The Way Forward After the Historic and Irreversible Unanimous UN Security Council Resolution Demanding the End of Israel’s International Law Violating Occupation and Horrific Repression of the Natives of Palestine


December 26, 2016 by Alfred

We must commend President Obama as we must celebrate the historic 14 to zero vote of the UN National Security Council demanding an immediate end by Israel of its international law violating occupation, illegal settlement building, and extremely violent repression of the autochthonous Palestinian inhabitants of Palestine who have lived there for centuries prior the British empire facilitated influx of Zionist Jews from mostly United States, Europe, and Russia into Palestine starting after the end of WWII, a phenomenon which led to the violent take over of 75% of Palestine by said Zionist Jews and then to the unusual and absurd nationalization of the Judaic religion into a nationalistic “nation-state” entity, called Israel,  in what is erroneously called the 1948 “war of independence”,  and which later in 1967 led to another war provoked by said nation-state of Israel which led to an additional invasion and occupation of the 25% of Palestine left after the violent take over of 1948.

This second invasion and dispossession of the land that has for centuries been the land of the natives of Palestine, was categorically condemned since 1967 by the UN as an egregious violation of international law and of the Geneva Convention, and furthermore the massacres in the town of Deir Yassin, of Sabra and Shatila by Ariel Sharon,  and in the Summer of 2014of the Netanyahu et al. power structure massacre undertaken  in Gaza where close to 2 million Palestinians have lived in the greatest Israel blockaded concentration camp in the history of humanity, not to mention the close to 8 thousand Palestinians jailed without charge, the collective punishment house demolitions, and the targeted assassinations of Palestinian leaders in Israel occupied Palestine and in Lebanese and Tunisian refugee camps,   constitute all crimes against the humanity of the Palestinians which now, more than ever, must be tried in by the International Court of Justice.

Since 1967, countless UN Security Council resolutions condemning Israel’s right-wing fundamentalist extremist, outlaw behavior, were egregiously vetoed by the United States which in 1967 developed an interest in exploiting Israel for reasons having to do with tactical and strategic control of the entire Middle East and of it only natural resource, namely petroleum.

All of the above constitute a capsule of the shameful history which describes the synthesis of Israel, a phenomenon which never had total support of the world’s Jews and of their institutions, contrary to the relentless memes and propaganda which comprise a literal cultural programatic of the non-sapient sectors of our society.

Yes, the Nazi crimes against the humanity of Jews – and others – did play a significant role for more idealist and not necessarily Zionist Jews and others to want to create a safe haven for the persecuted Jews during and right after WWII

The parents of this writer were among these persecuted Jews, a German father and an Austrian mother, one a non-religious believer and the other a religious believer, but bottom line their mere link to the Judaic culture rendered them “guilty” and eradicable  in the eyes of the Nazi’s,  just like nowadays in the myopic and racist eyes of American and European racist supremacists now inspired by Donald Trump in the US and some other misfit racists potential misleaders in France and Holland would deal with those citizens of the Moslem faith.

The U.S. refused entry visas to the parents of this writer, but they survived by being forced to escape, separately, to Bolivia which was the only country for which they obtained a visa even after the Nazis declared them stateless.

It worthy to note that this writer would not exist if in 1938 the Nazis had their way which was to execute them along with millions of others.

It is even more worthy to note that in order to emigrate from Marseilles on a freighter with an entry visa to  landlocked Bolivia, and with documents to disembark in the port of Callao, Peru, to take the train to La Paz, once in Callao the custom authorities barred his father and told him that he would be sent back to Marseilles where the Vichy government, after the Nazi invasion of France would have executed him or shipped him to a Nazi extermination camp.

The startling reason given to this writer’s father for not allowing him to disembark was that the undue influence Zionist community of Lima, Peru did not want any more Jews to enter the country because the World Zionist Organization (WZO ) needed and tried to force Jews who were desperate and dispossessed for their Palestine colonization project.

Luckily the father of this writer was smuggled onto a freight train by some sympathetic individual in Callao and thus made is way into Bolivia where this writer was eventually born.

As a last personal note, it is noteworthy that this writer’s paternal grandfather, sensing the gathering of the dark clouds of Nazism, left Germany in 1935 for the USSR where he lived happily and wherefrom he left in 1945 for  Haifa, Palestine where he also acclimatized rapidly and made many friends with members of the Palestinian Jewish community, as well as with Palestinian Christians and Palestinian seculars.

This grandfather’s writer was so acclimatized that he chose to become a naturalized Palestinian citizen.  He became a citizen of “Mandatory Palestine” since the British empire had invaded  Palestine.

