As the Zionist Misleadership Power Structure of Israel is Exposed as Being Damaging to Decent Judaism, Israel Rejects The Religious Authority of Open Minded American Rabbis


July 17, 2017 by Alfred

The tactic of characterizing people critical of Zionism and Israel as being “anti-Semitic” is execrable.

Any study of the roots of the ideology of Zionism which is scholarly and objective, reveals that it is the product of the territorial take-over embodiment by a nationalist right-wing extremist, supremacist, racially exclusionary, movement which morphed the Torah-based universalist religious values into a hegemony and expansionism focused invasion, occupation, and annexation, at the service of Western colonialist and imperialist powers’s interests in vying to establish an outpost in the fossil fuel rich Middle East.

Since its inception in the late 19th century, Zionism was strenuously opposed by huge majorities of Jews world-wide and this continues to this day, particularly now that said Zionist movement, after it landed in Palestine and took over 75% of its territory in which it implanted itself as a nationalized entity called “Israel”,  has been exposed for its atrocities against the humanity of the Palestinians, but not exclusively so, since its ideologues have been integrated into the imperialist oppressions in countries of emerging economies from Chile, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Apartheid South Africa, and many more where progressive liberation movements cast themselves off the yoke of Fascist and racist regimes only to then have the U.S. and Israel intervene with arms shipments and covert destabilizations to return the status quo.

This went as far as getting Israel involved in clandestinely collaborating with the white supremacist regime of Apartheid South Africa in its development of the weaponization of nuclear energy technology.  This  occurred in the mid eighties and is documented by, inter alia, a book by the Jewish author Sasha Polokow-Suranksy, whose parents, as the parents of this writer, survived the Nazi crimes against the humanity of Jews and others in Austria.  The title of the book is “ The Unspoken Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa “

The use of the pretext of horrific atrocities against the humanities of Jews and others by the Nazis, was cleverly exploited by the Zionist demagogic movement to enlist support for the ruthless colonization of Palestine.

Since then, a highly sophisticated synergy of cultural programmatic propaganda and Western military and financial support succeeded in projecting a narrative based on outright falsehoods to justify the portrayal of the U.S. and Israel as “exceptionalist” nations, the latter being “God’s chosen people” and so on to the point that this implanted into Palestine Israel entity started to become untenable as its history is now amply exposed and documented by most particularly profoundly scholarly and humanist Jews.

Israel thus has run into a dead-end alley since it cannot claim to be “democratic” and “Jewish” simultaneously.  This by no means implies that it cannot peacefully form in conjunction with the Palestinians a vibrant democratic nation where the “right of return” for Jews is revoked and instead granted to those Palestinians who are legitimately entitled to it.

What is most noteworthy though, is that at an ever accelerated pace now, the dialectical contradictions to this unstable reality have come to the surface and now threaten the sorcery to turn to the sorcerer.

This in turn has engendered the bizarre scenarios of decent law-abiding Jews in Israel illegally occupied Palestine and throughout the world being targeted by the now entrenched ideologues of its decadent notion that somehow the so-called “nation” which receives U.S. aid at the rate of some $ 10 million per day, can actually exist as the only Apartheid regime in the world, i.e. rapidly changing world where the notion of this unjust and brutal and illegal dystopia is anathema to any concept of civilized societal acceptance.

So, led by the demagogic and dishonest misleader Benjamin Netanyahu and his lunatic fringe coalition of obscurantist, misogynist, and racist followers, this power structure went from falsely claiming to “speak for all Jews” as Netanyahu had the temerity to declare in Paris whereto he was asked NOT to come by President Hollande,  on the occasion of the Charlie Hebdo assassination, to now targeting Jews who are rightfully anti-Zionists or who are simply dissidents and critics of the policies of this decaying misadministration,  by caluminiatingly characterizing them as “traitors”, “leftists”, and even “anti-Semites” of “self-hating” Jews.

