The Electoral College Failed to Respect Its Mission and The Way Forward Must Comprise Constructive Resistance and Reformist and Evolutionary Reconstruction of the DNC and of The Electoral Process

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December 22, 2016 by Alfred


If there ever was an imperative for the “Electors” of that “College of Electors” to honorably accomplish the mission for which they were created and entrusted on the basis of Alexander Hamilton’s specifications in The Federalist No. 68, they failed their 2016 mission miserably and shamelessly.

The “Electors” were instructed  to use their intellect, and their education, their ethics, and their patriotism, to deliberate on ethical and constitutional grounds as to whether the president-in-waiting was qualified for the post he for which he lost the democratic popular election by the largest margin for any presidential candidate in U.S. history of 2.9 million votes, and only obtained the mandate of about 28%  of the eligible electors, and for which he was totally unqualified on the grounds that he had zero experience in any county, state, or federal office post,  coupled to as well, on the grounds of his lacking the minimum foundational elements of decent behavioral dimensions which are an integral component of anyone who must represent the United States of America at home and abroad in a manner which is in dignifiedly in accordance with that which are the universal  statesmanship and diplomatic sophistication requirements for all presidents of the world.

So, in other words, Donald Trump starts out already as major liability for all  Americans, and sadly, at his age, it is a stretch to imagine that he will mature in office into the president this country deserves.  But, it is always good to remain very guardedly optimistic expecting simultaneously the worst.

Instead, said “Electors” opted to vote “traditionally” which means to simply act as rubber stampers as to who had the most electoral votes, something which defies the directives of Alexander Hamilton, since for the “traditional rubber stamping” operation, no “Electoral College” was needed, since a simple clerical staff could handle the job with ease.

Be it as it may, the reality for the next 4 years, unless Trump is impeached, dictates the following basic needs to be observed and acted on.

(A) The Electoral College must be eliminated once and for all.

(B) The presidential electoral system must be reformed to provide for an Instant Runoff Voting(IRV) system, since the American voter as well as the protest non-voter in 2016  has spoken loud and clearly that being forced to choose between the establishment neocons and neolibs, is not a “choice”, it is an undemocratic imposition which, since the 2000 election has taken us to a now almost 14-year war started in 2003 on the basis of real “fake news” and “fake facts” and which has resulted in the most catastrophic hemorrhage of treasury and human lives at home and abroad in our history and in the history of the Middle East,  a choice which is akin to that between Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola, both being essentially the same and very unhealthy.

The trillions of dollars spent were a bonanza for the industrial-military complex which President Eisenhower warned us about in this farewell speech, and were syphoned off from the our dire needs for affordalble education, affordable public heath, infracture construction and maintenance, rail transportation modernization, care of the homeless, stimulation of science and research, and so on.

Had the vibrant leader of the Democratic progressive movement, Bernie Sanders, not been sabotaged scandalously by the corrupted collusion of the DNC, by its disgraced leader, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and yes, in collusion with the Clinton camp, and/or had Bernie Sanders run from the start with a Third Party alternative, call it the American Democratic Progressive (ADP) party, nominating as his running mate either Elizabeth Warren or Dr. Jill Stein, Donald Trump would not have come anywhere near the White House other than perhaps as a tourist but even that is doubtful for obvious reasons having to do with his apparent priorities.

The inception of the “Third Party” in our presidential elections must come in tandem with the inception of he IRV system, since  in 2000 as well , Gore and not the utterly incompetent and unqualified “W” Bush,  would have won, primarily because then as now, (a) the third-party candidate would have joined and enriched the campaign by not being excluded from the presidential debates, but most importantly, (b) more particularly Democrats would have voted in this election, since they could not have then been characterized as “spoilers” by voting for a third party candidate because their heightened sense of consciousness about Hillary Clinton’s background could not allow them to vote for her, but could allow them to indirecly designate her the recipient of their vote in case that the third party candidate would not receive the majority of the votes.

The third party candidate, by the way, was vastly better qualified than Hillarly Clinton, not to mention, it goes without saying, Trump.  She is Dr. Jill Stein

Even though Al Gore won the democratic popular vote by half a million votes, he lost by bizarre electoral vote, also in part, as was the case in the 2106, election due to Republican gerrymandering, but most importantly is the fact that in 2000, those voters who wanted to vote for Ralph Nader could have done that and still not “waste” their vote, since they would have had the option to designate Al Gore the recipient of their vote if Ralph Nader did not receive the majority of the votes.

In the 2016 election, the same occured what happened in the 2000 elecition,  but on an even more pronounced level, this was the case since millions of voters on the Democratic side did not vote because , as stated previoiusly, their conscience did not allow them to vote for Hillary Clinton, primarily on the basis of aspects of her history and her hawkish and corrupted support for the “exceptionalist” international law violating regimes of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Israel, not to mention her support for the 2009 violent coup against the democratically elected popular President Zelaya by  thugs, who upon coming to power proceeded to orchestrate political assassinations against labor leaders and human rights activists such as Berta Cáceres,  and as well by Hillary Clinton’s  stunningly despicable statements and support for the murderous dictator and treasury thief of Egypt for 30 years, namely Hosni Mubarak. Unbelievably Hillary Clinton stated the Mubarak was someone she liked “as if he was a member of the family.”

