[APFND Nr. 40] As the Sun of Truth Burns Through the Fog+Pollution of Decades of False Zionist Narratives, A Schism in Judaism Increases Exponentially


May 3, 2017 by Alfred

This is an “Argentum Post News Flash Digest” [ APNFD Nr. 40 ]

The objective of APNFD’s is to report on breaking news which the corporatized media either ignores, underreports, reports unobjectively and without contextual historical background.

Typically APFND’s are composed of an as succinct as possible foreword by this writer, followed up by the subject of the APFND for readers of the AP to come to their own conclusions.

This is a Four – Section  APFND.

All sections reflect an exponential growth of a major schism coming to the surface between the Jewish adherents and the propagationists of the  Zionist version of Judaism and the adherents of the strictly Torah universalist values abiding non-Zionists/anti-Zionists Jews.

Additionally all sections reflect how the almost one century of false Zionist narratives which have been first blindly accepted by a majority of Jews and how now, in 2017, a majority of the world’s Jewry is challenging said Zionist narratives, as scholarly historians have delved into the vicissitudes of the dialectical contradictions as well as outright falsehoods which have for too long characterized the Zionist narratives, something which gave way to the recklessly violent implantation of the nationalization embodiment of the Judaic religion into Palestine via this nationalization embodiment characterized as “Israel”  and this in turn has given way, since 1948, and most particularly since 1967, to a seemingly unending horrific conflict not only in Palestine but throughout the Middle East.

It is clearly established that the  oppressive, racist, opportunist, colonialist/imperialist powers of the West, namely the British Empire, France, and the United States most particularly after the 1967 Israel provoked war,  have been an integral component in said devastating  conflict as they have given free rein to their hegemonic agenda focused on gaining the control of the fossil fuel of the Mid East region and therefore adopted the Zionist ideology of mythical “supremacy” and  of mythical ”exceptionalism” a notion that Jews are a “God chosen people ” and that “ God gave them Sumerian a Judea “, so using the WWII Nazi war crimes against the Jews in Germany, Austria, and France as a pretext,  the decision was made to exploit that tragedy  to take over the land Palestine wherein its autochthonous Palestinians people have lived for centuries.

Fast forward to the current time, and the cumulative effect of the exposure of the lies used by the Jewish right-wing extremist fundamentalist Zionists (in cooperation with the right-wing extremist fundamentalist Evangelists) and supported mainly by the United States’ neoconservative and neoliberal establishments of corrupted and/or ignorant politicians, a long dormant schism between the Zionist Jews and the rest of the world has developed, and now this schism has started to drive further its own wedge between the Zionist Jews and their interests without principles, and the non-Zionist/anti-Zionist Jews who do not accept the the nationalization of their religion and who actually regard Israel’s Zionist power structure as a threat to Judaism.

Many, if not most,  of these decent Jews also do not support Israel, as they regard its present racist supremacist hegemonic “state” entity undemocratic, and a rendering of Israel bereft of legal and historical legitimacy and furthermore many regard Israel support as a form of idolatry, since Judaism for them is a religion, and as such is not nationalizable.

Incidentally, by the way, the notion that the Hebrew bible justified the take over of Palestine is not only erroneous, but Jewish scholars themselves have carried years of research which indicates that the actual origin of Judaism, the world’s first monotheistic religion, took place in Khazaria as taught by, inter alia, the Jewish scholar and author Shlomo Sand in his book titled The Invention of the Jewish People”.  The same author as well as the researchers do not agree that Jews are an “ethnic” entity.  By virtue of cultural and demographic realities Jews have naturally cultivated some regional-specific common traits which gives them some common linguistic characteristics as well, but generally they are well assimilated in the most varied corners of the globe.

Given the present reality as regards to the gradually accelerating demise of the Zionist ideology, coupled to the gradually accelerating emergence of the Apartheid status of Israel, Zionists all over the world are increasingly and desperately attempting to prevent the collapse of their false narratives and most importantly they are so hysterically and desperately trying to suppress the dissent of  Jews in Israel and throughout the world in brazen violation of their freedom of speech and of organization for a peaceful conflict resolution which does not bend to the interest of their dwindling influence, that they are becoming their own worst enemies in the way they further disgrace themselves thereby.

