[APNFD Nr. 33] CENTCOM Spokesman Confirms that the U.S. Has Used Depleted Uranium In Syria


February 20, 2017 by Alfred

This is an Argentum Post News Flash Digest [ APNFD Nr. 33 ]

At first blush this would seem like the so-called “Fake News” being disseminated recklessly and incendiary by dishonest vandals out to dupe the gullible, and even not so gullible, with false historical narratives characterized by the reckless use of sensationalistic, rubbish.

Unfortunately though, this is not in this case.

Despite the fact that officials in the Pentagon have vowed that no depleted uranium would be used in the wars in Syria and Iraq, now 14 years after the Cheney/Bush team and its neocon and neolib supporters took our country to into a war on contrived grounds, a war which has had catastrophic consequences, now the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) spokesman Major Josh Jacques, to his credit,  has admitted  that 5,265 armor-piercing 30 mm rounds containing depleted uranium (DU) were shot from Air Force aircraft on November 16, 2015 and on November 22, 2015 at vehicles in Syria.

This news was reported 5 days ago by FP (Foreign Policy)  on February 14, 2017.

The deleterious use of DU weapons is reported by the Information Clearing House, which heralds itself as being a reporter of “News You Won’t Find on CNN”.

What follows is the description of the deleterious effects of DU weapons on humans as reported in said Information Clearing House :

“  Dreadful Negative Effects of Depleted Uranium Weapons on the Human Body

Once the uranium particles are inhaled into the body, the particles attach first to the trachea and the respiratory system. As the particles are practically insoluble, they are difficult to dissolve in the blood, and stay there for a long period of time. Eventually these clinging particles continue to expose the neighboring organs to radiation. By that, they cause the cell and the gene to go into some transformation, and cause cancers, leukemia, lymphoma, congenital disorders and defects. Then, gradually, they are absorbed into the blood and lymph, and cause various illnesses and damages to the whole body. Also, aside from inhalation, they get into the body and enter the bloodstream by oral ingestion and through wounds. This kind of very dangerous weapons are being diffused in large quantity all over Iraq by the US and British troops. Not only during the war, but also after the war, and an unimaginable length of time of 4.5 billion years hereafter, the people of Iraq will have to bear the burden of living in this vast polluted land and learn how to survive with this grim reality. The British and US troops, at the instance that they drop DU weapons, do not just snatch away precious lives but cause the Iraqis further and eternal miseries.

The continuing bombardment of Syria by anyone and by any means is a barbaric crime against the humanity of its people.

The irrational insistence that the Syrian “leader Basher Assad must go” in utter disregard for political solutions is just as barbaric.

In the 21st century the notion that any nation can intervene in the internal affairs of another one and can bomb it barbarically and dismiss the injuring and killing of tenths of thousand, innocent, unarmed human beings as merely “collateral damage” is genuinely barbaric and wholly unacceptable.

As an example of this type of oppressive aggression by state actors are the Summer 2014 Gaza bombing massacre by U.S. backed Israel which killed close to 3 thousand people, a number which includes some 500 children, and the horrific and reckless U.S. and U.K.  backed Saudi Arabian bombing intervention in the sovereign nation of Yemen, which thus far has resulted in death of some 10 thousand civilians not to mention the millions of Yemenis who were rendered homeless.

Nevertheless, the present Trump misadministration, along with even the neocon Republicans  are surely putting Iran, of all countries in the region,  “on notice” (?!) and to boot both Trump and now Pence are falsely stating Iran is a “terrorism sponsoring country” (?!) when in reality Iran is a highly reliable partner in the fight against the terrorizing Daesh criminals, and yes, it has supported the Lebanese resistance against the savage Israeli bombings in southern Lebanon in 1982 which killed close to 20 thousand Lebanese and Palestinian refugees from the Israeli invasion of Palestine.

What must first happen is the containment, delusion, isolation, and destruction of Daesh (aka ISIS or ISL), and yet there those among the extremist right-wing Zionist supremacist power structure of our so-called Israeli “ally”, such as the Israeli think tank characterized by the abbreviation BESA (meaning “Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies) whose director Efraim Anbar  insists that part of Daesh must be preserved (?!) to counter the influence of Iran (?!) something which is appallingly outrageous as Iran is by far one of most, if not THE most rational, stable, and democratic society and nation of the Middle East, as well as the nation-state wherein the largest number of Jews outside of Israel live in peace and harmony and state, as NPR has reported it, “It’s our home and we plan to stay

To sum up, the greatest scourge which dangerously  now threatens our national security as well as the humanity of the Middle East, if not beyond, are (a) the murderously terrorizing Daesh criminal gangs (which must be referred to by the name they want us to characterize them, i.e. “Islamic State” as that is a misnomer since they are neither a “state” nor “islamic” by any civilized definition of the word “Islam”), (b) the relentless and immoral wretched human killing machine peddling by the industrial-military complex, (c) the readiness of misleaders to impose on their respective peoples the utterly false notion that military violence can be a solution to conflicts, and (d) the increasing propagation of the monstrous epidemic-like  dishonesty whose symptoms now are outright mainstream media fakery, which collaborates with corrupt politicians now often on a bipartisan neocon-neolib basis, and which creates by the manipulation of hate and fear on such specious grounds that in effect the conditions are evolved for an insidious  cultural programmation to appear which is designed to render us indifferent to the incredible violence and suffering the synergy of this phenomenon causes.

We are now entering a stage when violence is generating violence, and that is buttressed by dishonesty generating counter-dishonestly to the point that civil discourse, diplomacy, political negotiations are obscenely sidelined and suppressed.

If this vicious spiral to the very bottom is not abruptly ended by a clamor for rational,  humanist, intelligent, upgrading of the foundational elements of our constitutional democracy, based on the establishment of a progressive focus on societal administration bereft of undue influence lobbies agitating with sinister agendas of financial profit for military confrontations when political negotiations are what is called for, and  bereft of the bizarre and fictitious notions that somehow some nations, such as the U.S. or Israel, are somehow “exceptionalist” and that some classes of people such was white Lutheran men are somehow “superior”to others, then we will be embarking on a path of self-destruction from which we may not able to extricate ourselves until it is too late.


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  1. M. Estelle Spike, LMHC says:

    Why aren’t masses of people marching in the streets against all this?

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