[APNFD Nr. 41] An Extraordinarily Relevant and Revealing Podcast Interview Which is Dedicated to The Legitimate Cause of The Palestinian Suffering and of Peaceful Conflict Resolution NOW


May 3, 2017 by Alfred

This is an Argentum Post News Flash Digest [ APNFD Nr. 41]

“The Joe Rogan Experience” is an excellent podcast hosted by the comedian, television host, actor, and retired martial artist Joe Rogan.

Abby Martin is a journalist, and presenter of The Empire Files, a weekly investigative news program on teleSur English and You Tube.

The infra “Joe Rogan Experience # 950 deserves  kudos for its presentation and content as it highlights the need for the U.S. to update itself as relates to the festering aggression on a daily basis on the autochthonous people of the Zionist power structure of Israel’s occupation and perverse repression of Palestine, in our name, as “we the people” in effect fund it at the rate of $ 10 million dollars a day for no valid reason whatsoever, and quite the contrary, in our name this situation worsens for all genuinely concerned who demand that the horrific violence in  the Middle East end once for all so that the healing and reconstruction of the region can and must initiate NOW.

The highlighted “genuinely concerned” term comprises not only the Palestinians, but as well the decent, principled, courageous, Israelis who protest the extremist right-wing Zionist power structure of Israel and its supporters in the U.S. and among them there are the Israeli Peace Now movement, the Israeli soldiers’ Breaking the Silence movement, and the Israeli B’tselem Human Rights organization and in the U.S. supporting the immediate end of the violence and the consequent peaceful conflict resolution of this travesty are, to name a few, the American Council for Judaism, Jewish Voice for Peace,  the Neturei Karta group of Orthodox Jews and J-Street, inter alia.

We, the peace activists, of Jewish background are now a majority of the Jews in the world.

This writer is the son of parents Austrian/German of Jewish background who were declared stateless by the Germans and became refugees in Bolivia whereto they barely escaped to survive and this writer was born.

Israel’s Zionist misleaders led by Netanyahu offend all Jews of the world by characterizing defamatory and oxymoronically  the majority of us who condemn the Israeli atrocities against the humanity of the Palestinians as either “traitors”, or “anti-Semites, or “self-hating Jews”, and the U.S. government cannot become an accomplice in the now inchoate Apartheid stage which Israel is moving into after sabotaging relentlessly in a Kafkaesque manner all peace talks by continuously raising the bars for them to succeed.

With this foreword, the Argentum Post highly commends Joe Rogan and Abby Martin for their precious contribution to the truth and to the beginning of the end of the egregious  support by the U.S. of the daily torturous life conditions meted out on the people of Palestine within which, prior to the beginning of their expulsion an oppression in 1948 Jews, such this writer’s grandfather, lived in total harmony with Moslems, seculars, and Christians, and – by the way – Hanan Ashrawi is to this day the highest ranking spokeswoman for the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, and she happens to be a Christian and this writer met her recently at the National Press Club whereto she was invited for the Forth Annual  “2017 Conference – The Israel Lobby and American Policy” which this writer attended.

BTW, Hanan Ashrawi just wrote the book “ This Side of Peace

This conference is an all day conference attended by scholars, foreing service officials, journalists, former intelligence community officials and people from the most diverse backgrounds who come to Washington, DC from across  America and from abroad and typically number about 250 to 300, yet The Washington Post has never reported on this occurrence.

Hanna Ashrawi just wrote the book “ This Side of Peace

So, my readers, here is this excellent, intelligent, seriously dedicated, vivid video of the highly commendable interview of Abby Martin by Joe Rogan.

Note:  The subject relevant portion’s duration is approximately 30 minutes, but the it is follows on to the subject of Venezuela.

One thought on “[APNFD Nr. 41] An Extraordinarily Relevant and Revealing Podcast Interview Which is Dedicated to The Legitimate Cause of The Palestinian Suffering and of Peaceful Conflict Resolution NOW

  1. Joe Rogan and Abby Martin: Two very unusual, bright and interesting people! Thanks!!

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