“ THE 50-YEARS WAR “ : A Second Salute to The Washington Post


June 7, 2017 by Alfred

On Sunday May 28, 2017 The Washington Post published a first “Special Issue” article titled  “OCCUPIED : YEAR 50 /LIVES DEFINED BY LIMITS”.

On Sunday June 4, 2017 The Washington Post published a second “Special Issue” article titled  “THE 50-YEARS WAR”.


In the both cases The Washington Post deserves wide acclaim for these excellent articles.

People of all peace aspiring religions as well as of the peace aspiring non-religious secular humanist values,   cannot but give The Washington Post the credit it fully deserves for taking the honorable and ethically professional stand to inform and educate the American people and people elsewhere in the world about the historical reality of the Israel implant into Palestine.

This historical reality account is characterized not only by the 50 years of the Israeli brutal international law violating occupation since 1967 of 75% of the land of the Palestinians, but as well as the by the Fourth Geneva Convention violations which was characterized by the  violent and oppressive expulsions and relocations  and mass killings of the autochthonous centuries long inhabitants of  Palestine.

Furthermore,  in addition these articles have prompted people to focus the spotlight of factual history which exposes the reality that this occupation was part of a Zionist ideology colonization project which consisted of fallaciously using ethno-nationalist propaganda and incitement to nationalize the Judaic religion into a so-called “state” entity which was first conceptualized, long before the Nazis came to power in Germany, namely  by the end of the 19th century, and was implemented in 1948 with the euphemistically called (at the expense of the Palestinians)   “Declaration of Independence” (which does not mention the word “democracy” as the progressive Israeli newspaper Haaretz noted in the hyperlinked preceding words).

Ilan Pappe, the Israeli Jewish expatriate who lives in Britain and who is a brilliant scholar and a fabulously humanistic Jew, has written one of the best historical accounts of the factual history of the plight of the Palestinians and yes, of the plight of the Jews in and outside Israel, particularly the non-Zionist ones which by now have become a majority of the world’s Jewry who do not buy into the largely legendary notion that they are “God’s Chosen People” or that the land for the Palestinians is their “Promised Land” or that they are part of a “race” which in the eyes of the Zionists is “superior” and in the eyes of the Nazis is “inferior”, when in reality such characterizations are  non-sensical.

There is no question that the world, including the United States, failed the German and Austrian and French and Polish Jews egregiously by not opening early and readily  their doors to them before and up to and beyond  1938 when they began to be sent to execution camps, after having been declared stateless, as were the parents of this writer who at the last-minute managed to become refugees in the only country which accepted them, namely Bolivia.

There is also no question that the present status quo of Israel as an undemocratic Apartheid entity is untenable and unacceptable and out of character of the fundamental Jewish universalist values as taught in the Torah and yet the U.S. continues to support myopically, arrogantly, and ignorantly the extreme right-wing obscurantist, supremacist, hegemonic dangerous Zionist power structure which misleads its own people in what is now Israel while inciting hate and fear on Iran in its insatiable expansionism which is supported by our taxpayers funds at the rate of some $ 10 million dollars per day and which is now entering into part of a potentially catastrophic destabilization of the whole region provoked by the Trump’s green light to the most dangerous terrorism supporter of the region, namely Saudi Arabia and its ally Bahrain and the UAR to destabilize Qatar and Iran.

The world is observing the surreal  specter of an arrogant and ignorant  U.S. President who (a)  invited to the White House the murderous Philippine   misleader Rodrigo Duterte who gave the green light to vigilantes and police to shoot to kill anyone suspected of dealing or using drugs,  and (b) is acting as  salesman peddling potent human killing machines having just made a “deal” for the industrial-military complex by selling $ 110 billion worth of arms to Saudi Arabia, the country which is the worst human rights violator of the region, and most probably of the world,  which executes its citizens by sometimes public decapitations, that severs the hands of petty thieves, that punishes democracy activism bloggers to thousands of lashes and years of jail time such as the young man Raif Badawi is the victim of, and which prohibits women from driving, and which has been bombing relentlessly the poorest nation in the Middle East, namely Yemen, where 10 thousand have died and countless are homeless and are dying as a consequence, and all this coupled to the specter of this President’s  pick of equally arrogant, ignorant, and incompetent and undiplomatic U.S. representative to the U.N., namely Nikki Haley, who declared “… the days of Israel bashing at the U.N. are over because there is a new sheriff in town…” and who has the temerity to warn the U.N. Human Rights Council about Venezuela, Cuba, and China.

The synergy of this state of affairs is leading to a calamitous denouement which  instills a literally  nightmarish fear and shame among the overwhelming decent, well-meaning Americans and others worldwide as their this egotistic, irrational,  and belligerently pattern of behavior utterly bereft of the most fundamental sense of ethics and honesty has the potential to wreak catastrophic and irreversible harm to our nation’s and to the world’s stability.

These are not our leaders.  This is not what Americans stand for, and this is not who “we the people” should have to endure.

Our ship of state is floundering leaderlessly.   Instead of impeachment we must devise a way to have the election annulled and to have a new DIRECT democratic election with nominees which are not millionaires and are not politicians since politics as usual is leading to our downfall.  We need as nominees scholars, political scientists, economists, humanists, scientists, vocationally trained workers in a variety of fields, and in general people of the most vibrant mosaic like enriching diversity, endowed with a devotion to peace, harmony, equality, transparent participative progressive democracy, and most importantly and END to America the empire and the beginning of America the republic along the lines of our Canadian neighbors.

Accordingly therefore, as noted on the onset, the second article follows infra.

On Sunday June 4, 2017 The Washington Post published a second “Special Issue” article titled  “THE 50-YEARS WAR”.




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  1. aliceny says:

    This is wonderful. I will keep it. Thank you, Alfred.

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