Our Nation is on Automatic Pilot in a Bizarre Leaderless Misleadership Mode Which is Prohibitively Possibly Irreversibly Damaging and Potentially Calamitously Destructive


July 8, 2017 by Alfred

We the People” cannot be all we can be while the inchoate quasi fascist forces of out-of-control corporatism and militarism coupled to racism, dishonesty, and ethical bankruptcy set us back on a daily basis and channel us into a horrific spiral to a bottom which we must never come even close to, as at the end of it we will find that dreaded “black hole”.

The aphorism that “things have to get worse until they get better” is not applicable to the current debacle.

We simply cannot wait and allow things to get worse and “we the people”must be determined, united, organized with discipline, and engage in more than “resistance”, and assertively proceed  peacefully and constitutionally into whatever realm it takes to bring about at long last our yearned for and deserved participative progressive democracy which has come under an insidious attack by right-wing extremist demagogues with the complicity of the Deep State and of most but not all of the Fourth Estate.

Yes we can always have liberals and progressives who engage constructively and humanistically for the common good.  Neoliberalism and Neoconservatism overlapped to the point that our choice in this election between them was like a choice between Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola and both are toxic for our health.  So, the populist candidate of the right won by loosing and we all lost too much but can still do more than recover it if we act expeditiously and with an invigorating strength through unity.

Naomi Klein describes excellently options in her just published book “ NO IS NOT ENOUGH : Resisting Trump’s Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need “.  Recently this brilliant and progressive woman was interviewed by the legendary producer of Democracy Now, Amy  Goodman.

As one who guides himself by secular/humanist/rationalist/naturalist values, this writer can still say that – if a God exists – let him or her bless America and the world as we commence the struggle to liberate ourselves and the world from the Robber Barron scourge of organized crime which is engulfing us.

The 30th President of the United States, John Calvin Coolidge is described by some historians as a President who “did nothing but did it well”.

The present so-called “President” Trump who lost the presidential democratic election by millions of votes,  due to the fact that (a) that relic of slave history which the Electoral College is was not retired to a museum long ago, so that this election could not be a direct democratic election, but was one which by virtue of that relic allowed Trump to be selected rather than elected, and due to the fact that (b) that this candidate Trump did not have  a worthy candidate to oppose him, as the neoliberal Hillary Clinton’s background was flawed on a multiplicity of grounds  by her dishonestly, corruption, and support of dictatorships (she claimed the murderous Egyptian dictator Hosny Mubarak as someone she liked as if he was a member of the family), support of the overthrow of the democratically elected President Zelaya of Honduras in 2009, support of then neocon/neolib war on fraudulent grounds against Iraq, involvement in the Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s disgraceful  DNC sabotage of the nomination campaign of the only progressive candidate who would have defeated Trump, namely the progressive Bernie Sanders, and to boot Clinton’s charity was the recipient of millions of dollars from the Zionist multi billionaire Saban who expected and received Clinton’s support of the Zionist extremist and international law violating misleadership of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, and who also expected and received Clinton’s opposition to the Obama supported P5+1 successful nuclear agreement with the democratically elected  reformist leaderships of Iran’s President Rouhani.  Up to almost the unavoidability of the successful negations Clinton opposed them in her political chameleonic fashion.

So, forward to the present, and we have nothing less than a truly atrocious calamity occurring as that “occupant” of the White House tured out as expected to be in effect an ignorant, dishonest, fascist friendly, deal maker specializing in the field of sales of potent human killing machines to documented downright barbarically autocratic thugs such as the dictators (AKA euphemistically King and Princes) of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is by far the most egregious human rights violator of the world. Saudi Arabia’s government and private sectors have documentably been linked to the criminal attacks on of 9/11. Saudi Arabia carries out the same style decapitations which the Daesh (aka ISIS) has, and these decapitations and/or other mutilations are aimed at anyone defying the regimes draconian edits and those victims of these atrocities are often either totally innocent or guilty of victimless crimes.

