APNFD Nr. 28 Australian Documentary Exposes Israeli Military Torture of Children

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February 10, 2017 by Alfred

This is an Argentum Post News Flash Digest [ Nr.  28 ]

An Australian documentary, in cooperation with the courageous and principled members of the Israeli military dissident organization “Breaking the Silence”  has produced an indicting exposé titled “Israelis Torturing Non-Jewish Children”.

The source which provided the link to this documentary to the Argentum Post is the Neturei Karta organization of Orthodox Jews who exist in the United States, and world-wide.

These sweet, noble, modest Jewish people are “dissident” Jews who support the Palestinian cause and who guide themselves exclusively by the Torah’s universalist values and do not recognize the historical or legal legitimacy of that entity which became the product of the nationalization of the Judaic religion in 1948 and which is characterized as Israel.

In effect to bring about their 1948 objectives the Zionist  carried out the Nakba against the autochthonous people of Palestine.

It is incomprehensible how people who were suffered so much from the genocide of the Nazis could mete out such incredible suffering on the innocent Palestinians

Of course, the Neturei Karta is not the only  is not the only organization of Jews which does not support the Zionist right-wing racialist supremacist ideology.

Quite on the contrary, numerous organizations and individuals of the Judaic faith, including the Judaic reform branch, do not support the Zionist ideology and do not support the oppression of the Palestinians which now has reached a critical mass level since the Israel passage of the law which retroactively allows illegal settlers to seize Palestinian private lands and residences by the thousands.

Some 600 thousand illegal settlers had already occupied vast areas of the 1967 Israel war which have now occupied so much the 25% of Palestine which remained from the 75% which was violently taken over in 1948,   that now the so-called “Two State Solution” has been now sabotaged to the extend that it may no longer be viable and this in turn heralds in automatically the era the inauguration of the de-facto and de-juro status of Israel becoming the only undemocratic Apartheid state entity of the world, such as that which had been deemed to have been the last Apartheid state of the world until the early 1990’s,  namely that of the racist white supremacist Apartheid state of South Africa.

It must be noted that before 1940’s, the majority of the world’s Jews were non-Zionists.

It must also be noted that, as Mondoweiss reports, in an article written by Allan C. Brownfeld, titled “The True Crisis of Zionism : Silent Majority of US Jews Never Supported It”.   And this seems to be more the case now than ever, particularly among younger Jews.

Regardless though, a racialist supremacist entity which is the embodiment of the nationalization of the Judaic faith, cannot and will not exist in 2017.

What is most important though is that since now that the Zionists in the Israeli power structure all but destroyed by sabotage and insincerity the so-called peace talks, the peaceful resolution of the problem via the “Two State Solution”,  must now focus on an alternative peaceful solution which must be urgently arrived at.

The “One Palestinian State” solution is a possibility and could come about with zero violence.  Yes, the walls inside Palestine will have to come down.  Yes the Jews in Palestine will be a minority, but one that can co-heal, co-create, and co-reconstruct Palestine into vibrant democracy building project which may spread throughout the region.

This writer met Miko Peled.  He is the son of Major General Matti Peled and he wrote a fascinating book titled “The General’s Son : Journey of an Israeli in Palestine”.  Mike advocates for such a solution.  His family was hard it by the conflict.  A suicidal attacker killed the daughter of Miko’s sister.  Amazingly and admiringly this is one of the reasons Miko Peled became a dedicated humanist Jewish activist in the support of a once for all solution with justice, peace, and security for all inhabitants of a democratic Palestine.

The likelihood that such a solution can be arrived at by the present misleader of Israel, namely Benjamin Netanyahu and is Likud coalition in conjunction with our own thus far misleader Donald Trump, particularly now that in his appalling ignorance of history and reality he is considering to pick as Deputy Secretary of State, the right-wing extremist Zionist Iraq war neocon and Iran-Contra scandal liar to Congress who was indicted for it, namely Elliott Abrams,  it is ideally the E.U. in cooperation with the U.N. who will have to step in alongside the International Court of Justice to once for all settle this long festering unimaginable violation of the most basic foundational elements of respect for the human rights and dignity of the Palestinian natives of Palestine.

Incidentally, for the record.  Elliott Abrams sordid role when he and Israel were involved in the Guatemala genocide of its indigenous natives render him unfit for any position in the U.S. government.    He only got away from jail time because he was pardoned by Bush.

This is the documentary link.



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