The President of the Mexican Party PAN Sets the Record Straight as Regards to the Inaccurate and Insulting Trump Declarations About Mexico


March 1, 2017 by Alfred

The Mexican Student Association of the George Washington University in Washington, DC  hosted the President of the Partido de Acción Nacional (PAN) in Mexico, Ricardo Anaya Cortés  who discussed the challenges of the U.S. – Mexico bilateral relationship.

While obviously referring to the ignorant and insulting statements Donald Trump made about Mexico, he avoids mentioning Trump by his name, and that is quite proper, since when  it comes to Trump, he is own worst enemy, but he needs to be corrected time and again, given his offensive and dangerously misleading statements and now given his appointments which are not in line with his campaign promises as it seems that they are all part of what his bizarrely extreme right-wing White House ideologue, Stephen Bannon, who preaches the dangerous refers to as the  “deconstruction of the administrative sate” of America.

As a lawyer who is well versed in economics and financial statistics, Anaya sets the record straight and debunks myths and offensive lies which Trump invoked against Mexico and Mexicans in the U.S.,  to please his supporters after the unprecedented  presidential election in which he lost (on the democratic vote count basis)  by 11 million votes.

Using hard facts, and buttressing it with statistical documentation, Anaya dispelled any of the notions Trump tried to use to mislead the American people about Mexico, as regards to NAFTA, as regards to the need for a wall, and as regards to the false implications that somehow a “danger” exists coming from the presence of hard-working Mexican families in the U.S.

It should also be noted that not all Mexican’s who are in the United States “crossed the border” – legally or not – since it is the very border of the United States which crossed the ancestors of many Mexicans , the way the borders of Israel borders crossed the Palestinians, when in both cases, respectively the U.S. in 1847 and Israel in 1948 and then again in 1967, took over the huge percentages of the lands of respectively Mexico and Palestine.

What both the U.S. and Israel will have in common when the Trump wall is built is,  the “walls”, and for this reason the Zionist power structure of the misleadership of Israel, namely by the coalition of its PM Benjamin Netanyahu who has congratulated Trump for his wall, declaring shamelessly that “it works”.

It is lamentable that Ricardo Anaya is not well versed with this horrific history of President Ronald Reagan’s foreign affairs when he ended his presentation with an erroneous attribution to Reagan.

Obviously as regards to Central American and to the Caribbean Anaya is not aware that Reagan’s policy was one which was characterized by the brazen support of  decadent fascist and racist regimes in Nicaragua where Reagan supported the Contra terrorists after the people of Nicaragua led by the Sandinistas cast themselves off the yoke of the brutal dictatorship of Somoza something which led to the infamous Iran-Contra scandal involving Israel , in Guatemala where thousands of Indian natives were massacred by the dictatorship of Rios Mont, again the clandestine involvement of Israel, in El Salvador where Reagan supported the brutal extreme right-wing Arena regime of D’Aubuisson who was involved in the assassination of the legendary Archbishop Romero, and in where Honduras where through Reagan’s man in Tegucigalpa, namely ambassador John Negroponte, death squads were supported to oppress the Honduran people, and last but not least in Grenada, an island state which is about the size of the greater metropolitan area of Washington which President Reagan ordered bombed in a raid which killed medical students at their university, and later had the temerity to declare that said bombing was a day “ when the United States stood tall “ notwithstanding the so-called “collateral  damage” but because its objective was to attack Cuban workers and civil engineers who, as a result of a mutually collaborative relationship were lengthening the landing strip of the airport of Grenada so as to better and safer allow larger passenger aircraft to bring in tourist to that beautiful island state.

Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill and Robert Parry provided extensive documentation for the supra described crimes against the humanities of the people in the afore-mentioned countries.

So, with this foreword, the Argentum Post provides its readers with a video of the brilliant presentation by Ricardo Anaya.

The omission of any mention of Reagan’s crimes at the end  of Arana’s presentation in no way detracts from  the brilliance of his delivery and the precision of its content.

The video therefore  follows infra.



2 thoughts on “The President of the Mexican Party PAN Sets the Record Straight as Regards to the Inaccurate and Insulting Trump Declarations About Mexico

  1. Good post. I learn something new and challenging on blogs I stumbleupon on a daily basis. It will always be useful to read through articles from other writers and use something from other websites.

  2. M. Estelle Spike, LMHC says:

    Such a vital and timely article “setting the record straight!” Thank you. I have shared on Facebook and Twitter.

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