Trump Has United Us Irreversibly – Against Himself – He is His Own Worst Enemy and Must Resign or Be Impeached


August 25, 2017 by Alfred


Trump brazenly revealed his support of extremist nationalist, racist supremacist, terrorist, KKK /Neo Nazi violent, dishonest hate and fear mongers by his repulsive equating them with the united Americans of all possible backgrounds who automatically, courageously, and assertively repudiated and resisted  such execrable criminals who seem genetically prone to violate Section 1 of the US Constitution which clearly stipulates for all persons “…the equal protection of the laws

Trump has all along proven to be unfit of occupying the Oval Office of the White House.

There is a plethora of documented evidence for this reality and it is beyond the scope of this article to reproduce this evidence which was in plain sight prior to his nomination by the Republican party.

Trump’s request to Saudi Arabia that in order for him to visit the country they must pledge to acquire $ 100 billion dollars worth of armaments, while this richest country in the region is carrying out the bestial bombing of the poorest country of Yemen which after two years now has lost 10 thousand lives, rendered 3 million homeless, and contributed to the spread of the worst cholera epidemic in history due to a severe lack of pure water and hygienic facilities and hospitals, is sufficient basis for an immediate call for his removal from office.

To add insult to injury, after the worst violators of human rights of the Middle East forked over the $100 billion dollars, Americans were confronted with the obscene spectacle of their President/weapons salesman dancing the ritual sword dance with the morally decrepit Saudi dictatorship elite which they and the press euphemistically characterize as the Saudi “Monarchs” or “Princess” or “Royal Family” who sentence democracy activists bloggers such as Raif Badawi, to one thousand lashes and 10 years in prison.

Trump also had the temerity to invite to the White House the murderous misleader of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, a deranged thug who has given the green light to his police to assassinate without trial anyone suspected of using or trafficking drugs and this has resulted in summary execution of some 12 thousand people.

As Douglas Brinkley,  the history professor at Rice University and author of “The Unfinished Presidency : Jimmy Carter’s Journey Beyond the White House” stated in an article by The Washington Post titled “What It Takes to Stand Up to Bigotry”,

Of all the many slimy things Donald Trump  has done, his coddling for former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke ranks among the most vile and degenerate”.

Equally degenerate however has been the conspicuous silence of Trump initially and then his outrageous attempt to insinuate that “ all sides” needed to be condemned in the Charlottesville lethal violence, thereby obscenely frivolizing said violence inherent in the ideology of the racist energumens.

While most leaders of the world condemned this terrorizingly racist violence, the conspicuous silence of  Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke volumes, since he is relentlessly falsely accusing Iran, and anyone who is even mildly critical of Israel as “anti-Semitic”  and yet his own Zionist power structure is based on the racist, supremacist, dishonest narratives which have lead to characterize the autochthonous Palestinians as “savages”- and hence “ inferior” – and therefore had the lands they have owned for centuries deemed simply stealable  by these supremacist ideologues who wrought  horrific damage not only onto said Palestinians , but as well onto all decent, rational, Torah abiding humanist Jews who never supported the bizarre notion that the Judaic religion could be nationalized for the “Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” as the illustrious Jewish scholar and author Ilan Pappe describes in his book by that title.

This is a typical, repulsive, and hypocritical  Netanyahu silence in support of Trump who misuses nepotistically his utterly inexperienced son-in-law Jared Kushner to give the appearance he is capable of negotiating a so-called “peace” agreement in the conflict generated by the implantation of Israel into Palestine in 1948 by violent means, as three terrorism organizations, namely Haganah, Irgun, and Stern Gang set the stage for this colonialist take over.

Jared Kushner is actually a real estate investor with interests in the 120 settlements which exist in gross  violation of international law of 400,000 mostly Zionist Jews in Palestine

So, in a way, Trump and Netanyahu are like twin misleaders who constitute a veritable security threat to regional and world peace, and both have the most utter disregard for human life which they happen to consider by their own decadent ideologies as “inferior” .

