Resist/Correct Trump, BUT NOT Via Russophobia With Deep State + Fourth Estate Dangerous and Dishonest Alt-Fact, Pseudo News

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February 23, 2017 by Alfred

Trump is indisputably not qualified to be the President of the United States on the basis of lack of competence, lack of experience, lack of honesty, lack of intellectual curiosity, disrespect to all minorities, disrespect for women, emotional outbursts, incoherence, and a whole lot of other reasons.

But, for now he is the President, and that will be so until and if Amendment XXV, Section 4 is used to legally and democratically relieve him from his responsibilities and duties and remove him from the White House, and that can happen most particularly for reasons such as, inter alia, he violates the U.S. Constitution and/or gets ready to take our nation to yet another war on the basis of hate and fear mongering and pseudo-news and fraudulent claims such as was the case of the neocon/neolib Bush/HClinton war on Iraq, whose catastrophic consequences are still decimating the Middle East and the U.S. is still fighting today, 14 years later at an unimaginable cost of human lives and infrastructure destruction .

Point in case as regards to criminal wars of the basis of prevarications, is the absurd relentless vilification of Iran and its false characterization by  neocons, neolibs, by Trump, and by the misleader of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, that Iran is a “terrorism sponsoring”  at the same time as there is corruptedly conspicuous silence as regards to the real “terrorism” sponsoring nation of Saudi Arabia.

So going straightly and succinctly to the point of this article now.

Regardless of how one views or feels about Donald Trump, there is an imperative that objectivity dictates that his declared intention – for now at least – to have respectful and cordial relations with Russia is most certainty a positive one.

The same  applies to his recently declared intention to have respectful and cordial relations with the People’s Republic of China  (PRC) , although this stands in direct contradiction to his false declaration previously that the PRC is “our enemy”, is “manipulating its currency”  (a myth which was immediately corrected by the Wall Street Journal,  and “is stealing jobs”.

But, of course, contradicting declarations are  part and parcel of Donald Trump’s trademark.

Well, Donald Trump must and will be, strongly resisted by the vast majority of the American people, by Federal Judges and other judiciary institutions,  possibly even by the military and intelligence officials,  but so the show goes on, until critical mass is reached and then it ends.

Now the crux of this article is that while President Trump’s strong national and international opposition is valid, and it is so, not because the opposition are his “enemies” but because he is his own worst “enemy” since he is now clearly not embarking on the kind of anti-establishment populist path which he promised, but quite the contrary, he is now doing quite the opposite as shown by all of his extreme right-wing extremist appointees out to undo everything that the Barak Obama administration, and previous decent administrations have accomplished successfully, and Trump is thereby not “making America great again” but in effect is putting America in reverse gear and moving backwards at an accelerated pace without having the adequate visibility and thereby risking a tremendous crash which, if it happens, will have set back tremendously  America’s evolution into the 21st century as a modern, inspiring, model worthy of emulation.

While therefore the presidency of Donald Trump constitutes a major crisis for our beloved America, the same or potentially more serious  crisis is being brought about by the synergy of the neoliberal Democratic establishment  and by the neoconservative Republican establishment’s joint abusive, irrational, and dishonest use of Russophobia which mischaracterizes and calumniates Russia and Putin with relentless outright lies about Crimea invasions which never occurred, about hacking expeditions to shut down the General Electric natural gas heating authority of the state of Vermont which never happened, and most egregiously about the fraudulent claim that Russia and Putting have influenced  the U.S. election to the extend that it enabled  Donald Trump to be put  into the White House.

The idea that Russia and Putin can get the American electorate to elect Donald Trump is so preposterous as being risibly dismissible were it not such a dangerous non-sense, similar that of the disgraced General Michael Flynn assertion via twitter that Hillary Clinton was running a ring of pedophiliac criminals abstain children in basement of a pizzeria – and still Donald Trum nominated him to be his “National Security Advisor” (?!).

