[ APNFD Nr. 23 ] At Long Last Fabulous News from the UN for Palestine and Everyone Else


December 22, 2016 by Alfred

This is an Argentum Post News Flash Digest [ APFND Nr. 23 ]

On this hopefully glorious day after the longest night of this winter, namely December 22, 2016, if all goes as expected, after the longest “night” of 49 years, the long overdue United Nations Security Council will vote and hopefully pass a resolution that will demand that Israel “immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the illegally invaded and occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem.”

This  brings to a fabulous end, once for all, the criminal occupation, repression, lethal abuse  of the Palestinians in the 25% of Palestine which was left after the 1948 violent takeover by a “state” which was synthesized as an embodiment of the nationalization of the Judaic faith, when two Zionist terrorist organizations, namely Irgun led by Menachen Begin, and Stern Gang led by Ytzak Shamir, declared their so-called “war of independence” which generated the forced exodus of close to 1 million dispossessed into refugee camps and banned their return permanently, of the natives, namely the autochthonous inhabitants of Palestine who have lived there for centuries, by Zionist extremist Jews who used biblically based claims as liens to the land of the Palestinians.

All permanent members of UN Security Council are on board for this resolution to pass, and were on board for this for decades, but it was the United States who would always veto these resolutions.

This time it is unimaginable that President Obama would veto this resolution and all he needs to do is to simply abstain for voting so that peace through justice can be established.

This is a major reason for celebration by all genuinely affected and concerned members of the global community, and that includes the Palestinians, as well as rational and humanistic Jews in Israel and everywhere else, as well as rational and humanistic Christians, Moslems, and seculars.  It is a win-win solution for all !

This calls for a global celebration as the it may become the cornerstone for the nucleation center of the crystallization process of peace and reconciliation engulfing the complete Middle East in 2017.

2 thoughts on “[ APNFD Nr. 23 ] At Long Last Fabulous News from the UN for Palestine and Everyone Else

  1. fausto baptista says:

    Yes, it´s unimaginable that Mr. Obama would veto this resolution or simply abstaining to vote but it´s perfectly imaginable that Mr Trump will break it down; He chose and nominated such a guy ( the embassasdor) who wants himself be settled (the embassy) in the jerusalem´s área?

  2. aliceny says:

    Here’s hoping!
    First time that the U.N. Security Council will have shown righteousness and integrity in
    the Middle East, and particularly where Israel is concerned.

    Obama is on the way out. He owes Netanyahu and his corrupt Israeli
    government nothing.
    Thanks, Alfred.

    from Alice – a rational Christian.
    Glad you included everyone here because we are all in this

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