To make matters worse, Trump picked an extremist Zionist as his ambassador, namely David Friedman, who is hell-bent on the hegemonist quest for the take over of East Jerusalem and beyond, after West Jerusalem was illegally occupied by Israel in 1948 when it came into existence as part of a project facilitated by the British empire.

As stated previously, the number of Jews globally who reject the the Zionist racist supremacy, along with that of most the peoples of the world vastly predominates those who support it.

As the IJAN (International Jewish Antizionist Network) organization reported as regards to the protests in Charlottesville and elsewhere,

“…there have been attempts to remove Palestinian flags from solidarity demonstrations. We reject any attempt by Zionists to suggest that the flag standing for the Palestinian anti-colonial struggle has no place at anti-fascist demonstrations, or that the Zionist flag is welcome there. Quite the opposite: Zionism was born of the blood-and-soil ideology which nourished classical fascism. It has always relied on insisting that Jews could not and did not belong on European soil, and that in line with classical antisemitism, Jews were alien and different. It is not anti-Zionism which has no place in anti-fascist demonstrations. It is Zionism.”

Netanyahu’s son, BTW,  just characterized anti-fascist protesters as “thugs” who hate Israel – as The Washington Post to its credit reported last week.

Netanyahu, who is under police investigation for corruption and fraud, characterizes peaceful, humanist, scholarly, non-Zionist Jews in the U.S., in the rest of the world, and even in Israel, as“traitors” and (oxymoronically) “anti-Semites” for critiquing Israel’s international law violating occupation and its crimes against the humanity of Jews.  The crimes against the humanity of Palestinian Jews who refused to empower the notion of a nationalist take-over, involved severe beatings, house bombings, and assassinations.  This happened years prior to the synthesis of  Israel in Palestine in 1948.

An excellent source of real factual history on this much suppressed reality is the book by Thomas Suarez who lives in London, titled ” State of Terror : How Terrorism Created Modern Israel ”

Naturally as the Trump and Netanyahu perfidy is increasingly exposed, both hysterically attack the media.

Both misleaders need and can and probably will,  be removed from office by peaceful and democratic means, NOW.

POST SCRIPTUM :  As this article goes to publication the prestigious Democracy Now program reported that Dan Kammen, the Former Science Envoy of the U.S. State Department declared to Trump that “  Your presence in the White House harms the United States domestically and abroad and threatens life on this planet. ”

This ties in with the declaration by the former CIA director James Clapper today that Donald Trump’s access to the nuclear codes is “pretty damn scary”.

To this note it must be added that Tony de Brum, the former Marshall Islands Foreign Minister (who died 2 days ago, stated that from 1946 to 1958, 67 live nuclear bombs were detonated there, and this represents the equivalent of 1.6 Hiroshima shots everyday for 12 years. Trump now looks at upgrading the U.S. nuclear arsenal at a cost of $ 1.2 trillion dollars, and – contrary to his campaign statements – Trump now looks at spending $ 1.2 billions in restarting the 16-year war in Afghanistan, yet has no concrete strategy about this insane move nor about most of anything he says or tweets.

The critical mass has been reached for a regime change which will give us the single payer health care system “we the people” deserve now and can have it, and the sustainable peace we need urgently  by ending all military interventions everywhere, by massively shutting down military bases abroad,  and ending the military sales to fascist and decadent regimes such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, plus ending the $ 10 million dollars in daily support of the provocative Zionist power structure of Israel which is pathologically obsessed with falsely accusing Iran as being a “threat” to it, when in reality Iran along with Lebanon are the only semi-democratic and stable nations in the Middle East and therefore are only a “threat” in the positive sense to these undemocratic countries by virtue of gradually inspiring the real participative democratic movements from within said fascist countries.


One thought on “Trump Has United Us Irreversibly – Against Himself – He is His Own Worst Enemy and Must Resign or Be Impeached

  1. aliceny says:

    Magnificent, prophetic, utterly truthful, Alfred.
    Thank you.

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