[ APNFD Nr. 42 ] The Gradual Elimination of All Venues of Progressive Dissidence by the Corporatized Media + Corporatized Governance

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May 4, 2017 by Alfred

This is another Argentum Post News Flash Digest  [ APNFD Nr. 42 ]

As a sequel to APFND Nr. 42  titled [APNFD Nr. 41] An Extraordinarily Relevant and Revealing Podcast Interview Which is Dedicated to The Legitimate Cause of The Palestinian Suffering and of Peaceful Conflict Resolution NOW which featured a podcast interview by Joe Rogan of journalist Abby Martin, the following discussion is presented to the readers of the Argentum Post which again features journalist Abby Martin, and additionally, The Intercept investigative journalist Ben Norton,   on the RT program called “On Contact”, hosted by the legendary Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and scholar Chris Hedges.

This is a no-further-comment channeling of extremely important information in this crisis era which has us having to put up with a President which the conservative columnist George F. Will, to his credit, today on May 4, 2017,  characterized as “disabled ” as a result of having “ an untrained mind   bereft of information and married to stratospheric self-confidence ” and this in synergy with a paralyzed Congress made up of corrupt and corporate – deferential neoconservatives AND corporate-deferential neoliberal who dangerously denigrate and scapegoat Russia and Putin as well as any progressive politician who has any potential to be elected to high office, all of it being done in cooperation with a corporate-deferential mainstream media which is largely loosing its moral compass by not challenging the false accusations and vilifications which are parsed out disinformation ally on a daily basis to a public which is loosing all major venues of emanation of genuine progressive news such as even PBS which has ceased to carry programs which involve the input and active participation of America’s best and most ethical scholars in the fields of national and international history, political science, national and international law, economics and many other ancillary fields.

Here, therefore, is the video of said “On Contact” segment by Chris Hedges,  which is titled  “Real Purpose of the Intelligence Report on Russian Hacking With Abby Martin and Ben Norton


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