“We The People” Must Demand an End to the Dangerous, Counter-Productive, Dishonest, and Hypocritical Russia Vilification Campaign by Prevaricators of the MSM Fourth Estate and by The Sinister Agenda Driven Neolib, Neocon, and Neonazi Fake News Generators and Disseminators


January 7, 2017 by Alfred

“We the People”, on what must now become a “tripartisan” level,  deserve better than to become collateral damage in the perverse and destructive competition of the elite big time operators of the power structures of the  Democratic party neolibs,  and the Republican party neocons, a decadent and perverse histrionic contest among ethically, politically, and intellectually bankrupt misleaders which is further inflamed by the opportunistic intrusion of neonatzi small time operators of  right-wing racist extremist background and ideology,  who are now coming out of the woodwork, in a competition which ignores the choice “We the People” have clearly made for  a Constitution respecting reformist,  populist, progressive alternative federal governance on a platform which prioritizes job creation, single payer public health care, affordable higher education, infrastructure and transportation modernization, and most importantly a total and absolut end to hegemonic net-imperialist wars for the control of natural and human resources globally, for the benefit of the industrial military complex, and of undemocratically entrenched special undue interest groups, such as AIPAC, NRA, and others such as those who have the U.S. flood Saudi Arabia with and Israel with weaponry for their international law violating mass bombings of innocent and unarmed civilians in  Yemen, and Palestine, respectively.

This platform must first of all also include the electoral reforms comprising the move of that relic of antiquity, the Electoral College, to a national history museum, and the inception of the Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) system which will create the space for a third party to emerge, call it the American Progressive Constitutional party, which will once for all end the option for two parties to become omnipotent and have a political monopoly on our voting choice, which via IRV we can make without being charged with being “spoilers”.

With this foreword, we list infra, some of the plethora of real hard documented historical  facts which debunk the destructive mythology which is used and abused by the elite corporatist,  militarist, democracy corroding, power-centers in their highly wasteful, inflammatory, dangerous, hypocritical, quest for absolute national and international power.

This  vulgar free-for-all among the corrupted power elites in their calumniation  and provocation of Russia ( or China, or Iran ) a  calumniation and vilification, which if not abated, is so hysterically and dishonestly inflammatory that it will continue to lead to perpetual wars, perpetual violent and terrorizing reprisal attacks, continuing socio-economic, not just stratification,  but radical inequalization, something which then inexorably will continue to lead to such an erosion of what is left of our glorious Constitutional democracy, that the cornerstone for the rise of fascism will advance to the point of plausible becoming a potential force of the  total destruction of the America we love and are trying to do our part in making sure it evolves much further, perahps to the point where in some ways we will become more like the our neighbour to the north whereto the loyalist went and founded a stable, prosperous, and peace loving republic.

The time is overdue for the U.S. to become a respected and inspiring republic and end its odious practice of intervening in the internal affairs of just about every nation in the world.

Therefore in power-point style,  to be as succinct as possible the following 7 factual statistics and reports on events are presented in an effort to buttress the generically worded preface of this article, and how it contrasts with the relentless hate and fear incitement memes the MSM Fourth Estate and corrupted politicians stridently use and abuse to generate Russia phobia the way the Bush/Cheney used and abused to generate Iraq phobia, on the basis of  fake facts and fake news to invade and destroy Iraq 13 years ago, setting on fire the whole Middle East region in continuing wars which have resulted in an obscene level of hemorrhage of blood and treasury on part of all afected.

[ 1  ]  The US Violent and Unprovoked Interventions in the World

William Blum is an American author, historian, and critic of United States foreign policy.  He also worked at the United States Department of State.

This synopsis, requires one to first kick back, chill, and perhaps have a martini, or something of that nature, so as to facilitate one’s assimilation of these facts with due philosophical detachment.

Since the end of World War 2, the United States has:

  1. Attempted to overthrow more than 50 foreign governments, most of which were democratically elected.
  2. Dropped bombs on the people of more than 30 countries.
  3. Attempted to assassinate more than 50 foreign leaders.
  4. Attempted to suppress a populist or nationalist movement in 20 countries.
  5. Grossly interfered in democratic elections in at least 30 countries.*
  6. Plus … although not easily quantified … has been more involved in the practice of torture than any other country in the world … for over a century … not just performing the actual torture, but teaching it, providing the manuals, and furnishing the equipment.

*See chapter 18 of William Blum, “Rogue State: A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower”

 [ 2 ]  Excerpts from two Argentum Post articles published  on August 8, 2013 and on September 9, 2013.

It is quite noteworthy that while Brazilians joyously celebrated their recently democratically elected President Luis Ignacio da Silva (aka Lula), power centers in  Washington, dc were attempting to smear Lula’s image by slanderously and dishonestly claiming that he was a “terrorist” and that he was leading Brazil to embark on a nuclear weapons program.   These were the outrageous accusations made by the chairman of the House Judiciary Chairman, and later the chairman of the House Committee on International Affairs, Heny Hyde (R).   President George Bush later would award Henry Hyde the Medal of Freedom

It is also noteworthy that in a letter leaked to The New Yorker magazine and published by it, of the former head of the Foreign Affairs Committee and then of the Judiciary Committee, Congressman Henry Hyde, he wrote to the President that “…  the election of Lula to the presidency of Brazil constituted a colossal failure of the CIA... “.  Are we still in the business of determining who gets to be elected democratically anywhere in the world? Are we just a nation of “interests” leaving principles and international law behind, particularly when we show readiness to go to war without either Congressional and/or UN Security Council approval? Will the mythical and inoperative principle of “exceptionalism” still be feebly used to justify the unjustifiable?

