[ APNFD Nr. 24] A Buttressing Addendum to the Previous AP Article Published on January 7, 2017 on the Falsehoods Underlying the Russia Hacking and Election Intervention Accusations


January 9, 2017 by Alfred

This Argentum Post News Digest Flash [ APNFD Nr. 24 ] introduces an addendum to the previous Argentum Post article on Russia Vilification by introducing a 30 minute video clip of a Peter Lavelle segment of Crosstalk titled “Blaming RT”.

Said previously January 7, 2017 published Argentum Post article link is as follows :

“We The People” Must Demand an End to the Dangerous, Counter-Productive, Dishonest, and Hypocritical Russia Vilification Campaign by Prevaricators of the MSM Fourth Estate and by The Sinister Agenda Driven Neolib, Neocon, and Neonazi Fake News Generators and Disseminators

On January 9, 2017,  Peter Lavelle’s prestigious and independent Crosstalk show hosted a discussion by three scholars who delve into the vicissitudes of the ongoing slanderous Russia vilification campaign carried by a synergy of entrenched actors who are generating specious innuendos by hyperbolically inflated and inflammatory accusations, against Russia and Putin.

The motivation for this phenomenon seems to be (a) a need to preserve the image of Russia as an “enemy” state to instill fear and hatred among the non-sapient sectors of society by virtue of their lack of time and background to undertake information mining,  and (b) the need by corrupted politicians and their mainstream media acolytes to conserve a monopoly on their  often tendentiously warped  news dissemination.

In a digital age where the achievement of these two objectives by a conglomerate which is at times characterized the “deep estate”, there now emerges an effective  neutralization for the toxicity that has led us to where we are,  and as a result of the welcomed emergence of an alternate independent media which covers the real news ( as compared to “fake news”) , which is corroborated by a huge number of highly competent and high integrity scholars, investigative journalists, former intelligence community analysts, and other retired military and government agency officials, human rights NGO officials, in conjunction which high integrity bloggers, we finally can challenge the powers that be and use we can speak truth to power in ways which will allow us to reconstitute our constitutional democracy.

As a result of this successful development however, there now evolves what is in effect a serious threat to our constitutionally guaranteed freedom of expression, coupled to freedom to be served by honest politicians and media which will prevent rather than incite violence, so that we will finally end the destructive cycle which has led us into war after war on criminally dishonest and hysterical claims.

With this foreword, said Crosstalk segment video is presented to the readers of the Argentum Post.

Peter Lavelle is the host, and his guests are Mark Sleboda (International Affairs & Security Analyst), Alexander Mercouris (theduran.com), and Dmitry Babich (Sputnik International).

Here, therefore is the link to this conference.


2 thoughts on “[ APNFD Nr. 24] A Buttressing Addendum to the Previous AP Article Published on January 7, 2017 on the Falsehoods Underlying the Russia Hacking and Election Intervention Accusations

  1. Michael Corey says:

    I hope that this is a lesson to all those who didn’t vote for Hillary because YOU believed that she is/was a neo-con.
    How do you now like the neo-fascists who are running the show?
    Exxon for State Dept….seriously?!?!

    There will much more of the same: propaganda…just get ready!

    • Alfred says:

      No, dear reader. I did not “believe” Hillary was a “neocon”,as you put it.
      She was and is a neo-lib who supported the Iraq war on fraudulent pretexts, she decided that the abduction in the middle of the night of the popular President Zelaya of Honduras who was democratically elected yet forced into asylum at the Brazilian embassy was not to be characterized as a coup because of our corporatist-militarist interests in Honduras, and she further not just coddled, but declared her affection for the 30 year murderous Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak as if “he was a member of the family”. And this, is just the tip of the iceberg…

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