This  well-being was however to be short-lived as in November 29, of 1947, Palestine was unjustly partitioned by a UN which was born 2 years earlier and thus mostly controlled by the British empire, by France, and by the U.S.

Close to what is euphemistically called “war of independence” this writer’s grandfather left again, predicting decades of unnecessary bloodshed due to an egregiously unjust way over which no Palestinian had any input they were dispossessed of that 75% of their land and this forced the first wave of close to 1 million to leave Palestine to  escape as refugees, just as nowadays millions of Syrians and Iraqis have been forced into refugee status by the demonic Daesh/ISIS phenomenon.

So, from 1948 on, with the “might-makes-right” Western supported creation of Zionist Israel, a state entity which is in reality bereft of historical and legal legitimacy, and this not an inflammatory or cruel characterization, since contrary to historical revisionist Zionists, millions of Jews world-wide do not identify with what they consider the bizarre notion that the Judaic religion could be somehow nationalized into a state entity which then proceeded to steal land and property and to punish severely by expulsions, house demolitions, incarcerations, and killings of the natives of Palestine who had owned those lands and dared to defend themselves.

As an example of a highly prestigious institution which regards idolatry, the worship of the Judaic morphosis of the Torah universalist humanist values and teachings into that of the nationalized embodiment of it in the form of the  exclusivist “state” of Israel, is the American Council for Judaism.

As an example of highly humanistic, idealistic, noble Jewish organizations which are now very active and celebrating the UN Security Council Resolution just established, are the “Jewish Voice for Peace”, the Isreali “Peace Now” and the devoted Israeli human rights organization “Bet’Selem’, to name a few.

Now fast forward to this glorious and historical day of December 23, 2016, thanks to President Barak Obama, the first President to not veto a UN National Security Council Resolution demanding an immediate end to the Zionist fundamentalist right-wing extremist international law violating occupation, settlement building, and draconianly violent repression of Palestinians, and said resolution at long last passed by a vote of 14 to ZERO !

Immediately and in a melt-down like bizarre fashion, PM Netanyahu disgraced himself more than he already has over decades, as he reactionarily and historically as expected, started generating a rambling absurdity of nonsensical and highly offensive and incendiary statements, blasting literally the world, i.e. the entire United Nations, and most particularly President Obama, suggesting incredibly that President Obama was “supporter of Palestinian terror” (reported today December 26, 2016 in The Washington Post.

The equally already more than disgraced president in-waiting, Donald Trump, added a new dimension to that expression  “birds of a feather flock together” as he ignorantly, pressured (nepotistically ?) by his son-in law Jared Kushner, who happens to be an Orthodox Jew, decided to nominate for U.S. ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, a man who is his bankruptcy lawyer, and who apparently is also endowed with  ethically and intellectually challenged bankrupt notions that (a) Israel should now invade all of what is left of Palestine and (b) that he will move the United States embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, thereby adding arsonistically tons of fuel to fires already engulfing the whole region of the Middle East.  This is a calamitous move that threatens the security of Isreal and of the United States immediately, before even Trump is inaugurated.

This move of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem disregards the reality that as far back as November of 1947 , the United Nations in Resolution 181, determined that in the partition of Palestine into Arab and Jewish states, Jerusalem was established as a “corpus separate”, or a special city with legal and political status which would guarantee that all believers of the Abrahamic religions would have equal rights of access and prayer in a harmonious and secure ecumenical like enviroment.

Today on Christmas Day of 2106, The Washington Post has reported that the Zionist fundamentalist right-wing extremist so-called “Education “ Minister (an oxymoron) of Israel had the temerity to misleadingly declare that “ Jerusalem has been the capital of Jews for 3,000 years”, a non-sensical invention which harms Judaism, as it denies Christians and Moslems their historical rights.

This is the kind of declaration that a Minister of Mythical, Exclusivist Theocratic, Fake Education would be expected to make.

The good news before listing in power point format infra the “Way Forward” is that while some lunatic and destructive statements made historically by the sinking and not thinking misleaders of Israel which are inexorably  reactionarily made,  there are already calls being made by Israeli officials in governance and in  NGO’s calling for the resignation of PM Netanyahu, whose wife, BTW,  was recently again investigated and questioned by the law enforcement authorities of Israel for, in conjunction with her husband, having criminally misused government funds for shopping trips to London, for home renovations and etc.

Now as regards to “The Way Forward” of suggested priorities the following list is presented.