The hysterical vilification of  Russia and Putin was invoked most audaciously by Hillary Clinton and her close friend, the disgraced director of the DNC, namely Debbie Wasserman Schultz, as they were all were caught conspiring  to deny the very successful leader of the progressive movement, Bernie Sanders, his nomination.

Bernie Sanders launched a major and historical progressive movement and “we the people” are now enthusiastically embracing him in our demand for a single payer health care system and our demand to a 100% end to net-imperial interventionism and wars against nations world-wide.

It behooves us all therefore to not condone the reckless downright criminally dishonest daily use of hate and fear mongering against most particularly Russia, but also to a lesser extend against the PRC and Iran to be used as a tool to resist and fight Donald Trump.  This dishonest, opportunist exploitative adoption of alt-news is a scourge which must be eradicated in its entirety by all means available.

What the world needs now, is not so much “love sweet love” (if so that would most certainly help, but good old “diplomacy sweet diplomacy” most particularly as relates to our relationship with Russia.

Not even during the era of the USSR, did we have such a lack of sophistication  and such a lack of constructive diplomatic engagement and hence constructive results which led to “detente” (easing of hostility) with the USSR which in turn ushered in its “perestroika”(restructuring)  and “glasnost” (opening up) .

We need an army of Averel Harrimans active in engaging with Russia instead of an army of soldiers encircling threateningly  Russia on its borders with Poland, Estonia in violation of the NATO-Russia Founding Act of 1997.

The daily recklessly aggressive false accusations against Russia with which the politicized and corporatized mainstream media (aka the “Fourth Estate” ) willingly cooperates, and with which also elements of such  U.S. government agencies as the CIA and NSA (aka the “Deep State”) and most particularly the Director of National Intelligence, James R. Clapper, who lied to Congress under oath, willingly cooperate, are most responsible for the irresponsible provocations against Russia which if not once for all are brought to a halt, will corrode dangerously our relations with Russia to such an extend that we will in a not so distant future face a the cataclysmic danger of a military confrontation with the second most mighty nuclear armed nation in the world and this would be what insanity looks like since no one can win a nuclear exchange between the U.S. and Russia, and while not the American people nor the Russian people could conceivably start one deliberately or accidentally,  misleaders in the U.S. and Russia could certainly accidentally or deliberately start one in utter disregard of the billions of people on the planet who would strenuously oppose such a calamity.

Incidentally there can be no greater priority in today’s world than the ending of the violation of NTP treaty’s article 6,  by the “club of five” original member states which stipulates that ALL nuclear arsenals of the world must be gradually dismantled, and that of course that also includes non-signatory nations such as Pakistan, India, North Korea,  and most notably Israel which developed its arsenal of nuclear WMD’s clandestinely by a secret agreement between the disgraced Republican President Nixon and Israel’s PM Golda Meir who had the temerity to state the alt-fact that “…there is no such thing as Palestine or Palestinians…”

It is also noteworthy that Israel, which refused to this day to admit officially that it has nuclear weapons, had to boot the incredible  “chutzpah” to disseminate its nuclear energy weaponization technology to, of all nations, that of the white supremacist racist Apartheid regime of South Africa in the 1980’s and this is a fact documented by, inter alia, the Jewish  son of parents to survived the Nazi crimes against the humanity of Jews and others in Austria, namely Sasha Polakow-Suransky who is the author of the book “The Unspoken Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship With Apartheid South Africa

To end this article, this writer has decided to incorporate two videos of two interviews by two of the most respected, illustrious, humanist, scholarly authors, and peace activists , namely Glenn Greenwald and Stephen Cohen.

These two giants of integrity, intelligence, and dedication to humanity were interviewed by, respectively, the legendary host and producer of Democracy Now, Amy Goodman and by Abby Martin of “Real News”.

So for the links of the said fascinating videos of the following interviews see infra.

The  interview of Greenwald by Amy Goodman   (Democracy Now)

The interview of Stephen Cohen by Abby Martin (Real News Network)







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