Saudi  Arabia along with the Zionist extremist, racist, obscurantist, hegemonic regime of Netanyahu have specialized in the generation of hate and fear generation directed at Iran and now at Qatar and this was done on the basis of sheer fabrications about Iran being an “existential threat” to Israel when in reality the only “threat” of Iran is that of its democratically elected government being an inspiration for Arab democracy activists to rekindle their Arab Spring protests.

Similarly are the relentless and insidious campaigns against  Putin / Russia by their demonization which is unfounded and not documentable, since (a) Crimea was NOTinvaded” by Russia as it has been an integral part of Russia for more than 3 centuries and once the USSR collapsed 87% of its people voted to stay with the Russian Federation, and since (b) there is zero evidence that Russia tampered with our elections,  while the US is on record of being a “Coup Machine” which has destroyed democracies throughout the world since 1953 as amply documented by, inter alia, by Nicolas Davies, and it was a U.S. supported Neo-Nazi coup against President Yanukovich in the Ukraine which destabilized the Ukraine when our then Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland  told the U.S. ambassador to the Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt , “Fuck the EU” as he was expressing concern about the EU’s opposition to the US intervention.

The spectacle of an ignorant American “president” acting as a salesman of billions of dollars worth of armaments to the Saudi Arabian regime which sentences democracy activist bloggers just as Raif Badawi to thousands of lashings and a decade in prison and which has been carried out a literal massacre in the poorest nation of the Middle east,  namely Yemen is nightmarishly appealing and surreal.

This same “president” while visiting Saudi Arabia accepted infamously  their sword dancing ceremony invitation  and to add insult to injury he displayed an embarrassing asininely lack of awareness as to where he actually was when he then went to Israel and told a room full of Israelis that he “ Just got back from the Middle East ” assuming that Israel was not in the Middle East.

Days after this White House occupant really left the Middle East after benefiting the industrial-military complex (which President Eisenhower warned us about during his farewell speech) with more than  $ 100 billion dollars of Saudi regime metro-dollars, said Saudi regime felt so ridiculously giddily energized by this weird happening that they and their play doggies Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates decided to falsely accuse the sovereign nation of Qatar of “sponsoring terrorism” which was just an unfounded accusations that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, to his credit called the Saudis on, yet Trump supported without the slightest hesitancy.

In reality the Saudis probably celebrated having the fool believe them, when in reality as the salesman he is he could not care less,  and that gave them the temerity to announce that Qatar must immediately end its good relations with Iran, and must shut down the Al Jazeera network which it hosts and which viewers throughout the world deem to be the highly professional and objective network it is.  Interestingly with Macron victory in France, the sovereignty violated Qatar received a major boost the signing of a major investment of technology project by France to back up and modernize the joint Qatari – Iranian fuel gas extraction and export program.

Being an admirer of “strongmen” Trump invited the murderous misleader Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines to the White House.   It mattered none to this White House occupant that said murderous misleader which the International Criminal Court is being requested to be charged with mass murder by his order to his police to shoot to kill “suspects” of drug use or trafficking and of critical journalists as well,  and this has by now resulted in the assassinations of 9,400 mostly poor young men, as the New York Times has reported.

Three more facts follow about this most abhorrent saga which documents the need for the removal from office of Trump by legal, constitutional, non-violent means asap, since the synergy of ignorance, arrogance, corruption, recklessness, racist and misogynist rantings, and support of the most extremist ultra right-wing lack of values renders this White House occupant a most serious threat to national and international stability, peace, and physical as well as economic security.

(1) Trumps ordered detonation of “The Mother of All Bombs” in Afghanistan.

(2) Trumps firing of 59 Tomahawk missiles into Syria.

(3) Trumps threats to North Korea

So, a succinct comment and one of more documentation of source links for each follows.

(1) A monstrous but not new Trump war mongering tool is “The Mother of All Bombs” which is a creator a more volatile and provocative climate of military aggression at the almost total expense of the exercise of direct highly skilled, sincere, professional diplomacy.