Hillary Clinton also was seen as dangerous in her unecessarily hateful stance towards Russia which led her to state, in response to Russia’s becoming involved in the fight against the so-called Islamic State criminals, somethign which she opposed and hence said that the United States should unilaterally declare Syria a no-fly zone, an ignorant and hyesterically insolent threat which  almost immediately would have led to a serious conflict with Russia.


(C)  Finally and most importantly, since Trump is the de facto “President” now, we must not stoop to the racist American damaging obstructionist stance the establishment Republicans displayed brazenly  as never before during the 8 years of the Obama administration when they virtually made a career out of nothing but using “Fake Lies” to paralyze the best they could, just about every initiative of Obama’s administration, and most intensively so as regards to the Affordable Care Act – which is far from fair for the middle class, but a good beginning, and as regards to the nuclear impasse with Iran when they stooped the lowest level by engaging in an intrusion by collusion of the shameless misleader of Israel, Netanyahu, into our Congress to insult President Obama by insolently, grotesquely, and feeble-mindedly , attempt to sabotage the successful P5+1 agreement with the reformist President Rouhani of Iran, and also when they, led by the lying Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, and others of his ilk, tried to sabotage President Obama’s breakthrough to normalize our relations with Cuba.  (Rubio, also displayed feeble-minded dishonesty when the tried childishly to declare falsely  that his parents had suffered under the regime of Fidel Castro, assuming that he could get away with such lie, while in reality his parents had left Cuba some 4 years before the popular revolution which empowered President Fidel Castro, after the people of Cuba cast themselves off the yoke of the U.S. supported racist dictatorship of Fulgencio Baptista).

We must resist strongly some of the weirdest nominations Trump is going to push through for heads of some agencies, and for ambassadorial posts.

Most particularly we must reign in Trump’s unbelievable display of ignorance as relates to his intervention into the sovereign affairs of China, particularly as relates to China’s province, Taiwan, but also as relates to his use of grotesque and “Fake News” rhetoric such as stating that “China is raping us” and that “China manipulates its currency”, a myth which was immediately debunked by The Wall Street Journal.

We also must resist strenuously some of his retired General nominees who are itching to provoke Iran for no valid reasons, and most importantly as well is that retired General Flynn not become his “national security advisor” (?!) since he and his son are hysterical peddlers of the  “Fake News” which lead a heavily armed psychopath to enter pizzeria Comet on Connecticut Avenue in Washington, DC and who fired shots and pointed his weapons at workers in said pizzeria because he, as did retired General Flynn, believe in the “Fake News” found in the sewer of such smut, that Hillary Clinton was running a ring of pedophiliacs who were abusing children in the basement of said pizzeria.

This retired General should retire to a community of “assisted thinking”.

We cannot accept the literally crazy and irrational nomination of Trump’s bankruptcy lawyer, the fundamentalist, racist, extreme right-wing, Zionist David Friedman, who is already acting as if he was approved by the Senate, and has (1) made the appaling provocatibe and incendiary declaration that, in violation of international  law,  he will move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, (2) that he endorses the end of the two state solution for the implant of Israel in Palestine and thereby endorses the invasion, occupation, dispossession, and annexation of all of Palestine rendering thereby Israel a full-fledged Jewish Apartheid state of a exclusivist minority ruling a majority, and (3) that he considers (the millions) of decent, inspiring,  peace aspiring and peace activist noble humanist Jews of America, of Israel, and of the rest of the word as “Kapos”, the characterization given to Jews who collaborated with the Nazis as they were organizing the massacres of Jews in concentration camps.

This means the people of those highly prestigious American organizations as Jewish Voice for Peace, the highly inspiring members of the reform Judaism organization “The American Council for Judaism” , the Israeli “Peace Now” movement, the Israeli military officers “Breaking The Silence” movement and many, many more, comprising even people of Jewish  background and direct descendants of parents who survived the Nazi genocide of Jews and others, such as this writer, are all considered by David Friedman as  “traitors”.

It is no coincidence that Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is an orthodox Jew who apparently, according to The Guardian issue of December 21, 2016,  suggests the influence of his advisers on an Israel-Palestine issue is dominated by him.  Kushner’r family charity has given money to one of the West Bank’s most hardline settlements,  namely Yitzhar – and Friedman, has raised money for another hardline settlement.   All settements are illegal though.   The title of said London Guardian issue is Moving US embassy to Jerusalem could provoke violent ‘chaos’, experts warn.”

It could not get more bizarre than this.

On the other hand, we must and can, support Trump ( believe it or not ) in his declared intention to do be friendly to Russia and do business with Putin, buy as long this cordiallitly and collaborative stance lasts, which could be for as little as a week or two after Trumps inaguration, given the behavioural patterns he has exposed during the campaign.

We must put aside “politics” and work with Trump wherever it is good for the country. Period.    Presumably there will be areas of some common interests where cooperation is called for and hopefully such a cooperation as long as it rests on solid constitutional grounds and are ethically acceptable may yield some dividends and definitely must be conserved for the sake of the collective well-being of all Americans, and that includes our that of our immigrants.