(A) The time is NOW , as President Carter has correctly and commendably suggested to President Obama,  that America and the UN recognize that Palestine must immediately become a member of the United Nation.

The NY Times has published an article titled  “Jimmy Carter :  America Must Recognize Palestine

( B)  For the sake of not only the just and peaceful resolution for Palestine of the Israel implant in Palestine generated conflict, but as well for the security of all Palestinians AND of all Jews in Palestine and in the interest of the Judaic community which lives globally and which has zero interests in, nor needs for,  moving to Israel, the nomination by Trump under pressure of, his son-in-law (?!) of the right-wing extremist Zionist  bankruptcy lawyer  of Trump for the post of ambassador to Israel must be opposed at all costs by ALL peace and justice aspiring Americans regardless of religious and/or video-political affiliations.

( C ) Action must be taken IMMEDIATELY on the “Ongoing” investigation of the International Criminal Court whose focus is the crimes committed in the occupied Palestinian territory, including in East Jerusalem,  and most particularly  since the Gaza massacre , i.e. since June 13, 2014.

( D)Regardless of knee-jerk, corrupted, hypocritical neocon and neolib calls for business as usual after the December 23, 2016 UN Resolution, the U.S. must face reality and come to grips and join the rest of the world which will impose strict boycotts and sanctions and divestment on Israel if it does not follow through with what is now a global mandate for it to cease totally its stance as an outlaw state, and that means that the U.S. most particularly must end its sale to Israel of armaments and its payment of about $ 10 million dollars per day of our hard-earned taxpayer’s funds for Israel to continue to be an agent provocateur of violence which risks a broader war on Iran by Israel which would in turn easily lead to a broader military confrontation between the U.S. and the rest of the world against us, including that of Russia and China to name the few most powerful  nations, something which literally – given the presence of Trump in the White House – could lead into a world war which no one would ever win.

And this White House presence is a one of a kind in history disaster which occurred while Trump is a president by default, by defect of the Electoral College, and by no significant democratic mandate as he lost the election by 3 million votes on a meager mandate of about 28% of democratic popular vote.

( E ) The mainstream media must immediately end its scurrilous anti Russia and anti Iran hysterical propaganda on the most specious of grounds, and simultaneously must end its unprofessional, dishonest, unethical defense of the indefensible when it comes to reporting on Israel and Saudi Arabia.

( F) It is an imperative that “we the people” , and yes, that category even includes those Trump supporters who believed him in his projection of the image that he is the anti-neolib and neocon populist who will engage with Russia in friendly and business-like fashion, that Trump be  held to those promises, and that he be disabused of the notion that he can violate the U.S. Constitution, and on the base of greed for power he can pander to those right-wing extremists who are hell-bent on having the U.S. engaged in hegemonic policies and rallying  the very establishment right-wing extremist who along with some of his strangely embittered hawkish  retired General appointees, who seem lusting for projection of a kind of petulant dominance abroad, especially when it comes to the support as such decadent regimes as that of the parasitic, metaphorically incestual, regime of Saudi Arabia which has been carrying out a massacre in Yemen where it has killed some 10 thousand mostly unarmed poor, starving, innocent civilians, and when it comes to supporting such other decadent and ruthlessly criminal regimes such as that of Duterte in the Philippines, that of Netanyahu in Israel-In-Palestine, and General Al Sissi in Egypt.

We-the-People must also categorically condemn Trumps idiotic and dishonest intervention in the internal affairs of China by his provocative meddling in Taiwan, and by his utterly nauseating and false declarations that “China is raping us” or “China is manipulating its currency” something which the Argentum Post has pointed out was immediately refuted, not by China, but The Wall Street Journal.

The “Way Forward” is via professional statesmanship and diplomacy based on peaceful conflict resolution and a most sensitive and transparent participative democracy which must be attentive and resort to the impeachment process the moment he or any other demagogue and/or uneducated demented authoritarian violates the inviolable constitutional and judicial pillars of our democracy in these United States of America, since these are pillars which must unite us now more than ever in such high priority pursuits as the elimination of the Electoral College, of revoking of Citizens United v. FEC, the inception of an Instant Runoff Electoral process, as well as by a dramatic cut in our defense budget which too often is used for counter productive offensive operations which exclusively enrich the corrupted military industrial complex leading us to hemorrhages of blood and treasury instead of providing us with an affordable to all classes (i.e. poor AND middle) single payer health care system of the kind Canada, Australia, Britain, Germany, and France as well as the Scandinavian countries are provided with and enjoy the awareness of security and health provision it gives its citizens.

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