[ 3 ]   A statistic provided to National Intelligence Director James R. Clapper  by Senator Thom Tillis during a hearing  Russia’s alleged involvement in our elections comprising 

Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) cited research that concluded that the United States has involved itself in 81 different elections abroad since World War II. He said Russia has done it about 36 times.”

[ 4 ] National Intelligence Director James R. Clapper lied under oath to Congress and admitted it.

[ 5 ] A Statement by Professor of International Law, Francis Anthony Boyle, on anti-Russia  “war-mongering”.


 “  I graduated from the exact same PhD Program at Harvard that produced Kissinger and Brzezinski before me. They gave me Kissinger’s old office at Harvard’s Center for International Affairs.  I also went through the exact  same  Soviet/Russian Studies Program at Harvard  that produced Brzezinski before me, and passed my PhD Oral/General Examinations in Soviet Politics and Russian History  under Adam Ulam and Ned Keenan, respectively. R.I.P.   Obama was behind me at Harvard Law School.

Brzezinski has been Obama’s mentor and foreign policy guru since Obama’s  student days at Columbia. Zbig ran Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign on foreign affairs and defense, and stacked the White House  and the Obama administration  with his protégés. It is the Brzezinski Policy that we are now seeing culminate against Russia.

Zbig is a die-hard Russophobe who detests Russia and the Russians with a passion. He wants to see them broken up into pieces  just like hebelieves he  broke up the Soviet Union for President  Carter by launching their jihadi terrorists war against them in Afghanistan by means of Al Qaeda. This is Zbig’s last two weeks to start a war with Russia. Zbig  is going for broke! All the anti-Russian warmongering we are seeing everywhere  today 24/7 is just as bad as the anti-Iraq warmongering before President Bush Jr. invaded Iraq in 2003.

Francis A. Boyle

Professor of Law

Harvard: JD magna cum laude;  AM and PhD in Political Science; Associate, Center for International Affairs (on its Executive Committee for one year); Teaching Fellow.

 [ 6 ]  A report from The Washington Times about at statement by former British ambassador Craig Murray re: source of Hillary  Clinton/ DNC  documents exposing wrong doing.


Former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, and close associate of Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange,  according The Washington Times, and other publications, claims that he and not the Russians, received the package of DNC documents exposing its scandal, and that the documents came from inside leaks, and not hacks.”


[ 7  ]  Last but not least by any stretch of the imagination, is Part Two of a video interview by Amy Goodman of the prestigious Democracy Now program of one of the most respected, professional, well-balanced, bright, incisive, incorruptible, investigative journalist of the U.S. (currently residing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Glenn Greenwald is one of three co-founding editors of The Intercept. He is a journalist, constitutional lawyer, and author of four New York Times best-selling books on politics and law. His most recent book, No Place to Hide, is about the U.S. surveillance state and his experiences reporting on the Snowden documents around the world. Prior to co-founding The Intercept, Glenn’s column was featured at The Guardian and Salon. He was the debut winner, along with Amy Goodman, of the Park Center I.F. Stone Award for Independent Journalism in 2008, and also received the 2010 Online Journalism Award for his investigative work on the abusive detention conditions of Chelsea Manning. For his 2013 NSA reporting, he received the George Polk award for National Security Reporting; the Gannett Foundation award for investigative journalism and the Gannett Foundation watchdog journalism award; the Esso Premio for Excellence in Investigative Reporting in Brazil (he was the first non-Brazilian to win), and the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Pioneer Award. Along with Laura Poitras, Foreign Policy magazine named him one of the top 100 Global Thinkers for 2013. The NSA reporting he led for The Guardian was awarded the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for public service.

This must see interview of this  fabulous journalist and constitutional lawyer is titled “Glenn Greenwald : Democrats Eager to Blame ‘Everybody But Themselves’ for the Collapse of their Party


2 thoughts on ““We The People” Must Demand an End to the Dangerous, Counter-Productive, Dishonest, and Hypocritical Russia Vilification Campaign by Prevaricators of the MSM Fourth Estate and by The Sinister Agenda Driven Neolib, Neocon, and Neonazi Fake News Generators and Disseminators

  1. aliceny says:

    Excellent. Much-needed historical and political background in fleshing out your points.
    Thank you, Alfred.

  2. Marie Spike says:

    Thank you for this articulate and passionate plea for truth and sanity in this madhouse of deceit, lies, terror and brutality that has become the United States Government and its Agencies marketed by their MSM! Now they are inciting a nuclear World War, and they should all be held accountable! We desperately need a universal legal system that works to put all war-makers behind bars!

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