APNFD Nr. 29 As Netanyahu Visits Trump It is an Imperative that the History of the Contrast Between Judaism and Zionism be Scholarly Understood

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February 15, 2017 by Alfred

On December 19, 2016, the Argentum Post published an article inspired and supported by a superb article by Allan C. Brownfeld which was published in the prestigious publication “Issues of the American Council for Judaism”.

Said AP article was titled as follows :

Allan C. Brownfeld’s Superb Article Titled “Embracing Israel’s Occupation-As The Trump Ambassador To Israel Does-Could Be A Recruiting Tool for ISIS”


This Argentum Post Flash News Digest Nr. 29 essentially provides readers with the link to another extraordinarily  relevant and revealing article about the reality of how Judaism, its history, culture, and faith cannot be conflated with the supremacist ideology of Zionism and  hence with the irrational notion that Israel is “exceptionalist” and therefore critiques of Israel can automatically be equated with “anti-Semitism” based on the false notion that Judaism and Zionism are conflatable when in reality the history of the Zionist ideology based violent nationalization of the Judaic faith-based on the universalist values of the Torah, was carried out at the expense of the human, civil, and legal rights of the autochthonous people of British occupied Palestine in 1948, and that has in effect done damage to Judaism.

So, on this day when Israel’s misleader Benjamin Netanyahu visits a  White House in a state of disarray due to misleadership issues in its midst as well, and will confer  with Donald Trump, the article by Allan C. Brownfeld of ACJ whose title is functionalized  to serve as its link which is found infra,  is very apt content-wise and in timing as it is excellently informative as regards to real history of the disconnect between Judaism and Zionism which most unfortunately the American people is not nearly as aware of as it should be, due to mainstream media and educational institutional politicized disfunctionalities.

Commemorating 75 Years of Advancing Prophetic Judaism, Free of Nationalism and Politicization”

Enjoy !

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