[APFND Nr. 37] The Emergence into Brazen Visibility of The Zionist Power Structure Mislead Israel as a Divide and Conquer Agent Provocateur Rogue State


March 23, 2017 by Alfred


This is an Argentum Post News Flash Digest [ APFND Nr. 37 ] article.

In direct proportion to the approaching final containment, defusion, and permanent defeat of the scourge of Daesh (aka the “Islamic State” which violates the foundational elements of Islam and is not a state), the Zionist power structure of the misleadership of Israel is rapidly and brazenly exposing its destructive ideology which thus far was somewhat hidden in plain sight, namely its strategy and tactics which date back to the origins of the foundational elements of the Zionist nationalist supremacist ideology aimed at creating an expansionist, hegemonist  “Greater Israel” in coordination with Western powers, aimed at wreaking havoc in the major Arab states to reduce them to statelets.

This insidious plan has a name.  It is called in Hebrew the “Odet Yinon Plan” .

This is now becoming visually detectable as at long last Daesh is nearing its defeat, an event all of humanity is ready to celebrate, as it could become a turning point which might usher in an era when peace may actually break out.

The Zionist misleadership power structure however is indirectly supporting entering into supportive roles,  now more than ever,  with the most extremist, ruthless, autocratic  Sunni Islamists players, such as Saudi Arabia, and the radical Al Nousra terrorist group in order to generate more chaos in Syria Israel is now more intensively bombing.

To boot, Israel’s BESA organization which it calls euphemistically a “think tank” and is led by Efraim Inbar has as its objective to convince the U.S. to not go for the total destruction of the worts criminal terrorists of contemporary history, namely Daesh (aka Islamic State) because it, namely Israel, wants to use Daesh to further destabilize Syria and to destabilize and attack the falsely vilified yet most relatively democratic and stable nation in the Middle East, namely Iran.

It is clear that Zionist Israel, and not probably most of its Jewish decent inhabitants, is hell-bent on continuing a path of international law violating aggressions, invasions, occupations, while falsely claiming victimhood and this in effect is a more than playing with fire, it is a sociopathic phenomenon which has a high probability of getting out of control and thereby leading  to a cataclysmic world war in which there will be no winners.

So, with this brief introduction, the Argentum Post invites its readers to (a) view a video of the most recent (March 2017) segment of excellent Crosstalk program hosted by Peter Lavelle titled “Syria Escalation and International War” , and (b) to read up on one of the most authoritative sources of information on what has been elaborated on supra, namely the urgent need for the United States to drastically reform its policy vis-a-vis the Zionist misleadership of Israel so as to not become an accomplice of what is clearly now becoming a catastrophically violent crime against the humanities of all genuinely innocent and affected people by the unsustainable present status quo of the hegemonist neo-imperial Zionist policies in the Middle East, which continues to be supported by the U.S. neoliberal and neoconservative  corrupted establishment, as well as by our Trump misadministration.  This source of information, comes in the format of an article by renowned and illustrious Michel Chossudovsky and was published by the highly reputable Global Research / Center for Research on Globalization on December 28, 2016.

The current crisis begs for constructive engagement via the only means which can remediate the conundrum of war, destruction, and refugee generation,  namely by rational, humanistic, high-caliber diplomacy coupled to a global Marshal plan for reconstruction and healing of the refugee disasters in that region.

Violence generates violence and in a way which creates its own vicious spiral to the bottomless ultimate destruction of life and civilizations on this planet.

As regards to that so-called state entity called “Israel”  which was generated by the nationalization of the Judaic religion for idealistic reasons on the one hand, yet was violently and recklessly was overtaken by organized crime-like pernicious colonialist and neo imperialist capitalism run amok interests on the other hand, at the expense of the autochthonous inhabitants of Palestine (aka the “Holy Land” for Christians, Jews, and Moslems), the only solution is, or rather now was,  either the “Two State Solution” – which has been totally sabotaged from the beginning after the 1967 war provoked by Israel,  or by the “One State” solution which morphs Palestine into a vibrant democracy wherein Jews and Christians and Moslems and seculars coexist harmoniously, and whereto the survivors and descendants of the close to one million Palestinian refugees who were violently expelled in 1948 by the Menachen Begin terrorist Irgun gang and by the Yitzhak Shamir terrorist Lehi gang, will be granted the right that they inherently have to return to the land they legitimately own.

Both gang leaders became Israel Prime Ministers.

Many progressive, noble, scholarly, humanist Jews support this solution. Among them are Miko Peled who wrote “The General’s Son : Journey of an Israeli in Palestine” and Garry Leech who wrote “Why Israel Should Not Exist”.

What cannot  be accepted is the right-wing extremist Zionist misleadership delirious notion that an Apartheid Israel is somehow viable and arrived at by the continuation of the horrific practice of the  “ethnic cleansing of Palestine” (which the legendary Jewish scholar Ilan Pappe has described in his book eponymously titled  “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” .

This option is literally DOA (dead on arrival) as no human being who is religious or not, can possibly accept and remain self-respecting, because it hardly differs from the Nazi’s “final solution”.





One thought on “[APFND Nr. 37] The Emergence into Brazen Visibility of The Zionist Power Structure Mislead Israel as a Divide and Conquer Agent Provocateur Rogue State

  1. aliceny says:

    This is great – timely, informative, Alfred. Thank you. I kept reading on, looking for mention of Iran and found it. Knew it had to be there. Destruction of Iran is part of the Zionist plan also — together with U.S. help of course. Why is the U.S. hell bent on destroying Iran? Are we committed to always do, or abet, Zionist Israel’s dirty work for them?
    Now it seems that Zionist Israel is willing to sleep with Satan (Isis) to assist them in
    accomplishing this long-held desire. Where will they stop, Alfred? Any ideas?

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