The Holocaust Museum’s Invitation To Trump To Speak on Holocaust Remembrance Day Constitutes an Egregious Lapse in Judgment On Two Counts


May 2, 2017 by Alfred

It seems that officials of the Holocaust Museum lost their moral compass.

They are guilty of two fundamental lapses in judgment in their invitation of Donald Trump as guest speaker on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The first fundamental lapse in judgement is the invitation itself.

The second fundamental lapse in judgment request that Trump in front of a tele prompt read a denunciation of anti-Semitism which he does not even seem to understand in view of his ignorance of historical reality as regards to Jews and as regards to Zionism, one a Torah-based religion and the other an ideo-political extremist and supremacist ideology which is not even necessarily limited to Judaism since Christian evangelists such as Jerry Falwell endorse it as well.

Bottom line, is that both fundamental lapses in judgment reflect a scandalous lack of principle, of honesty, of sensitivity, and expose hypocrisy, dishonesty, political corruption, arrogance, and ignorance of historical reality.

This was an event which should never have happened because it was offensive to the victims of the Nazi crimes against the humanity of Jews and  to their descendants, as well as to the non-Jewish victims of said crimes against the  humanity of others, and their descendants.

This disastrous invitation was also unnecessarily dangerously misleading and recklessly polarizing, and officials of the Holocaust Museum involved in this invitation to Trump should issue a comprehensive apology if not resign for this bizarre lack of judgment.

This writer admits that in this article an emotional dimension component is injected in his natural condemnation of this occurrence, since he is the son of German/Austrian Jewish parents who were declared stateless by the Nazi government of Germany and then, after tremendous suffering, after on the maternal side loosing family members by their execution  in Auschwitz-Birkenau,  luckily became refugees in the only country in the America’s which accepted them, namely Bolivia.  This did not happen before said parents for logistic reasons had to separate temporarily in their quest for survival for themselves and their parents.

The Spielberg Foundation has interviewed this writer’s mother at her home and the interview is now a DVD permanent record at said Holocaust museum.

Now as regards to the colossal lapse in judgment – number one – is the following :

No one, neither a President of the United States, nor a leader or official of any other country in the world,  who has the documented record of being a racist, sexist, classist, misogynist, Islamophobic, hate and fear monger, has neither the moral standing nor should have the right to be officially invited to give a  presentation at the at a place like the Holocaust Museum which is dedicated to the proposition that “never again” must humans of any religion, be false characterized as being members of an inferior race, as the Nazis characterized them, and therefore be “ethnically cleansed” from any nation.

Donald Trump is documentably a supporter and admirer of racists such as the ethno nationalist ideologue Stephen Bannon and the Alt-Right white supremacist Richard Spencer who as a leading white nationalist has saluted along with 200 attendees have been appeared in salutes of “Hail Trump”, as the British Telegraph has reported on November 22, 2016.

This is just one of a plethora of documented instances which reveal the depth of Donald Trump’s racist outlook.

Racism and Anti-Semitism do not differ, unless one is of the extremist right-wing fundamentalist Zionist persuasion which would suggest that racism is OK as long as it is not anti-Semitic.

There is documented history about the sordid Nazi-Zionist cooperative effort which went as far as resulting in the issuance of a medallion to commemorate joint visit to Zionist Palestine by SS officer Leopold von Mildenstein and Zionist Federation official Kurt Tuchler and said medallion has on side the image of the swastika and on the other side the image of the Star of David.   One of the many books and periodical publications which documents this shameful historical reality is the AR Action Report which was posted on July 14, 2009 .

For the administration of the Holocaust Museum to invite such an individual which Donald Trump documentably is, constitutes a tremendously insensitive insult to almost all Jews in America and throughout the world.  This is appallingly so, particularly as petitions have been posted by Rabbi’s to avoid such a colossal and bizarre blunder.

As regards to the colossal lapse in judgement – number two – is the following :

This ignominious invitation of Donald Trump to speak at  the Holocaust Museum  came with the self-defeating bizarre condition and objective of making Donald Trump  make a statement to the effect that notwithstanding his documented obviously racist background, he is not an anti-Semite ?!

How can one be so naive, or politically corrupted, or hypocritical to assume that a racist can be invited to proclaim that he is not a racist, and henceforth all is well.   This is appallingly irrational and shameless.

So, Donald Trump was given a teleprompter to read a message which in effect is brazenly  oxymoronic, since a racist is condemning racism,  and hence it is a brazenly false message and this occurs at the Holocaust Museum on Holocaust Remembrance Day on April 25, 2017  to boot !