(2) Seymour Hersh, a Pulitzer Winning investigate journalist wrote an article, titled “Trump’s Red Line” which was published by Hersh in the German Magazine “Die Welt”. It is an exposé of the US Trump ordered missile strike on Syria in April.

It disputes the official version which blamed Syria for using chemical warfare on civilians.  This has not dissuaded Trump from threatening another attack without any documentable evidence to support it legally.

(3) Trumps threats against North Korea and the threatening language used by his choice of the amateurish, hysterical, inexperienced, ignorant, arrogant U.S. representative at the U.N.  namely Nikki Hailey, adds an additional  bizarre dimension of abandonment of diplomacy and use of provocative verbal assaults which exacerbate tensions which could lead to incidents that would, in the words of Secretary of Defense, Mattis (to his credit) lead to a catastrophe.

Nikki Halley already totally discredited herself by uttering at the UN Security Council the drivel that “ …the days of Israel bashing are over…there is a new Sheriff in town…”. She also  declared in another forum that “ …the United States is the voice of moral conscience in the world...” something which is so stupid as to be almost risible were it not proclaimed during such a serious crisis.  No single nation can be that “voice of moral conscience”.  It is up to institutions and NGO to have assume that function.

The mainstream media is mostly derelict of its duty when it comes to provide objective background as to why certain nations loathe the U.S. and why there is an imperative for the U.S. to give up its interventionism abroad and to begin to behave as a member of the republics of this world which no longer can and must tolerate imperialism or colonialism and much less the mythical notion of “exceptionalism” which right wing extremist in the U.S. and in Israel incredibly still attempt to use and abuse.

Point in case here is the lack of any constructive engagement with the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea of (DPRK).

Its leader is far from “mad”.  He may not be a nice person but he is very rational and is vying attention by his show of  military power so as to command the respect to engage in negotiations which will assure his country that it will not be preemptively attacked by the U.S.

Again, there are no adults in the ship of state who have the power to propose the immediate constructive engagement with the DPRK to bring about a deconfliction.

Trump and Nikki speak like arsonists on the offensive.

Kim Jong Un sounds like an arsonist but he is on the defensive.

We need urgently an SOS from the verbal Fire Extinguishing Corps !

One fact worth of consideration:

The United States dropped 635 thousand tons of bombs on Korea, not counting the 32.5 thousand bombs of napalm. This comes from The Washington Post, in a May 19, 2017 article titled “ The ‘Forgotten War’ Can Help Us Remember Why N. Korea Hates the U.S. so Much” by Anna Fifield and it sources the article’s bomb tonnage to the book “The Korean War : A History “.   The book  compares this figure with the 503 thousand tons of bombs dropped in the entire  Pacific theater in WWII.  Of course Korea unlike Japan was not a member of the Nazi axis.  Korea was invaded by Japan and was aided by the USSR to liberate itself from said occupation and then to defend itself from the U.S. after 1950.

It is noteworthy that notwithstanding being a mainstream newspaper The Washington Post to its credit has written a series of articles on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the criminal occupation of Palestine by the Zionist misleadership of what became Israel when Palestine was brutally taken over in 1948 and the “Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” was initiated and continues to this day with impunity.

An additional excellent source for the background history which contextualizes the hatred in the psyche of the Korean people is an article in the prestigious Foreign Policy titled “ Kim Jong Un Is a Survivor, Not a Madman

Lest we lose track of the objective of this article and that is described by the following words :

Trump’s evil out-Herods all other presidential negative and dangerously disastrous experiences.





2 thoughts on “Our Nation is on Automatic Pilot in a Bizarre Leaderless Misleadership Mode Which is Prohibitively Possibly Irreversibly Damaging and Potentially Calamitously Destructive

  1. fausto baptista says:

    this article is simply and clearly perfect.

  2. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    I can only hope that there a just enough empowered people of honor to tip back the system of checks and balances toward justice and sanity. I also fervently hope that more and more people discover and join the Green Party!

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