Trump Incompetently, Ignorantly, and Arrogantly, Punishes the Innocents and Supports The Criminally Guilty : A “Birds of a Feather Flock Together” Syndrome or Worse ?


June 9, 2017 by Alfred

Given the urgency of establishing facts which call for the impeachment of Donald Trump, this will be as succinct an article as possible, given the current debacle, which highlights in a summary format a pattern of reckless, shameless, dishonest, and scandalously incendiary policies by Trump et al. (including incredibly  ignorant and arrogant statements by Trump’s incompetent U.N. Representative Nikki Haley at the U.N who stunningly made the idiotic declaration that “the time of Israel bashing at the UN is over, we have a new Sheriff in town”) which call for prompt damage control by all sincerely concerned in the stability of our nation and of our relations with the rest of the world, from which we are now being increasingly isolated at a daily  alarmingly accelerating  rate.

In the aftermath of the concise, ethical, principled, balanced, competent revelations under oath by former FBI Director James Comey to the Senate Intelligence Committee, yesterday, on June 8, 2017, which highlight Trump’s disonhesty and which brings to the forefront the facts as regards to a possible charge of obstruction of justice to be analyzed and decided on by the illustrious Special Prosecutor Mueller, a much more additionally compelling case for Trump’s impeachment has now clearly been established on the basis of Trump’s scandalous policy towards the Middle East which now is emerging as potentially evolving into a major destabilization of the region, something which if allowed to continue to evolve will become a major threat to our national security and to global peace and security.

With this foreword, the Argentum Post enumerates and provides back up documentation on how the present occupant of the White House is veering the nation of-course into a spiraling descent to the bottom of a potential calamitous state of affairs as  he has singled out the most corrupt, violent, anti-democratic, anti-freedom and human rights and constitutional law,  violators of the world to commend them as “doing a fantastic job”.

Simultaneously Trump has had the temerity to single  out most particularly, and most dishonestly, and bizarrely, the most stable and democratic state in the Middle East, namely Iran, as a  “ state sponsor of terrorism “ (?!)  which is an ally in the regional and global quest for the isolation, defusion, and irreversible defeat of the scourge which Daesh (aka ISIS or ISL or “Islamic State”-  which is what this homicidal crimnal organization wants to be characterized by but which in fact neither is it a “state”  nor is it characterized by real self-respecting Moslem of the region and the world as “Islamic”).

Furthermore, notwithstanding the Deep State and the Fourth Estate silence and disinformation, Iran is unquestionably the most and only stable democracy in the Middle East.

Recently he has included tiny, but enlightened, and independent Qatar as well a country  he calumniatingly felt fit to accuse of  wrongdoing, and did so at the behest of Saudi Arabia.

So, which are the countries whose depraved and murderous misleaderships Trump admires and characterizes as doing a “great job”  and whose leaders he has visited and invited to the White House ?

(1) Saudi Arabia, (2) Egypt, (3) Philippines, (4) Israel and additionally on the basis of ignorance, arrogance, and even probably malevolence, there are those which Trump has not visited or whose autocratic misleaders has not invited but they are (5) Bahrain, and (6) United Arab Emirates.

The greatest and most scandalous embrace by Trump is that of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is by far to worst violator of human rights of the world and it is a monarchic ruthless dictatorship which hates Iran because it fears Iranian pro-democracy influence.   Saudi Arabia’s private and government sectors have been documentably involved in the funding of the 9/11 attacks, on the continuous terrorist attacks against Iraq’s Shia communities, on its aerial bombardments of Yemen which continue mercilessly and relentlessly even now after 10 thousand lost their lives, millions have become homeless, and mass starvation is a grotesque reality.   Saudi Arabia also supports the depraved Sunni minority dictatorship of Bahrain and was involved in the killing of hundreds during the early stages of the Arab Spring peaceful democracy activists.

Notwithstanding this reality and more atrocities against the humanity of innocent and unarmed civilians such as the public decapitations of dissidents a la Daesh, the severance of hands of the poor who commit petty thefts, the ban on driving for women and incarceration of  the female leaders who defied said ban, and the incarceration of bloggers who dare to propose democratization moves such as the one Raif Badawi has become a victim of, and who additionally was sentenced to one thousand lashings,   Donald Trump deemed it a good “deal” to visit this criminal misleadership and as a merchant of human killing machines and closed a deal worth $ 110 billion petro-dollars of weaponry and other military equipment calling “King” Salman  a friend and that was followed up with a dinner and Trump’s and other U.S. cabinet members participation in an all male disgustingly obscene and ridiculous dance with involving the swinging of swords.

