In An Atrocious Act of Purely Perverse and Kafkaesque Brutality the Misleadership of Netanyahu Authorizes the Military Destruction of Palestinian Solar Panels


July 11, 2017 by Alfred

Since the 1948 Nakba (Catastrophe) when the fundamentalist right-wing ideologues of the nationalization embodiment of the Judaic religion called “Israel” took over with the British imperialist support 75% of the land inhabited by the autochthonous Palestinians who had lived there for centuries, and most severely since 1967 when the 25% of their land was then invaded and occupied and annexed,  Israel is on record of having carried out mercilessly massacres, expulsions, assassinations, collective punishments, and house demolitions against the legitimate Palestinian owners of housing properties and plantations.

There is no equivalent mass criminality in the last 100 years except for that of the Nazis.

The atrocities which the Palestinians had to endure starting with the Ottoman empire occupation of Palestine, continuing with the British empire occupation, and after 1967 with the U.S. neo-imperial support of the hegemonist Zionist misleaderships which started out as organized gangs of terrorists led by Menachen Begin and Itzhak Shamir and this shameless state of affairs which the U.N. and the vast majority of the countries of the world condemns as it in effect constitutes an egregious violation of international laws, U.N. Resolutions, and the Fourth Geneva Convention, goes on with impunity.

What is must most troubling to us is that “we the people” never endorsed these atrocities against the humanity of the Palestinians yet it is with our taxpayer’s funds which support Israel at a rate of about  $ 10 million per day that in effect such horror is carried out in our name, yet now under the Trump misadministration we have even less of a representation to end such criminal activity, which BTW, is also now being carried out by Saudi Arabia in Yemen, and yet Trump danced the ritual sword dance with their dictatorial decadent misleaders and happily announced that he sold them $ 110 billion dollars worth of humanity killing machines.

To add insult to injury Trump’s pick to represent the U.S. at the U.N. horribly misrepresents the vast majority of us, by dishonestly, arrogantly and ignorantly declaring that “the days of Israel bashing at the U.N. are over” and adding that “we now have a new Sheriff in town” and even then going further by having  the chutzpah to declare the “U.S. is the voice of moral conscience in the world” when of course in the real world nothing could be further from the truth and no single nation,including the U.S.,  can be that voice since it is up to human rights organizations, the International Criminal Court, the U.N. and other types of institutions to be involved professionally and ethically in insuring that humanity’s rights are not atrociously violated by corrupted corporatist and militarist elements under the control of fascist regimes.

To cut to the chase, with this foreword, the Argentum Post – which does not traffic in “fake news” and which does not “quote anonymous sources” and simply reports what the mainstream (*) media continuously, deliberately, surpasses, omits, and and thus stymies  its journalists from following through with their ethical  duties and objectives to inform  the American people honestly and comprehensively with a proper level of academic historical contextualization.

Point in case  is the Israel order just given to send armed soldiers into a Palestinian village to totally destroy a racks of Dutch funded solar panels which would finally allow the poorest of the poor wretched inhabitants of the village of Jubbet ads Dihib to finally have some electricity with which they finally could keep their food and medicines from spoiling in small refrigerators.

This noble and humanitarian move by the Netherlands  was completely sabotaged by the IDF (Israeli “Defense(?) Forces”-sic).

A spokesman for the  Foreign Minister of the Netherlands, Bert Koenders, said that this destruction and confiscation is absolutely unacceptable.

The European Union said in a report that there has been  an “exceptional upsurge” in seizures and demolitions to sabotage any humanitarian relief for the Palestinians,

The report further added that Israeli forces have seized or demolished 117 European-funded humanitarian projects for the Palestinians which include latrines, animal shelters, agricultural projects and emergency shelters for families displaced by Israeli home demolitions.

Of course one must be reminded of the Israeli assassinations of humanitarian activists of the Freedom flotilla bound for the Netanyahu blocked greatest concentration camp of the world, namely Gaza.

To understand how all of these present and past atrocities legitimately can be characterized as a racist Apartheid “Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” one can read the book by this title which is the title of a noble, humanist, Jewish author and scholar, namely Ilan Pappe.

Incidentally, for those not familiar with the writer of this Argentum Post, it may be relevant to state that he is the son of parents who were also the victims of a racist, supremacist, hegemonist ideology driven regime of Nazis,  and they survived its crimes against the humanity of Jews and others.

This event should usher in the end of the  days of exclusively “talks” and initiate the “actions” required to activate a global mobilization in opposition to this violent dehumanization attempt of Palestinians by the extreme right-wing racist and hegemonist Zionist ideologues who are now being opposed by the majority of under-40 humanist and rationalist Jews who rightfully blame Zionism for major damage wrought on  the real genuine Judaism which guides itself by the Torah’s universalist values and does not recognize any historical and legal legitimacy of the  outlaw Zionist regime which atrociously disrespects the Palestinians AND Jews.

(*)  To be fair and to give credit where credit is due, it must be noted that The Washington Post has given ample coverage to this specific Israeli Zionist power structure’s misleadership diabolically violent atrocity.  In an article written by Anne-Marie O’Connor on July 8, 2017 the Post gave its coverage superbly in an article titled “Israel Pulls The Plug on Dutch Gift of  Solar Power

One thought on “In An Atrocious Act of Purely Perverse and Kafkaesque Brutality the Misleadership of Netanyahu Authorizes the Military Destruction of Palestinian Solar Panels

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Utter cruelty! Thank you for helping to spread the ugly truth, which is generally hidden from the public. I am surprised that the Post published this piece. The general public hasn’t a clue because the MSM are presstitutes pumping out propaganda and outright lies fed to them by the institutions that profit from war and oppression!

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