The greatest problem right now is that the power structure of the Zionist misleadership is still supported by, particularly the present dysfunctional government of the United States which funds it at the rate of $ 10 million dollars per day, and which intervenes in the process by which said Zionist Israeli misleadership must be held accountable legally and peacefully via the United Nations, the International Court of Justice, via the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) world-wide campaign, and via Israel’s legitimate internal dissident/human rights campaigns by Peace Now, Breaking the Silence, B’Tselem Human Rights organization, and others.

So with this foreword, the following genuine facts are reported, and these are fact which the Zionist ideologues do not want to be disseminated and become known.

Section A   Re:  The Israeli soldiers organization “Breaking The Silence

This is an organization of highly principled, courageous, disciplined Israeli soldiers and former soldiers who are dedicated to the proposition that the international law violating Israeli occupation collapses so that a modern moral and democratic society can emerge in Israel.

On April 25, 2017 Netanyahu snubbed the Foreign Minister of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel,  by abruptly cancelling his meeting with the German official solely because said minister had plans to meet with representatives of the Breaking The Silence NGO, and of the B’Tselem Human Rights organization.

Section B  Re: Punishment of All Who Endorse BDS

This writer endorses and is an active  supporter of the prestigious organization Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP).   JVP supports the peaceful conflict resolution movement of BDS.

This has prompted the Knesset to pass a law banning all members of organizations supporting BDS from entering Israel.

This outrageously undemocratic act was actually well publicized by Laurie Goldstein  of the New York Times, to the credit of both, in an article titled “ New Israel Law Bars Foreign Critics from Entering the Country

This is not only an outrage, but it is ironic and adds insult to injury, since – for example – this writer who is the son of a Jewish mother who survived the Nazi genocidal crimes, and hence by (unjust) Israeli law would be welcome to “return” to Israel merely by virtue of this fact, actually is now barred from entering Israel, when in reality it is even more absurd for the sons and daughters of Jewish mothers to be granted any “right of return” to a land they never inhabited, and yet the millions of Palestinians refugees and their descendants in their diaspora after their violent expulsions by the Zionists, cannot be granted any “right of return” to this inchoate Apartheid land of Israel.

Section C  Re: The Increasing Polarization Between Zionist Jews and Non-Zionist/Anti-Zionist Jews

Opposition to and criticism of Zionism (a form of ethnonationalism) is now spreading globally.

Since this writer’s parents were forced by the Nazis to become refugees in the only country which accepted them, namely Bolivia, where he was born, and then moved to Argentina and henceforth to Brazil only to feel the need to leave again in 1964 when a U.S. supported military coup imposed a 20-year criminal dictatorship there,  an article in the April 13, 2017 of the Washington Jewish Weekly came to his attention and said article is titled “ It’s Jew vs. Jew as a Conservative Politician Rises in Popularity in Rio “.

This article focuses on the confrontations between young, progressive, modern, decent Brazilian Jews in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo  (Brazil) who protest right-wing extremist, fundamentalist, fanatically homophobic, demagogic pro-Zionist politicians who in alliance with right-wing extremist, fundamentalist, fanatically homophobic, demagogic counterparts in the  so-called “Christian” field  (more properly characterizable as “pseudo-Christians”) engage in rambling denunciations against anti-Zionist and this often in tandem against GLBT people who he is said to hate with vengeance.

Point in case, for example is the ultra right-wing representative Jair Bolsonaro.

While the Washington Jewish Week quoted on April 13, 207 that Jair Bolsonaro told a progressive left Brazilian congresswoman, Maria do Rosario, who happens to be homosexual, “  I would never rape you because you don’t deserve it “, coincidentally on May 3, 2017 The Washington Post reported that this rather disgraced energumen, Jair Bolsonaro, besides extolling the virtues of being pro-Israel, is also a self-proclaimed admirer of disgraceful President Trump while he also calls for “…gay children to be beaten…”and praised  a man who tortured during the military dictatorship of Brazil, people such as the former president Dilma Rousseff.

Section D

Last, but far from least, is the most recent report by the prestigious Palestinian Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association of the more than 1,500  Palestinian political prisoners (out of some 6,500) who on April 17, 2017 started a hunger strike.

What follows is a report the Argentum Post received on May 1, 2017 which was written by Addameer’s attorneys who visited the Nafha, Hadarim, and Aslan prisons.