Next is  Egypt.   Trumps backing of the murderous regime of General Sissi who overthrew the only democratically elected government Egypt ever had, namely the government of Mohammed Morsi is beyond the pale, but Trump is not alone in this scandalous support of a murderously anti democratic government since the neoliberal Hillary Clinton as well not only supported the 30-year decadent dictator and Thief in Chief of Egypt, namely Hosni Mubarak, but she went as far as declaring the she “ likes him and added that “ I really consider …Mubarak to be friends of my family

When it comes the misleader of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, who is facing the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity and who has given vigilantes and police the green light to shoot to kill anyone suspected of using or buying or trafficking drugs, and who brags about and is known to have shot and killed such suspects himself,   Trump called in  and told him he is doing a “great job” and invited him to the White House.

When it comes to the now inchoate Apartheid, ethno-nationalist, racist, supremacist, hegemonist, belligerent, Iran-inciting 24/7, far right extremist, misleadership of the Zionist power structure of Israel, namely Benjamin Netanyahu, who has carried out the Summer of 2014 bombing massacre in the largest blockaded concentration camp of he world,  which resulted in the death of some 3 thousand mostly unarmed innocent civilians which includes some 500 children, as Israel has been now for 50 years since 1967 and for 69 years since its violent and unjust synthesis in 1948, been a brazen violator of countless UN resolutions, and of the Forth Geneva Convention, and a seller of weaponry to Latin American fascist dictatorships and a seller of nuclear weapon technology to the white supremacist Apartheid regime  of South Africa,  all of which  is documented by countless scholarly books written by decent and honorable non-Zionist Jews,   the embrace of Israel by Trump  is self-destructive as it harms the best interests of the United States, and it harms the millions of non-Zionist noble and humanist Jews who follow the universalist teachings of the Torah, and thus is damaging to genuine Judaism in general.

None of this seems to matter to Donald Trump and furthermore it does not seem to matter to him that Israel , along with Saudi Arabia, dishonestly incite on Iran, and peddle falsehoods in their narratives, since he buys into said propaganda.

It is important to note that (a) Israel has carried out a series of documented  terrorist assassinations of nuclear scientist in Iran even though they were working on the peaceful applications of nuclear energy, and (b) Israel has through its “think tank” known as BESA urged the U.S. and allies to NOT (?!) defeat the scourge of Daesh (aka ISIS, ISl, etc.) as it should be used to attack Iran.

Meanwhile Trump not only embraces Israel unconditionally, but to add insult to injury his son-in-law Kushner is now being investigated by the FBI and he is also funds the international law violating settlements in occupied Palestine

Although the list of Trump’s embrace of destructive, provocative, self-interest-motivated, and hence dangerous and therefore literally anti-United States best interest priorities goes on, the following most recent noteworthy realities need to be taken into account.

Recently Trump  included tiny, but enlightened, and independent Qatar as well a country  he calumninatingvy accuses of  wrongdoing at the behest of Saudi Arabia.

Qatar has the headquarters of Al Jazzera, an as modern and objective network as the BBC informational network is and it  has offices worldwide..

On June 9, 2017, The Washington Post reported that the repulsive dictatorial and anti-democracy leadership of Bahrain and of the UAE criminalized expressions of “sympathy” for Qatar. Any such expression will be considered a “crime” and will lead to imprisonment for up to 5 years.

The United States has a naval base in Bahrain but on March 3, 2017, The Washington Post reported that the Trump misadministration has dropped human rights as a condition of fighter-jet sales to Bahrain, and these are used in the massive bombing of Yemen and the killing of mostly innocent and unarmed civilians in the poorest Arab country which Yemen is.

Finally, going back to the specious and dishonest cultural programmation intended to perniciously calumniate Iran led by its recently re-elected moderate and reformist President Hassan Rouhani  who is lawyer, an academic, and a former diplomat who studied, inter alia, at Glasgow Caledonian University, it is also noteworthy that its Foreign Minister Javad Zarif who partnered up with John Kerry to successfully bring about the Obama inspired and led P5+1 partners nuclear agreement, expressed as “repugnant” the statement from Trump, in the aftermath of Iran’s experiencing the first terrorist attack by Daesh (aka ISIS, ISL, etc.) which killed 17 innocent people injured 52, when he (Trump) expressed condolences but added to that the insult that he (Trump) felt that the (the Iranians) had it coming, by the outrageously false statement “ We underscore that states that sponsor terrorism risk falling victim to the evil they promote

The reality is that, as Zarif stated, “the site of one of the attacks was the “Majlis” which is the Iranian parliamentary seat of democracy and it was attacked by proxies of terror sponsoring despots.