To make matters worse, Trump makes this false statement and then, according to him, to “prove” that he is sincere he conflates “anti-Semitism” with “support of Israel ” thereby revealing profound historical ignorance since neither prior to the violent nationalization of the Jewish religion in 1948, and much less ever since this point in the history of said violent Zionist colonization of Palestine,  millions of Jews have condemned such a concept globally, and at this point the majority  no longer supports the false notion that said violent land grab at the expense of the autochthonous inhabitants of Palestine, concomitant with the British empire facilitated arming of the Zionist colonialists  was in any way historically or legally justifiable, and furthermore was in violation of the noble universalist values taught in the Torah.

Yes, it goes without saying that all nations of the world should have opened their doors to the Jewish and non-Jewish victims of the Nazi genocide, and Palestine did accept Jewish immigrants, and this writer’s German paternal grandfather was one of them who left the USSR for Britain and then Palestine in 1945, made friends with Palestinian Jews, Christians, and seculars in Haifa where he became a Palestinian citizen, yet as soon as the 1948 so-called “war of indolence” lead to the horrific expulsion of close to a million Palestinians from the land they inhabited for centuries took place, said grandfather again had to uproot himself and wound up landing in São Paulo, Brazil where to live with this writer’s parents.

The expulsion of the Palestinians in 1948 started with the massacre of Deir Yassin which was violently started by two Zionist terrorist organizations, namely Irgun led by Menachen Begin who would become an Israeli Prime Minister, and Stern Gang (aka Lehi)  led by Yitzhak Shamir who would also become an Israeli Prime Minister when “Israel” was synthesized on the basis of the old Hebrew bible which said that “Jews are God’s Chosen People” and that hence the Palestinian’s land belonged to them since according to the Hebrew Bible  “God gave Jews the Promised Land ”.

Both of these quotations were then and remain to this day and henceforth,  inoperable when it comes to taking over the land of the autochthonous Palestinians, expelling them violently, and from 1948 engaging in what Israeli scholarly historian Ilan Pappe characterizes the “Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” which documents thoroughly the history of the Zionist extremist right wing colonization of Palestine with the support of first, London and Paris, and after 1967 Washington, so as to have Israel hegemonically and in violation of international law set the stage for the West’s colonization and control of the petroleum resources of the Middle East.

But the main object of referring to this reality is that, under no circumstance can one “prove” that one is not an anti-Semite (i.e. one is not a racist, broadly speaking) by stating that one is a supporter of the Zionist colonization of Palestine.

One issue is not linked to the other.    Anti-Semitism is racist, anti-Zionism is not. One is a detestable, irrational, racist discrimination against all followers of the Judaic religion, and the other is a rejection of a supremacist ideology which is based on historical revisionism and is predicated to rationalize an opportunistic  violent take over of Palestinian land while engaging, with the support of corrupted Western politicians in a huge campaign of defamation and vilification of the autochthonous inhabitants of Palestine, something which as gone as  far as leading the non-sapient masses of particularly the American people to believe that in the transposition of “perpetrator” and “victim”, so that when Netanyahu bombed Gaza in the Summer of 2014, killing close to 3 thousand people, including 500 children, the US corporatized media and its corrupted neocon and neolib politicians got away with the lie that the  real perpetrator of this atrocious massacre was a “victim”, namely Israel (who had a “right” to defend itself), and the real victim of this massacre was a “perpetrator”, namely the mostly unarmed, civilian Palestinians in living in squalor in the world’s largest, concentration camp which is blockaded by Israel with the support of the murderous regime of Egypt’s General Sissi which crashed the only democratically elected government Egypt ever had, namely that of President Morzi, who is now in jail.

The neocon/neolib support of the Bush/Cheney invasion of Iraq, on fabricated claims, led to the calamitous state of affairs which has given rise to Al Qaeda, Al Nousra, and now the most wretched Daesh (aka ISIS) phenomenon.

It is a documentably established fact that for decades historical reality has been oppressed by the corporatized Fourth Estate, as regards the the genesis of the implantation of Israel in Palestine, and today we have, thanks to  Donald Trump’s incompetent right-wing extremist picks, a former South Carolina governor, namely Nikki Haley making  such non-sensical, offensive, and embarrassing declarations at the UN, as this utterly unqualified representative did recently  when she declared  that “the days of Israel bashing at the UN are over” and “there is another sheriff in town”.