(D)   It is time for the corrupted mainstream media as well as for dishonest and corrupted politicians, or the ignorant by virtue of the educational and informational institutions which  fail our people, to end participation in the opportunistic  Russophobia fear and hatred on the basis of innuendo and outright as well as Alt-Right “Fake News” smear, to be once for all shelved.

Since Julian Assange released the authentic documentation which exposed the DNC/Debbie Wasserman Schultz/ Clinton camp scandals as not necessarily limited to the documented conspiracy of the sabotage against the Bernie Sanders campaign, but as well as relates, inter alia,  to the communications between Hillary Clinton and the Israeli billionaire Haim Saban who, after providing millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation, show emails by Clinton  asking Saban for instructions on how to proceed to block the peaceful BDS movement which is used to pressure Israel into ending its international law violating occupation of Palestine as well as to end the barbarically violent abuse Isreal metes out on the native Palestinians.

Hillary Clinton, and establishment neolibs and neocons along with the parrot-like collaboration of such the mainstream media, which includes the NY Times, The Washington Post, CNN, and ABC, CBS, and NBC started a sinister, unethical, dishonest, relentless campaign of disinformation of the worst calumniation against Putin and Russia.

This campaign is not based on any documented forensic evidence and this cooked evidence hence raises recklessly a level of mistrust between Americans and Russians rarely observed in the past,  even in the cold war era.

There is a plethora of scholarly (as compared to “political”)  categorical condemnation on the basis of reality and priciple of this cold-war dated attempt to manipulate public opinion, and it is crucial that it end immediately since the dangers of it being misunderstood could lead us into a catastrophic war with Russia due to some incident  which otherwise would have no major significan and/or consequence.

This writer could not go on with page after page proving the falsity of these inciting and provocative statements, but while refraining to do so, will provided infra the links to some of the most authoritative sources teaching away from these slanderous accusations designed to generate a smokescreen behind which some of its authors can hide their inadequacies, corrupt practices, perverse and opportunistic lust for power, and so on.

There is no question that as regards to the violence in Syria, all parties have made tremendous errors and have thereby damaged and/or destroyed precious innocent lives of men, women, and children.

But in the  UN  Security Council the behaviour of  Samantha  Power, our UN representative, has been hysterical and pathetic as she laid blame squarely on Russia for the loss of said lives and destruction of property particularly in Aleppo, while ignoring the U.S. support of what she calls “rebels” something which hides the fact it is Al Qaeda, Al Nousra, and ISIS (Daesh) who mostly are said “rebels”  and hence who  bear the blunt of the responsiblity for this horrific destruction, and it is with billions of dollars of U.S.  and Britain  armaments sold and delivered to Saudi Arabia that the above noted international criminals received from the Saudis that the peoples of Syria, and Yemen are being massacred, not to mention the peoples of Gaza and in the West Bank who are similarly being bombarded by the Netanyahu regime.

Samantha Powers is calling for the International Criminal Court to step in and start charging Russia for war crimes.

Where is the call for the ICC to confront Saudi Arabia, Israel and the U.S. for it war crimes ?

It must be remembered that the U.S. is even more vulnerable to such charges.

One example is the following :

Since the end of World War 2, the United States has:

  1. Attempted to overthrow more than 50 foreign governments, most of which were democratically elected.
  2. Dropped bombs on the people of more than 30 countries.
  3. Attempted to assassinate more than 50 foreign leaders.
  4. Attempted to suppress a populist or nationalist movement in 20 countries.
  5. Grossly interfered in democratic elections in at least 30 countries.*
  6. Plus … although not easily quantified … has been more involved in the practice of torture than any other country in the world … for over a century … not just performing the actual torture, but teaching it, providing the manuals, and furnishing the equipment.

*See chapter 18 of William Blum, “Rogue State: A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower”


Also very noteworthy at this point is the recent allegation by the former UK ambassador to the U.S., Craig Murray who claims to be the source of the Hillary Clinton emails provided to him by a “disgusted” Democratic whistleblower.

On December 10, 2016, the highly principled, unassailable investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald published an article in The Intercept titled “Anonymous Leaks to the Washington Post by the CIA’s Russia Beliefs Are No Substitute for Evidence

Finally a video is herein provided titled “Russia Card” which a December 16, 2016 news show hosted by Peter Lavelle and called “Cross Talk” wherein Lavelle hosts the former CIA analyst Ray McGovern, former CIA Counter-Terrorism Specialist and now Executive Director of the Center for National Interest Philip Geraldi, and former advisor to US Senate Republican Leadership, James Jatras.

Violence generates violence.

This vicious cycle must be ended before it ends life on this planet.

Will power, education, discipline, humanistic values which respects human life globally and does not cast wide nets on humans on the trivial basis of what happens to be their nationality, religion or lack thereof, ethnic background, pigmentation, sexual preference,  or ideo-political proclivity, if any.

The Argentum Post is and remains a medium for peace and justice advocacy and activism in support of genuinely participative transparent democracy.


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