Today, 25 April 2107, Addameer’s attorneys visited Nafha, Hadarim and Asqlan prisons, where they were not able to visit hunger-striking prisoners and detainees due to Israeli Prison Service (IPS) refusal. However, they managed to visit prisoners who were not on hunger strike that informed the attorneys of the hunger strike’s recent developments.

During a visit to the Hadarim prison, prisoner Thabet al-Mardawi explained to Addameer’s attorney Mona Naddaf, that the IPS started transferring prisoners from one section to another on the second day of the strike, 18 April 2017. He added, that Marwan Barghouthi and Karim Younis were placed in isolation in Al-Jalama prison, and Anas Jaradat and Mahmoud Abu Sorour were placed in isolation in Ela prison. He added that about 36 prisoners were transferred to Ramle prison, and the rest of the prisoners were placed in different prisons across occupied Palestine.

Additionally, sick prisoners were transferred to the cells of Section 5 in Hadarim, which is a civilian detention room located in the civil section of the prison. The prisoners live in a completely isolated situation, where there is no television, no electrical devices and were only given sleeping mats.

Prisoner Thabet explained that the IPS isolated 102 hunger-striking prisoners before placing them in different prisons. Special unit forces stormed and raided the hunger-striking sections confiscating personal belongings. All of the prisoners have been stripped of their possessions; only one blanket has been kept for each prisoner and one set of clothing in addition to the “Shabas clothing” or prison uniform. Prison administration also seized salt in the first days of the strike, and strikers have had to drink water from the tap as the administration does not provide them with drinking water.

The prison administration has also imposed several punitive sanctions on the hunger-striking prisoners. The most important of these is the denial of family visits, as well as the denial of recreation, denial of access to the “canteen” (prison store).

In Nafha prison, Addameer’s attorney Samer Samaan visited prisoners Ayman Odeh and Raed al-Saadi, who told him during the visit that the number of hunger striking prisoners in Nafha is 250 from all political factions. The IPS also started isolating hunger strikers from their fellow prisoners, raided their sections and banned them from having attorney visits.

In Ashkelon prison, Farah Beyadsi visited prisoner Sharif Hamid, who is not on hunger strike. He informed her that the IPS transferred all the prisoners who are not on hunger strike to Section 12 of the prison. And transferred hunger striking prisoners to  Section 3 and placed them in isolation. 42 prisoners in Ashkelon prison are on hunger strike.

“In Ashkelon there are 5 rooms, each room has about ten prisoners, the prisoners are forbidden from communicating with anyone, and they are denied family visits and access to the prison canteen. They are not allowed to see their attorneys as well,” Hamid added. The prison administration in Ashkelon also stripped hunger striking prisoners of their possessions, and strikers have had to drink water from the tap as the administration does not provide them with drinking water. They also prohibited them from participating in group prayers on Friday.

Addameer Prisoner Support urges supporters of justice around the world to take action to support the Palestinian prisoners whose bodies and lives are on the line for freedom and dignity. Addameer urges all people to organize events in solidarity with the struggle of hunger-striking prisoners and detainees. Addameer further calls upon the international community to demand that the Israeli government to respect the will of hunger strikers who use their bodies as a legitimate means of protest, which has been recognized by the World Medical Association (WMA) Declaration of Malta on Hunger Strikes as “often a form of protest by people who lack other ways of making their demands known.”

Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association

P. O. Box: 17338, Jerusalem

3 Edward Said Street
Sebat Bldg.
1st Floor, Suite 2
Ramallah, Palestine

Tel: +972 (0)2 296 0446 / 297 0136
Fax: +972 (0)2 296 0447

Email: info@addameer.ps
Website: www.addameer.org
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube


2 thoughts on “[APFND Nr. 40] As the Sun of Truth Burns Through the Fog+Pollution of Decades of False Zionist Narratives, A Schism in Judaism Increases Exponentially

  1. M Estelle Spike says:

    Thanks so much for this report that is so crucial for the Palestinian hunger strikers and their cause. Kudos for your selfless devotion to truth and justice, especially with respect to Israel and Palestine!

  2. aliceny says:

    Great coverage of this important development, Alfred. Finally, the false, self-defeating reign of Zionism and the ‘birth’ of the true State of Israel may be on the horizon. I hope I live long enough to see that. As is happening in our nation, there are strong currents for change coming from the young — a most hopeful sign.

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