazi concentration camps who helped exterminate Jews.  

This statement alone renders Friedman unacceptable and unrepresentative of all decent Jews and he should never be appointed as an American ambassador anywhere, much less in Israel-in-Palestine where Friedman and Trump are going to arsonistically add fuel to fire by their unthinkable already declared insane provocation of moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, something which also constitutes a violation of international law, which Secretary General Ban Ki Moon warned about in one of his last declarations prior to his departure.

Moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in violation of international law, and slanderously falsely accusing millions of noble Jewish peace activists of being Nazi collaborators and traitors is a Trump & Friedman monstrous provocation plan that is akin to that which members of an international organized crime band would undertake.

The consequences to our national security would be immense, not to mention, the further of the aggravation of the bloodshed and infrastructure destruction going on in the Middle East since the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003.

One cannot but, be reminded  of that imbecilic rhetorical question which “W” ( Bush ) asked after he and Cheney and his neocon cabal, invaded and obliterated Iraq on the base of “Fake News” plus fake evidence, namely “why do they hate us”, which he would then just as imbecilically reply to by suggesting that it was because we were so “democratic”…

But “birds of a feather flock together” and Trump is also utterly unrepresentative of all decent Americans and furthermore has zero qualifications and experience for the position of the presidency of the U.S. and the most recent articles in the Argentum Postare focused on urging the College of Electors to respect Alexander Hamilton’s instructions in  The Federalist No. 68 and therefore not vote for Trump.

The decent, scholarly, progressive, liberal, and peaceful conflict resolution dedicated Jews who are members of such prestigious organizations as Jewish Voice for Peace, J-Street, The American Council of Judaism, The Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism, Tzedek, IJAN, NK USA and NK International, Jews for Justice for Palestine and  all other Jewish organizations which aspire and demand a peaceful end to the decades of the festering Israel- in – Palestine conflict due to the international law violating brutally violent occupation and oppression meted out by the Israeli misleadership’s power structures in Palestine, all are unassailable in their peaceful and justice based objectives.

And the millions of Jews represented by these organizations who strive on the basis of justice for Palestinians,  and peace and security for all Jews and Moslems and Christians and seculars living in Palestine, in the U.S. and worldwide,   and who vastly outnumber the Israeli propaganda  machine lobby AIPAC, to which our corrupted neocon and neolib politicians pander, and who have been now grotesquely and defamatory insulted and calumniated by Trump’s pick for U.S. ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, actually now constitute a rapidly evolving highly positive phenomenon, and they are the ones which really count going forward as their memberships are now rapidly increasing.

AIPAC  on the other hand, is descending into the confines of an environment characterized by a cavernous dank place,  surrounded by walls to  the extend that in March it has planned in its annual conference attended mostly by  sycophantic corrupted neocon/neolib politicians such as those led by Arkansas Tea Party Senator Cotton who entered into an intrusion by collusion by PM Netanyahu into the Congress building, to offend the President of the United States, Barak Obama, by a rambling speech designed to sabotage the P5+1 successful  nuclear agreement with Iran, a task which of course Netanyahu failed abysmally.

In this March AIPAC conference one of the main guest speakers will be a representative of the Israeli think tank BESA, namely Efrain Anbar, and he will be  proposing – incredibly – that the U.S. NOT destroy all of ISIS (or Daesh) since BESA is planning to use the Islamic State to destroy the nation of Iran.

This sounds so perverse and sinister, that readers will not believe it but, the Argentum Post has reported on that a few months ago in an article published on November 2, 2016 titled “ As the Scourge of ISIS/Daesh if Finally Coming to an End, It is Now an Imperative that the Scourge of the Barbaric Brutalization of the Natives of Palestine Be Once for All Ended as Well “ that, in the its relevant portion it reports on the exposure that this meeting will be highlighted by the urging by   Zionist Think Tank director, Efrain Anbar of BESA, that the U.S.  see to it that ISIS/Daesh not be totally eliminated, since Israel deems it useful to destroy the nation of Iran.

Trump’s pick of Friedman for the Israel ambassadorship, has resulted in the most serious and sleazy insult ever made against a majority of Jews in the U.S. and in the world,  by a man who could become shamefully a United States ambassador,  by the false accusation on the part of Friedman, that the millions of noble Jews are traitors and “Kapos“, since they oppose on solid ethical and legal grounds  and principles,  the now more than 50-year occupation, dispossession, oppression, and at time massacres,  of the natives of Palestine, as Israel moves into an Apartheid status entity which is identical or worse than that of the South African white supremacist Apartheid regime, to which BTW,  Israel in the mid 80’s proliferated clandestinely but documentably the technology for the weaponization of nuclear energy, as described in – inter alia – the book by the Jewish author Sasha Polakow-Suranksy, titled “The Unspoken Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship With Apartheid South Africa

Trump’s pick of Friedman, on the basis of pressure by his son-in-law , Jared Kushner, is in effect also highly damaging to Israel, as it has already resulted in this supra described  bizarrely offensive declaration (by Friedman)  that the millions of Jews who actively and/or passively oppose the status quo of the Israeli fundamentalist right-wing extremists are now fair game to be calumniated as “Kapos” which means that Friedman considers Jewish peace activist by justice for Palestinians “traitors”.

Such slander has literally been unheard of by a potential U.S. ambassador to any country.

So,  if the College of Electors does not carry out its duty to defer their due respect for the stipulations of the framers of the Constitution, and most specifically the stipulations laid out by Alexander Hamilton in The Federalist No. 68, and fails to vote against Trump who is not only the looser of the 2016 democratic popular election by almost 3 million votes, but    who also happens to fit the exact profile of the type of character which is described in the criterion outlined by Alexander Hamilton’s The Federalist No. 68 as being the kind of incompetent demagogue for which the Electors College was created to prevent his accession to the presidency, then we will be heading  towards a downward spiral into an abyss of incalculable potentially catastrophic consequences.

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