The UN Resolution Calling for Israel to Abide by International Law is Universally Supported and President Barak Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry Deserve Universal Acclaim For Their Vital Roles and Legacy Which Will be Memorialized


December 29, 2016 by Alfred

At long last, the United States joins the rest of the world in censoring categorically the Israeli misleaderships which for 50 years after the Israeli provoked war of 1967 resulted in the invasion, occupation, annexation, of lands owned by the Palestinians for centuries, followed by the odious practices of these Zionist, right-wing extremist misleaderships of Israel in the context of their crimes against the humanity of those autochthonous inhabitants  of Palestine who have lived there for centuries, by virtue of the dispossessions, expulsions, incarcerations without due process, collective punishment by tenths of thousands of house demolitions, torture, and at times outright massacres, which were meted out on these innocent people, since what the Israeli call  euphemistically their  “war of independence” , which in reality is the Nakba (or The Catastrophe) in 1948 when, facilitated and armed by the British empire they took over 75 % of Palestine.

One of the best accounts of the horrific suffering imposed on the natives of Palestine is captured a book by a scholarly Jewish activist, author, historian Illan Pappe titled “The Ethnic Cleasing of Palestine”.

The objective of this article is to provide its readers in the US and globally, with an absolutely brilliant and courageous response by Secretary of State, John Kerry,  provided in the format of a speech at the U.S. State Department on Wednesday, December 28, 2016 wherein he articulately and historically condemns Israel’s Zionist right-wing extremist power structures for violating UN Resolutions 181 calling for a Two State Solution, 242 calling for Israel to end the occupation of Palestine, including that of East Jerusalem, and the violation of The Fourth Geneva Convention which bans the infiltration of invaded territories by the establishment of illegal settlement by the Israeli invaders.

The decision by President Obama to not cast a veto in the world’s condemnation of Israel at the United Nations Security Council vote of 14 to zero, is the first time the United States has not vetoed  UN’s Security Council votes against Israel’s outlaw behaviors in decades.   President Obama must be highly lauded for this principled stand the took.

This decision by the President as well as the relentless negotiations Secretary of State has undertaken for years, to no avail, due to Israeli brazen tactics of talking peace but undermining the talks clandestinely simultaneously in order to pursue its hawkish hegemonist agendas of conquest, to once for all, at this crucial time confront Israel for its own well-being and security, was a magnificent move by both, the President, and the Secretary of State, a move which may well usher in world-wide sanctions on Israel which may force it to stop and reverse its sabotage of the “Two State Solution”, since the alternative will be  a “One State Solution” which, unless it respects the demographics, cannot be a resolution which will allow Israel, as a minority in Palestine, to be an exclusivist Jewish state, and at the same time call itself a “democratic” state since it will become automatically an Apartheid racist state, which no country in the world will recognize.

What President Barak Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have done during the last 4 days is something which will advance the breaking out of peace in the Israel-in-Palestine generated conflict, and that means that such peace will have dividends in the peaceful resolutions in the other areas of violent conflict engulfing the region.

This sets the stage which makes it an imperative that it is followed through by the coming administration.

Contrary to the propaganda generated revisionist history,  most Jews are strongly supportive of this UN Security Council vote, and the decision of our government to not veto it.

If Netanyahu et al., incredibly in conjunction with Donald Trump declared support, continues to brazenly have Israel violating international law, the aggravating conditions which will ensue as a result of the irrational statements and actions of these two misleaders will easily become a major threat, not only to Israel but to our national security as well, since allowing for the status quo to fester and further adding fuel to the fires already burning, something which both Netanyahu and Trump have a propensity to engage in, could easily lead to a major confrontation pitting the world against the U.S. and Israel.

Netanyahu is ideally on the way out, since there are already Israeli officials calling for his resignation, and furthermore Israeli law enforcement officials have investigated the misuse  of government funds by Netanyahu and his wife to the point that they recommended an indictment, as reported by the Israeli prestigious newspaper Haaretz today on December 29, 2016

Trump, on the other hand, has no clue about international history, displays no intellectual curiosity, displays an extremely limited capacity attention span, and nevertheless has already declared his support for Israel on the basis that his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is an Orthodox Jew and he is telling his father-in-law what how to handle Israel, and to boot Trump’s zero experience in diplomacy, bankruptcy lawyer, David Friedman, who is a lunatic Zionist extreme right-wing fringe fundamentalist who ignores reality and calls for the transfer of the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and endorses the take over of all of Palestine, was nominated by Trump as his ambassador pick for Israel.

Following through by Trump of  Friedman’s objectives  is something which inevitably will result in catastrophic consequences.

Such catastrophic consequences may lead to an Israeli provoked war on Iran, for no rational reason, that in turn will result in a confrontation with Russia and possibly China, who Trump idiotically characterized as “an enemy which lies, cheats, and steals “ as he also falsely accused China of manipulating its currency, a myth debunked by The Wall Street Journal,  and whose sovereignty the president-in-waiting already violated by engaging in conversations behind Beijing’s back,  with the governor of Taiwan, a province of the People’s Republic of China.

Furthermore, just as the unpredictable, bizarre, president-to-be by default and electoral systematic failure, enjoys playing with his twitter, causing further damage to himself and in the future to our nation, it must be noted that  President Obama has not yet given the order to take our nuclear weapons off its state of alert, and this must happen immediately since Donald Trump, given his unacceptable temperament and intellect, could easily be tempted to “play” with the nuclear option controls the way he plays with his twitter.

One final comment worthy of noting prior to proceeding to the infra posted 1:35 hour literally fabulous presentation by Secretary of State, John Kerry at the State Department, is that Isael’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was never a genuine proponent of so-called “peace talks” and that he was caught on video, while visiting a family of illegal settlers , declaring that he was proud to have scuttled the Oslo peace talks, and furthermore adding that it was amazingly easy to manipulate the United States for anything he wants.

What follows, therefore, is the enthralling presentation by Secretary of State John Kerry, a presentation for which all genuine peace, justice, stability, and security aspiring and demanding Americans cannot but be highly grateful to him for, as well as a presentation for which his role in the pursuit of these noble goals will enshrine his legacy.





2 thoughts on “The UN Resolution Calling for Israel to Abide by International Law is Universally Supported and President Barak Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry Deserve Universal Acclaim For Their Vital Roles and Legacy Which Will be Memorialized

  1. There’s something to be said for “better late than never”, but one can only imagine the extent of death and destruction which could have been averted had such a resolution been passed in 2008-9. Kerry’s recalling at the end of the address of his private conversation with Shimon Peres, where Peres admitted 78% of the land was enough, provides a profound foundation and argument for settling the Israel-Palestine conflict once and for all.

  2. Marie Spike says:

    Despots like Netanyahu and Hitler can only wreak havoc if enough people support them. Let’s hope enough people begin to choose compassion, peace and justice over militarism, brutality, oppression and greed! I would have congratulated Obama and Kerry had they stood up to Netanyahu from the beginning of their tenures in office: It would have saved thousands of Palestinian lives. Obama should face charges in ICC for illegal drone assassinations and continuing the horrific, illegal fake war on terror, as well as be held accountable for a long list of abuses of power. Happy New Year 🙂

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