[APND Nr.48] A Global Clamor the Deep State/Fourth Estate and Neolibs Plus Neocons Are Obstructing

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August 3, 2017 by Alfred

This is an Argentum Post News Flash Digest [ APNFD Nr. 48 ], primarily because of its urgency, succinctness, and it being reported by this writer away from his home office and presently reporting and publishing from São Paulo, Brazil.

The topic is the 69-year-old illegal, violent, terrorizing take over of  initially 75% of the land of the autochthonous legitimate owners of Palestine where they have lived for centuries, by the collusion of the West (mainly Britain and the U.S.) with the so-called Zionists supported by nationalist right wing racist supremacist, extremist, obscurantist, Jews and Evangelists using the ancient bible as if it could be interpreted as lien for the claim of all of Palestine and beyond, and this is how “Israel” was synthesized.

And no, this is not to be by any stretch of the imagination or tendecy to obfuscate, be interpreted as somehow an “anti-Semitic” declaration as it would be oxymoronically DOA and inoperative, as will be understood by the infra elaboration.

It must be noted that the conflation of the deserved criticism of Zionism and/or of the Zionist power structure of Israel with “anti-Semitism” has been vilely used as standard operation methodology by the Zionists and their supporters and acolytes, but it has collapsed in the last few years at a geometrical rate of acceleration as illustrious and scholarly historians and investigative journalists, and human rights officials of Jewish and non-Jewish backgrounds have jointly exposed the decades of indecent lies and cover-ups about a false legend which is now entering its state of putrefaction as Netanyahu et al. will become even more belligerent before they become irrelevant.

Three terrorist organizations (Irgun, Stern Gang – aka Lehi, and Haganah) led by future “Prime Ministers” of Israel,  with the support of the British occupiers of Palestine carried out the most egregious crimes against the humanity of the Palestinians since the euphemistically characterized the Israel “war of independence”, and to this day Israel is in defiant and brazen violation of international law as it continues against all odds to now enter the Apartheid version of its existence, something which in 2017 is simply non-operative and if the West and its acolyte Zionist belligerent supremacists continue to get away with will inexorably lead to major regional and international violent conflagrations which could literally lead to a world war, particularly given the present state of affairs in the U.S. White House whose incompetent, irrational, dishonest “occupant” puts the U.S. ship of state on automatic pilot heading into possible hurricanes and total isolation from the rest of the world.

This epoch in history has wrought huge damage on decent, universalist, progressive, and humanist Torah based Judaism.

Judaism was and is a faith, and cannot and should not have been nationalized ever.  Jews, including this writer’s grandfather who spent the war in the USSR and then emigrated to Haifa, Palestine, lived in harmony with secular, Christian, and other Jewish Palestinians.    This writer’s grandfather left for London and Brazil because of the violent 1948 take over by Zionists of Palestine.

Two cut to the chase, this writer, who by the way, for those not familiar with his background, is the son of parents who survived the Nazi crimes against the humanity of Jews (and others) and who is also an active supporter of Jewish humanist, rationalist, and progressive organizations such as Jewish Voice for Peace and The American Council for Judaism (inter alia), is also via this Argentum Post and other means, essentially an activist for peaceful conflict resolution by authentic and progressive representative democracy based on social and economic justice.

Therefore, two excellent sources for the plethora of scholarly documentation which backs up the supra declarations are listed infra, and that in turn is followed up by a succinct video of an eloquent clamor by the highly respected, principled, scholarly MP (member of the British Parliament) George Galloway.

The bibliographic sources are:

And to last but not least, enclose infra is the video clip of said clamor by George Galloway which is being heard globally but which the corporatized mainstream media and the industrial military complex (inter alia), along with neoliberals in tandem with neocons are dangerously trying to obstruct as the U.S. is now being mislead by the synergy of the corrupted and dishonest Trumpist/neocon/neolib spiral to the bottom via the daily cultural programation by the use of toxic authentically and shamelessly  “fake news” which falsely claim Russia as having affected the result of the 2016 disastrous election, falsely claim that Russia “annexed” Crimea when in reality Crimea with its 87% Russian population has been an integral part of Russia, and of subsequently the USSR, for three centuries, and falsely claim that Iran is a “threat” to its neighbors when in reality its stability and democratically elected President Rouhani can only be a “threat” by being inspiringly democratic to the thuggish dictatorship of Saudi Arabia which is carrying out a massacre in the poorest nation of the Middle East, namely Yemen,  and its now ally Israel, which is literally busy engaging in its war on the people whose lands it has stolen and occupied, both of which are grotesquely and utterly undemocratic.

So, with this foreword, the readers of the Argentum Post are presented with a very brief brilliant and dedicated to the to truth presentation by this noble British supporter of peace and justice, namely George Galloway


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