The fact is that millions of Jews going back to this writer’s parents, did not buy into the any need for a nationalization of the Judaic religion, most particularly when it was to come at the expense of the lands of others.

The take over of land in Uganda, Argentina, and Westphalia, had been contemplated by Zionist colonialists for creation of a nationalized version of the Judaic religion until, with Western strategic interests support,  Palestine was targeted for said take over for the creation of such a land.

A plethora of scholarly books cover this historical reality, and a new one has just been published titled “State of Terror : How Terrorism Created Modern Israel”. The author is a British citizen named Thomas Suárez.  He his a London-base writer and musician (a professional violinist, Suárez is also a former faculty member of Palestine’s National Conservatory of Music.).

This book is endorsed by Israeli scholars and  the prestigious website Mondoweiss has published a review of it.

The unnatural, brutal, immoral, and international law violating  religious nationalization process was opposed by millions of Jews and non-Jews world-wide and  in fact it is considered by many decent and well-meaning orthodox Jews such as those of the  Neturei Karta group,   as well as by the also decent, well-meaning progressive, humanist Jews, such as those of the American Council for Judaism, who base their Judaism on the Torah teachings and regard Israel worship a form of idolatry.

So, to sum up, there are Zionist Jews and there are Non-Zionist/Anti-Zionist Jews, but Judaism is a Torah based religion while  Zionism is a supremacist, nationalist, right-wing ideology which in its political embodiment is carrying out daily crimes against the humanity of the Palestinians, not to mention their collaboration in the genocidal crimes against such indigenous peoples as the natives of Guatemala during the Rios Montt dictatorship where Israel was a lucrative major supplier of armaments, as well as Israel’s involvement in the supply of weaponry to the Pinochet’s fascist dictatorship of Chile, and even to the decadent Somoza dictatorship, before, during, and after its collapse in 1979 when Israel became involved in the Iran – Contra scandal of President Reagan.

All of the above are well documented, most particularly by Pulitzer prize-winning, legendary  investigative journalists as Jeremy Scahill, and Alan Nairn, and many, many, others.

Also worthy of mention is the secret collaboration of the Zionist mislead leadership of Israel in the proliferation of nuclear weapons to the odious, white supremacist, Apartheid regime of South Africa.

This was documented in detail by the Jewish son of  Austrian refugees who had managed to escape the Nazis by moving to South Africa.   In his highly documented book “ The Unspoken Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship With Apartheid South Africa “ Sasha Polakow-Suransky unveils the sordid collaboration of Israel with the neo-Nazi Apartheid South African regime of the mid 80’s and how, Israel – which did not sign on to the NPT (nuclear non-proliferation treaty) not only proliferated its nuclear energy weaponization technology to that racist regime, but to boot helped detonate a nuclear bomb off the coast of South Africa.

This event was confirmed as having been known to the CIA,  to this writer personally in response to a question to Paul Pillar (28 year intelligence community specialist) and it  was also publicly captured by Span during the annual conference at the National Press Club held on March 7, 2014 and titled “National Summit to Reassess the  U.S.- Israel “ Special “ Relationship.

To sum up,   Trump’s invitation to the Holocaust Museum was a huge travesty, and so was Trump’s  declaration that his “proof ” that he does not condone anti-Semitism.

As stated in The Washington Post under the title “ Forceful Denunciation of anti-Semitism from Trump “ ,  “ Trump has sought to align his presidency with the interests of Israel and has cultivated a warm relationship with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ”.

Conflating support for the misleadership of Israel in order to prove opposition to anti-Semitism,   in no way implies that  Donald Trump is not an anti-Semite, and it also makes clear to all who are sapient of the reality of the corrupt and dishonest and brutal misleadership of Netanyahu that with friends like Netanyahu – and Trump -,  Israel needs no enemies, as it creates its own.

“We the people” need peaceful and legal regime change at home – prior to 4 four years from now – and that will bring about a fundamental reassessment of our international law violating enablement of Israel’s aggression and hegemony  in Palestine,  and Israel needs its own regime peaceful and legal regime change which will then enter into constructive engagement with a unified Palestinian leadership so the ground-stones can be laid for the integration of all Jews presently living in and out of Israel occupied Palestine to be incorporated into a single, democratic, vibrant nation where every single individual counts a single vote, and this needs to be coupled to the granting of  Palestinians refugees in the diaspora  their legitimate right of return.

This evolutionary phenomenon has the potential to spread in the Middle East to the point that a sustainably lasting peace potential will break out.

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  1. So very pathological and pathetic! Thanks once again for keeping your readers informed of the real news!

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