“ OCCUPIED : YEAR 50 “ A Salute to The Washington Post


June 3, 2017 by Alfred

The Washington Post Deserves Wide Acclaim for Its Article “Occupied :  Year 50”

People of all peace aspiring religions as well as secular humanists, cannot but give the Washington Post the credit it most fully deserves for publishing its excellent and aptly timed 6-page insert on Sunday, May 28th, 2017 titled “Lives Defined by Limits” / “Occupied Year 50”.
What the world needs now is “peace, sweet peace”.
The horrific oppression meted out on the autochthonous legitimate inhabitants of Palestine since 1948 must end NOW.
While  the Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu, has the temerity to declare Israel’s violent international law violating occupation a “so-called” occupation, given that he believes that Israel was given to Jews (who live well world-wide)  as a “gift of God” and therefore it is not an “occupation”,  his supporters add insult to injury by stating that the “election of Trump was a “gift from God”, as Netanyahu’s  own brother-in-law, namely the illegal settlement founder Ben Artzi, declared to NBC’s Peter Engel. 
If God exists, God deserves respect and must not be used sacrilegiously for extremist right-wing violent political ethno-nationalist agendas which engenders nothing but extreme suffering and more violence which egregiously affects us all for no rational reason.
In case it is relevant, this letter writer happens to be the son of non-Zionist Jewish parents who survived the crimes against the humanity of the Jews and of others.
Thank you profoundly, William Booth and Sufian Taha, for your veritable contribution to peace and justice, as the bright, noble, and principled writers of this 6-page Washington Post Sunday insert !


One thought on ““ OCCUPIED : YEAR 50 “ A Salute to The Washington Post

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Wow, it’s hard to believe The Washington Post published this, but I’m thrilled to see that they did! Thanks for sharing.

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