Iran and its allies have strenuously defended the victims of the “takfiri” which is an Arabic word to describe its extremist Sunni enemies which include al-Qaeda and Daesh (aka IS, or ISIS, or ISL).

It is also very noteworthy that Iran’s reaction to our 9/11 tragedy was exceptional and manifested only hours after it occurred.

As reported in “ The Other Iran”,  “… 60,000 spectators observed a minute of silence during a soccer match in Iran’s Azadi Stadium, and hundreds of young Iranians held a candle-lit vigil in Tehran.”   Source: The Christian Science Monitor | US and Iran must work together against Taliban by R. K. Ramazani – September 24, 2001

The time has come for a major reorientation in our foreign policy from one which moves away from foreign military and political interventionism  to one which prioritizes joining the rest of the world in constructive engagement with humanitarian, technological, educational, and medical/public health and infra-structure rebuilding  supportive programs.

This reorientation cannot and will not come about under our current disastrous and intellectually, ethically, and politically bankrupt power structure and this requires a creative, reformist, peaceful, progressively reformist, and expeditious regime change.

Having at the helm the individual we have now is a recipe for disaster to happen in the short-term and it calls for the declaration of  a national major and united effort designed for further disaster prevention which must transcend ideo-political lines of demarcation.

This is the only way we will become all we can be and the crimes committed in our name with our hard-working tax payers funds which primarily benefit the corrupt and wasteful industrial military complex will be saved for our highest priorities at home which must include a single payer universal medical care for all.

Only then will we able to be inspiring by not by the example of power, but by the power of example, and that is antithetical to the demagogic and vague “America First” whatever that is even supposed to mean.


A plausible conclusion that can be derived from the documented facts reflected in this article is that the Iranian inspired model of democracy is the source of anger, fear, and hate by the autocratic monarchic misleadership of dictators of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, BahrainEgypt but not Qatar, Jordan, and Lebanon, directed at Iran as their younger generations aspire similar evolutions of their societies, something which may lead to a renaissance of an effective massive “Arab Spring” and Israel is in this group and indirectly supports this group of 5 states as  under its present misleadership it does not want to give up its international law violating occupation which is leading it to become officially characterized as an undemocratic Apartheid entity which it has been already vis-a-vis the Palestinians.

This positive element ironically makes Iran a victim of its own success since the United States very deplorably supports the undemocratic occupation of Israel as well as the 5 Sunni anti-democratic states supra noted, on the basis of  Republican and Democrat  neo-hegemonist  interests, which utterly contradict its noble genuinely democratic (with lower case “d”) principles which are mostly held by the evolving progressive democrats as was clearly shown by the major success of Bernie Sanders who was strongly opposed by the neocons and sabotaged by the neoliberals in the 2016 campaign for the nomination , and as is being now shown in the UK where suddenly the Tories are loosing power because this time when Theresa May called for an election 75% rather than 25% of the younger generation voted and as a result the her party lost the majority in Parliament and Jerry Corbin the Labor leader and Bernie Sanders of the UK gained so many seats in Parliament that he may become the Prime Minister of the UK very soon, as even Tories are now asking for Teresa May’s resignation.

To sum up, Iran’s “sin” is to be a positive and influencial evolving Shiite democratic role-model, so the reaction is that most but not all mainstream media outlets in the West and  corrupt and greedy politicians in the West, as well as the 5 supra named ruthless and dishonest monarchic oligarchies and Israel,  falsely characterize Iran as an “existential threat” to its neighbors and as being ” a terrorism sponsoring state ” when in reality Iran’s shining example is a threat to the status quo of the said dictartorships as well as against Daesh which has not been able to attack it until a group of 5  Takfiri Daesh terrorists attacked Iran for the first time on June 7, 2017.



2 thoughts on “Trump Incompetently, Ignorantly, and Arrogantly, Punishes the Innocents and Supports The Criminally Guilty : A “Birds of a Feather Flock Together” Syndrome or Worse ?

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Reduced to the most simple terms – it has always been evil vs. good! Tragically, evil holds most all the resources, power and weapons. When the World’s religious leaders and defenders of secular law don’t lead the fight for peace and justice, how will the masses of people know how to lay down their weapons? The silence is deafening from the courts of law and the pulpits!

    • aliceny says:

      ‘Amen’ a thousand times for the truth you have so wisely spoken here, Marie Estelle Spike.
      Warms my heart….

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