At the Fourth Annual All Day National Press Club Conference the Consensus is That the American-Israeli Occupation of Palestine Must End Now That the Apartheid Phase of it is Reached ( No U.S. Press Coverage at Any Year )


March 30, 2017 by Alfred

Stunningly, four years of a scholarly all-day international conference delving into the vicissitudes of the U.S role in the enablement of the crimes against the humanity of the Palestinians, which took place at the prestigious National Press Club, were not covered even superficially by the American mainstream press.

There was a total consensus among the honorable and scholarly active participants and attendees of the annual conference which takes place at the National Press Club, in Washington, DC which this year was characterized as the  “ 2017 Conference – The Israel Lobby And American Policy “ .

Said consensus was that (a) the British empire occupation of Palestine at the end of World War I, in synergy with that embodiment of the Torah-based Judaic religion of universalist values,  which was nationalized into a so-called “state” entity, in 1948 generated a foreseeable future of horrific conflicts as a result of the utterly unjust, reckless, illegal and murderous  manner in which all conceivable rights of the Palestinian natives who were the legitimate autochthonous inhabitants of Palestine for centuries where grossly violated, and (b) that said violations, from then on, with U.S. support  only added insult to the injury of the Palestinians when, after in 1967  the Israel provoked “Six Day War” was followed up by the Israel’s invasion and occupation of almost all of the 28% per cent of Palestine which was left after the violent 1948 take over.

Incidentally, this writer’s parents were survivors of the Nazi genocidal crimes against the humanity of Jews and others, and became refugees in Bolivia, as a result of said calamity but, his paternal grandfather survived by leaving Germany early in 1935 and finding safe heaven in the USSR.  After the end of WWII he then emigrated to Haifa, Palestine where he became a citizen of “mandatory” Palestine, which is what the British occupied Palestine was called, only to then again feel the need to leave Palestine in 1948 just before another calamity, namely the violent take over of 75% of Palestine by the British imperialist facilitated and armed Zionist Jews from the U.S. and Europe.    This was a most violent take over initiated by two Zionist terrorist organizations, one led by Menachen Begin who would later become an Israeli Prime Minister and was called Irgun, and the led by Yitzhak Shamir who led the Lehi organization and also later became a Prime Minister of Israel.

This characterization, often leads ignorant and/or deliberate historical revisionist Zionists to decry as “anti-Semitic” notwithstanding the historical fact that they are correct and that is documented by, inter alia, the prestigious liberal Israeli newspaper Haaretz which ironically reports the dark history of the barbaric oppression of the Palestinian people much more objectively than the mainstream American media.

So given this historical factual reality, after decades of repression, expulsions, house demolitions, massacres of the Palestinians, by the Zionist misleadership power structures of Israel,  the  so-called “Two State Solution” which neither  addresses the Palestinian legitimate grievances nor was ever taken genuinely seriously by said Zionist divide-to-conquer aggressors, and has now,  in a Kafkaesque manner, been so perversely and relentlessly sabotaged by brazen international law and Fourth Geneva Convention egregious violations, to the point that it has now been all but totally collapsed as a result of the relentless international law violating illegal settlements by some 400 thousand immigrants which Israel has encouraged to take place to this day.

So, the violent implantation of the only viable, peaceful resolution to the conflict generated by the implantation that of  embodiment of the nationalization of the Judaic religion characterized as the “state” of Israel, by said 1948 British empire at the end of WWI, and the violent 1967 additional obstacles to additional impediments to peace accords, has now resulted in the emergence of a new and only Apartheid state in the world which in this 21st century is simply not tolerable and not operable.

It extremely important to note that the emergence of said  embodiment of the nationalization of the Judaic religion characterized as the “state” of Israel, was then and is now something which is  bereft of moral, historical,  and legal legitimacy and most particularly but not exclusively so because it never was fully supported by Judaism globally,  and that has progressed and evolved to the point that presently is not supported by a majority of modern, decent, law-abiding, and universal Torah law guided Jews,  who in fact maintain that Zionism has done damage to Judaism, and the support of Israel is a form of idolatry.

This fact is underlined and documented by, inter alia,  the rejection of the state entity of the Judaic religion all across the religious Judaic spectrum, so we have the reform Judaism adherents such as the American Council for Judaism, and the orthodox adherents of Judaism, such as  Neturei Karta .  One may also  access information about this group of thousands of decent, noble, orthodox Jews  who live in the United States and who live and are assimilated globally, who do not support the notion that the Judaic religion can have a nationalistic embodiment,by accessing information about it on  Wikipedia.

Furthermore, there are many other organizations of modern, progressive, humanist, Jews who are advocating creatively peaceful conflict resolution scenarios as relates to the calamity created by the  Zionist colonialist forceful implantation of Israel in Palestine (which of Christians, Moslems, and Jews is aka as the “Holy Land”, and not the land of the Jews exclusively as the Zionist would want to force people to believe it is), and these organizations are experiencing a new surge of increasing support and among them are J-Street,  New Israel Fund, T’ruah, IJAN or (International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network), Tzedek- Chicago, and many more.

Most particularly successful is Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP).   This organization supports the peaceful conflict resolution movement known as BDS, or Boycott, Divest, and Sanction against the present misleadership of the supremacist nationalist Zionist right-wing extremist Netanyahu et al. coalition.