So, with this foreword, presented infra are just a few of the links to which characterize this accelerating conflict between the decadent power elite and the emerging progressive and humanist Jews in Israel and globally.

The Washington Post – to its credit – on Sunday July 16, 2017 has published an article based on the decision by the Netanyahu misleadership to enforce the ban on integrated gender prayer in an Israel which does not a “civil marriage” institution.

The article is written by Gil Steinlauf who is the senior rabbinic adviser at Adas Israel in Washington, DC.   Rabbi Steinlauf was one of 160 rabbis last week who discovered that the Israeli government will no longer officially recognize to be trusted by the Israeli Rabbinate, because as the states “ I am a Conservative Rabbi who is outspoken on social justice issues; I call for progressive interpretation of ancient Jewish laws; I am openly gay; when I believe that Israel’s policies are immoral, I say so publicly “.

The title of the article is “ I’m an American Rabbi. Israel Rejects My Religious Authority

The Knesset has passed a law banning all Jews who are critics of Israel from entering it.  The NYTimes published this article on March 7, 2017 and it is titled  “ New Israel Law Bars Foreign Critics From Entering the Country 

The American Council for Judaism is just one of the most scholarly critics of Zionism in the US and worldwide,  yet notwithstanding it all, when it comes to the policies, or lack thereof, of the Trump misadministration,  as regards Israel, his arrogance, ignorance, and greed has him conduct business as usual not just with the Zionist power structure of Israel but with the most decrepit and authoritarian, murderous regime of Saudi Arabia – which is now in a tacit alliance with Israel and both are inciting relentlessly on Iran whose “threat” is that Iran is actually the only stable democracy in the region – even if still somewhat flawed – and hence its presence may inspire a renaissance of the Arab Spring.

So, we now have a new axis of Saudi Arabia – Israel -Trumps US ,  with not only U.S. blessing but with, incredibly,  the active participation of that “occupant” of the White House who recently danced the sword ritual dance with these misleaders of Saudi Arabia, a country which beheads and executes even young students for victimless crimes, such as being involved in “democracy activism” peaceful protests…

Trump embraced these thugs and then sold them $ 110 billion dollars worth of human lives killing machines which the Saudis have been using in the aerial devastation of cholera epidemic generated Yemen and to boot he spent most of his time with the Saudi “King” Salman, who he praised as a “wise leader” and then in an interview by televangelist Pat Robertson of CNB (who had said the devastating earthquake of Haiti was God’s punishment for the colonialist France’s “pact with the devil” when they granted  the Haitian slaves their freedom), Trump proudly Roberson that prior to meeting Salman he said that the agreements and purchases of the weapons were a prerequisite for his presence there.

This fact was documented on July 17, 2017 in The Washington Post in an article which exposes the United Arab Emirates as being linked to a hack of Qatar which led to the crisis of the aggression on Qatar by the Saudis, Bahrainis, and Egyptians, all of which are despotic and violent dictatorships.   The article is titled “UAR Linked To Hack of Qatar That Led to Crisis

The mainstream media thus far only scantily reports on this repulsive reality, however the prestigious Democracy Now news program has done so on on a daily basis, and on this day of July 17, 2017 it did it as regards to the criminal executions a la Daesh which are routinely carried out by Saudi Arabia, and in the case in point of this segment it includes Saudi plans to execute 14 accused of being pro-democracy protesters  and those include a 17-year old student who was about to leave for the U.S. where he was admitted to study at Michigan State University.

One thought on “As the Zionist Misleadership Power Structure of Israel is Exposed as Being Damaging to Decent Judaism, Israel Rejects The Religious Authority of Open Minded American Rabbis

  1. aliceny says:

    This is excellent, Alfred. Thank you.

    This piece is profound and inclusive in that it especially cites the genesis of Zionism which was
    noble as originally envisioned but then distorted and mutilated by colonial influences and unrelenting hegemony until it became the inhuman monstrous ideology that it is today.
    The Jewish people deserve so much better.

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