Critical Moments in Common Between the “United States of Brazil” and the USA [Momentos Criticos Em Comum Entre os “Estados Unidos do Brazil” e os EUA”]

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May 26, 2017 by Alfred

  [First a brief foreword in Portuguese]

O Brasil e os Estados Unidos tem muito em comum.  Tanto positivo como negativo.

O Brasil como os Estados Unidos tem vastos recursos naturais, humanos, intelectuais, industriais, e são duas nações caracterizadas por um mosaico enriquecedor de diversidade sociológica.

Infelizmente e coincidentalmente o Brasil e os Estados Unidos estão passando por uma de suas piores crises da historia provocada pela atenção ao poder de presidentes extremo direitistas, desonestos, corruptos, e que estão afim de levar a cabo uma perversa e contra-produtiva erosão de suas respectivas democracias constitucionais.

Felizmente não lograrão este fim.

Com este breve prefacio encontre abaixo a hiperligação à uma entrevista de  Dilma Rousseff levada a cabo em 26 de Maio de 2071 pela legendária fundadora e directora do programa “Democracy Now”, Amy Goodman.

A hiperligação e a seguinte :  “Dilma Rousseff Acerca de Sua Destituição do Poder, A Crise Politica Brasileira & Lutando Contra Ditadura

[ Now an elaborated but brief foreword in English ]

Brazil and the United States have a lot in common.   Positively as well as negatively.

Brazil, as the United States,  have an abundance of natural, human, intellectual, industrial resources, and both are nations characterizable by having an enriching mosaic of sociological diversity.

Sadly and coincidentally Brazil and the USA are going presently through one of their worst crises in history caused by the ascension to presidential power of extremist right-wing, dishonest, corrupt leaders whose objectives are to bring about perversely and counter-productively a major erosion in their constitutional democracies.

Happily they will most certainly not be able to attain that sinister objective.

This writer of the Argentum Post, having spent his childhood and adolescence in São Paulo, Brazil,  felt compelled to publish this brief foreword which includes a video clip of the interview of the former President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, who was deposed by a political coup in the absence of judicial evidence,  by extremist right-wing plotters who are now facing popular and juridicial accountability .

The similarity of the crisis caused by  Brazil’s President Temer and the U.S.’s President Trump are uncanny and self-evident.

This writer, is the son of German/Austrian Jewish parents who had to temporarily separate to narrowly escape persecution and execution by the Nazis, in ways which comprised the ironic reality that, having finally made it out of Germany his father was then barred entry into Peru for passage to Bolivia as a result of the undue influence of powerful right wing extremist and ethno-nationalist Zionist officials who almost prevailed in their effort to force his father and others to be used for the Palestine colonization project and that would have meant forcibly returning his father on the freighter he arrived in Callao,  back to Marseilles at a time such that when he would have arrived there, the French Vichy government would have taken him directly to freight trains destined to the execution camps.

Finally once reunited in La Paz,   Bolivia, where this writer was born,  his parents decided to emigrate to São Paulo, Brazil where they enjoyed a respite of insecurity at long last,  until in 1963, when they felt an urge to once again leave since it had become clear, as revealed in a plethora of documentation and in declassified material from the National Security Archive that, with U.S. interventionist support, that a fascist violent military coup against the popular and democratically elected government of João Goulart would and did take place and that in turn led to a military dictatorship by this fascist regime which lasted 20 years.

At that time the Dilma Rousseff was a young pro-democracy activist and for that she was arrested and tortured.

So, with this foreword therefore, see infra the link to the excellent interview which was conducted today on April 26, 2017 by not only the dedicated, brilliant, intrepid, courageous Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, but as well with the help and support of the humanist, scholar, Pulitzer Prize for Public Service wining investigative  journalist, author, attorney, and co-founder of The Intercept, Glenn Greenwald.

The following is the link:  “ Exclusive:Dilma Rousseff on Her Ouster, Brazil’s Political Crisis & Fighting Dictatorship


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