At First Blush It Seems That Someone of The Washington Post Read a Letter by the Writer of the Argentum Post

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December 18, 2016 by Alfred

Coincidentally or not, 2 days after this Argentum Post writer sent a “Letter to the Editor” of the  Washington  Post urging it to not ignore the massive pressure on the Electors to not vote for Trump,  it finally did what it should have done at least 1 to 2 weeks ago, namely report on this “Real News” reality instead of actually suppressing, or giving the impression of suppressing, said “Real News”.

The following is the letter that this writer sent to The Washington Post.

Fake News” is definitely an execrable abomination.  And so is its dissemination by the retired Lt. General Flynn (and by his son), who incredibly happens to be “president” not-yet-elect Trump’s pick for the post of national security advisor.

Now “Real News” which has been thus far ignored by The Washington Post, namely is that huge pressure  has been exerted on the “ Electors” to block Trump, and that  on Monday, December 19, 2016 “we the people” will demonstrate at every state capitol across the United States to impress on said  “Electors” of that “College” that it is an imperative that they refuse to cast their ballots for Donald Trump on the basis of what Alexander Hamilton directed them to do in his “The Federalist, No. 68”, namely to block an individual of Trump’s background, character, and behavior of becoming the President of the United States, since our constitutional democracy will be irreversibly damaged and threatened by such a potential disastrous presidential “ College of Electors”.

This is reality  which   is “Genuine and Real News” and which nevertheless the Washington Post had thus far decided to ignore.

The movement’s site which is organizing this historical set of demonstrations nationwide in every capital in front of every Capitol  is the  “”  movement.

Yes, The Washington Post must be some given credit for a little too little and a little too late focusing the public’s attention on this extremely important newsworthy story.

Why “a little too little and a little too late” ?

For two reasons.

One is that in the article which the Washington Post did publish, titled “Last-Ditch Bid to Upend Vote” it does not mention said   “ movement, which is staging demonstrations in front of every single state-capital across the United States and,

Two because The Washington Post saw fit to publish under its supra noted article by Rober Samuels, which is titled “ Last-Ditch Bid to Upend Vote” , another one by Aaron Blake, titled in brazenly tendentiously narrative  “An Electoral College Coup ? Not Likely” which rather speciously and hypothetically declares that it is unlikely that the electors will vote against Trump because, inter alia  “…not even Democrats are that strongly on board with the idea…” (?!)

This Aaron Blake article was utterly unnecessary as The Washington Post, throughout its article by Robert Samuels did a pretty good job at casting unnecessarily doubt on the likelihood that the electors will be pressed persuasively enough to, in this most unique and particularly case of the misfit for the presidency’s job Donald Trump,   do the job the framers of the constitution, most particularly Alexander Hamilton, had in  mind for them, namely to block Trump who also lost the election by democratic popular standards by almost 3 million votes.

Also suggestion by the Aaron Blake title that “we the people” are asking for an “…Electoral College Coup…” is a truly disgusting twist, since what is being asked of the Electoral College is that it function in accordance with the mission for which its was created and that has nothing to do with a carrying out some “Coup”.


Arguably the Electors College should be abolished.

But, while it is in existence, it must not function like a  rubber stamp operating group, since for this a simple board of clerks would suffice.The  “Electors” must honor the president “we the people” have chosen, particularly as the one who lost the democratic election ALSO happens to fit the exact profile of the characters the framers of the constitution and Alexander Hamilton had in mind to prevent a documentable misfit such as Donald Trump from assuming the presidency.

All one has to do is read Alexander Hamilton’s The Federalist No. 68 and any discussions about the propriety and duty of the Electoral College intervention against Trump is justifiably settled.

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