[APFND Nr. 47] The Sentencing of Former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva Adds Insult to Injury


July 13, 2017 by Alfred

This is an Argentum Post Flash News Digest [ APFND Nr. 47 ]

This writer of the Argentum Post starts this APFND with a very succinct  foreword (as he is about to depart to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil).

A complex state of affairs has had the leadership of Brazil gone from the extremely popular leftist Socialist Worker’s Party,  first under the Presidency of Luiz Inácio da Silva (aka  Lula) from 2003 to 2011, and then under the Presidency of Dilma Vana Rousseff from 2011 until what some call her “impeachment” but what most others call more correctly a “legislative coup” on August 31, 2016.

Dilma Rousseff was not impeached on the basis of any crime.

From that point on the non-elected center-right Presidency of the Brazilian Democratic Movement party under the so-called “leadership” of Michel Temer from August 31, 2016 to the present took over the government.

At this point in view of major corruption by Michel Temer and his party in synergy with a documented recording by President Temer authorizing bribery payments to a political  ally of his who is now in prison, who was promised by Temer said payments to keep him silent on a multiplicity of corrupt practices by President Temer,  it is Temer’s turn to face an impeachment  trial by the Congress and if convicted to face a judicial trial which may also land him in prison.

As incredible as it may sound, Temer had chosen for his cabinet’s Science Minister a Creationist, and for Agriculture Minister a man who supported the deforestation of the Amazon.

Sounds familiar ? For sure it does as the occupant of the present White House has been guilty of the same “sins”.

The problem for the vast majority of the Brazilian people is that if the center-right Temer is imprisoned his successor will be someone who will drive the country even further to the right.

So, to sum it up, an old oligarchic elite is doing everything it can to thwart the Brazilian people’s objective and right to elect honest and progressive governance.

Up to this point, Lula was by far the most likely to be re-elected to the presidency in 2018 since, as the London Guardian reported  Lula has immense achievements to his credit having, inter alia, lifted 20 million people out of poverty.

The charges against Lula are relatively minor in comparison to his achievements and the draconian sentence of almost a decade in prison is bizarre and unjust if it is not overturned on appeal.  “Crime and Punishment” by Dostoyevsky almost pales in comparison.

As the case in many elections world-wide, and even in the U.S., when it comes to thwarting the people’s choice of progressive governance by direct participative genuine elections, the pernicious leverage of international finance in interfering in elections is prevalent world-wide.

As Glen Greenwald (to be referred to infra) remarked, it seems that the more the Brazilian oligarchy succeeds in obstructing the people’s electoral choice, the more the Brazilian Real goes up in value…

“We the people” sadly had a bad taste of this when our choice of Bernie Sanders progressives was shamelessly interfered with by the neoconservatives and just as badly by the neoliberals who, in the latter case, decided to blame Putin and the Russians for their being caught in sabotaging  the Sanders nomination as documented in the plotting by the DNC operatives who suggested that they should leak information casting Bernie Saunders as a “not Jewish enough” or perhaps worse, as “secular” and this scandal at least led to the disgraceful forced resignation of Debbie Wassermann Schultz.

Therefore, a so-called “populist” Republican won (by losing the direct democratic vote)  who it turns out not only violated all of his promises and to boot is utterly incompetent, crude, arrogant, ignorant, and impulsive to the point of dancing the sword rituals with the world’s most egregious and decadent dictatorship which euphemistically refers to itself as a “monarchy”,namely that of Saudi Arabia, which Trump just sold $ 110 billion dollars of human killing machines, a  which has been the major funder of extremist terrorism which brought us the criminal 9/11 attacks and yet which is now in a tacit alliance with the Zionist misleaderhip of Israel and both are relentlessly and  repulsively dishonestly inciting war on Iran and possibly even Qatar.

The former (Iran) is being calumniated as a “threat” by Netanyahu and King Salman since both are part of what organized crime looks like and for them even the imperfect democracy of Iran is a threat to their hegemony – shown and documented by the crimes against the humanity of the Palestinians by the Israeli Zionist power structure and against the humanity of the poorest of the poor in Yemen which has had most of its hospitals destroyed by Saudi aerial bombings and now has a huge cholera epidemic.

To follow up with this report, the Argentum Post turns to the highly prestigious Democracy Now host, Amy Goodman, who today interviewed the highly illustrious, scholarly, lawyer, Pulitzer Prize recipient  Glen Greenwald who  is also the co-founder of the Intercept.

Glenn Greenwald resides currently in Rio de Janeiro.

His uncanny capacity of synthesis on the most complex issues, his clarity and integrity are simply unassailable.

So, without further words, this writer presents his readers with the following relevant portion video clip of said interview titled “A Further Blow to Democracy in Brazil ? Glenn Greenwald on Conviction of Lula Ahead of 2018 Election

One thought on “[APFND Nr. 47] The Sentencing of Former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva Adds Insult to Injury

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Thanks for sharing! How terrible that organized crime seems to be in control of so many major governments around the Globe!

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