The Israel parliament has approved a travel ban to Israel for foreign Jewish supporters of the BDS movement.   As the writer of the Argentum Post, which is in effect a literary peace through justice activism medium, and as a supporter of JVP and of BDS, this bizarre attempt by the Israeli parliament to silence critique and dissent in support of a peaceful end of the conflict created by the Zionist misleadership of Israel, is a welcomed reflection that said misleadership is now into a phase of utter irrationality resulting from its desperation that its falsehood-memes filled rote repetitiousness of revisionist narratives era is nearing its end.

The present misleadership of this Zionist extremist right-wing power structure of Netanyahu et al, has endeavored itself in creating and nurturing with “Alt Facts” the false narratives aimed at calumniating all dissidents to  its  die-hard, ethically, morally, politically bankrupt attempt to blame all who criticize it, by  oxymoronically and hence downright almost risibly characterizing them as “anti-Semites”.

Adding a new dimension to the aphorism “politics makes strange bedfellows” , there is now a bizarre, and dangerous coalition of support for the destructive Zionist power structure of Israel made up of neoconservatives, neo-liberals, Trumpists, and Evangelists who are hellbent on generating falsehood scenarios in support of hate and fear mongering belligerence, towards Iran by casting Iran as some kind of an “existential threat” to Israel, when in reality Iran is relatively speaking the most moderate, the most democratic, and stable country in the the  Middle East, which has the largest population of assimilated Jews in that region outside of Israel, and his lead by a democratically elected President Rouhani who is an ally of all who are genuinely and not opportunistically dedicated to the proposition of isolating, defusing, and eliminating the greatest scourge in the Middle East, namely the horrific Daesh criminal phenomenon which wants to be called the “Islamic State” or IS when in reality it is neither a “state” nor is it “Islamic” as defined in the Koran.

Among some of the worst, most embarrassing to the United State, supporters of the this coalition of dishonesty, hate and fear mongering, hegemony by threat of wars, is our now failure of an  ambassador to the United Nations, namely Nikki Haley.   Without any experience in international affairs and diplomacy, this failed ambassador’s ignorance is only matched by an arrogance which is revealed every time she makes a public declaration such as the appallingly embarrassing one she made on March 28, 2017 speaking as if she owns the UN by saying that there is now a “…new sheriff in town…” which will fix the UN .

With this foreword therefore, this writer provides in the last paragraph, infra, its readers with the link to full-length of one of the most important events which has now taken place in Washington, DC’s National Press Club for the fourth consecutive year in as many years, starting in 2014, which heralds the imperative that the United States detach itself from enabling Israel’s egregious international law occupation of Palestine which now is reaching the Apartheid stage, and unless the “Two State Solution” is salvaged – which it seems it will not – the “One State Solution” will have to take place, and that is one which will no longer allow a “Jewish State” to exist, since a minority cannot govern a majority without democratic rights extended to all.

It goes without saying that this does not mean that the Jews in Israel will not be able to exist there, but it does mean that Palestine must and can become a vibrant democracy for ALL OF ITS citizens, and that means that the Palestinians and their descendants now still living in refugee camps will be allowed to return to their homeland.

It is the responsibility of the global community and of its international institutions to bring this democratic solution about, a solution which is not only a pre-requisite for a Palestine – Jewish peace process to take place, but it is also an inspiration which will engender the breaking out of peace regionally,  as a natural result of it being an  inspiring  nucleation crystal for the reconciliation of the other catastrophic conflicts which were generated by the Bush/Cheney criminal 2003 invasion of Iraq on the basis of falsehoods exploited by the 9/11 2001 tragedy in synergy with the Sunni/Shiite sectarian violence which has pitted Arabs against Arabs senselessly, wastefully, and barbarically.

Among the most illustrious speakers at this conference were Hanan Ashrawi (A Palestinian legislator and scholar),  Ilan Pappe ( Israeli historian and social activist), John Mearsheimer (an American social political scientist) and many more.

The following is the link to the entire conference which had a duration of 8 hours and 55 minutes.

PS  A Documentary titled “Two Blue Lines” by director Tom Haynes was shown prior to the start of the said conference.  It is included at the start of this link.




2 thoughts on “At the Fourth Annual All Day National Press Club Conference the Consensus is That the American-Israeli Occupation of Palestine Must End Now That the Apartheid Phase of it is Reached ( No U.S. Press Coverage at Any Year )

  1. Agreed on the disappointment (an understatement) with Trump and his UN choice Nikki Haley. Besides the non-diplomacy of speaking the words “new sheriff in town”, in her talk to AIPAC she likely lied by saying she knew nothing about Professor Falk, the report’s co-author. Then, she smears the professor by telling the AIPAC crowd “He (Richard Falk) has some serious problems”.

    UN reporter Nizar Abboud posted on his YouTube channel a UN “event” featuring a 10-minute comedy act as part of an anti-BDS program, illustrating the depths to which the organization has sunk. One is left speechless with the bizarre developments and immature direction of discourse generated by the report concluding Israel, like South Africa before, is an apartheid state.

  2. Thank you for reporting on The Real News and combating the brainwashing by the MSM! Wish I could have attended.

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