With the Demise of Daesh (ISIS) and of the Netanyahu Zionist Misleadership, Peace Opportunities are Coalescing on the Horizon


August 30, 2017 by Alfred


At long last there is a new glimmer of hope that out of the ashes of devastations, invasions, occupations, massacres, lawlessness, human rights violations, and ruthlessly criminal misleaderships in the Middle East, the proverbial Phoenix of peace, justice, reconstruction, authentic participative democracy, may begin to rise in the world’s most troubled region.

The demise of Daesh (aka ISIS ) is all about to become a certainty now.

The demise of the violent, dishonest, corrupt, hegemonic, Zionist misleardership of Netanyahu seems imminent as a prestigious Israeli newspaper  has reported that “…The PM of Israel Will be Indicted…” (for corruption, fraud, misuse of government funds) in its  Haaretz Breaking News.

Of course Netanyahu’s indictment will consequentially have the follow-up of his trial by the International Criminal Court for his crimes against the humanity of Palestinians, most notably for his Summer of 2014 Gaza massacre which, as stated in the August 2017 Special Interest Report of the prestigious American Council for Judaism (ACJ)  resulted in the killing of predominantly innocent, unarmed civilians including 500 children.   The headline of the ACJ report is “Israel’s 50-Year Occupation : Harmful to Its Long Term Interests and to Jewish Ethics”.

At long last the more than 70-year Zionist racist, nationalist, supremacist, falsehoods based narratives which resulted in the nationalization of the Judaic religion against the will of the majority of the Jews in the world, and at the expense of the rights of the autochthonous people of Palestine,  is now collapsing and a geometric rate of progression because there now exists a plethora of documentation which is coming to the forefront as a result of a synergy of the digitization technology of the sources and its Internet dissemination, plus the support of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

This collapse is simultaneously due to, as well as it is the reason for,  a major schism developing between the decent, humanist, scholarly,  universalist values Torah law abiding people of the Jewish faith, in contrast to the extremist right-wing fundamentalist, obscurantist Zionist ideologues who profess to be Jewish, in coordination with their allies the extremist, right-wing fundamentalist, obscurantist Evangelists who profess to be Christians.

Bottom line is that there is an inchoate movement developing which via strength through rationalist and humanist unity among moderate Jews, Christians, Moslems, and Secular Humanists who are progressive thinkers and yearn for peace through justice to break out, are coming to the forefront and neither the neoconservatives, nor the neoliberals, and – it goes without saying – much less the Trumpists and their decadent neo-nazi/KKK white supremacist,   can block.

Just prior to Netanyahu’s indictment, he vowed that he will never evacuate Jewish settlements from occupied lands in what he calls Judea and Samaria adding in his deranged style that “ We have returned here for eternity “.   While close to a million Jews have left Israel since 2016, during the Charlie Hebdo assassination event, against the will for President Hollande, Netanyahu came to exploit the event in Paris and went to a synagogue there where he had the temerity to state “ I speak for all Jews “ which had him naturally booed for uttering this nonsense.

Presently Netanyahu his relentlessly and hysterically inciting on Iran and he does so with some support from his Saudi Arabian friends who just purchased  $110 billion dollars of armaments from his friend Trump who then danced the sword dance with the misleaders of one of most undemocratic and criminally ruthless suppressor of human rights power structure in the world who are euphemistically referred to as the Saudi Princes and the King.

At long last, all of this hypocrisy and corruption and criminality is being exposed.

It has for too long been possible for the corporatized militarist elites which President Eisenhower warned us about during his farewell speech when he told us to “…beware of the industrial-military complex…” to culturally program the American people and suppress the real news with proper historical contextualization.

AIPAC has been one of the disseminators of mass dishonestly fabricated historical distortion.

The American Israeli Public Affairs Committee is an unregistered foreign agent of the the Israeli Government.  For the source, view the November 4, 2009 Institute for Research , Middle Eastern Policy, Inc. document on this subject.

As documented by this prestigious Institute for Research, Middle Eastern Policy, Inc., AIPAC is in fact a “stealth foreign agent of the Israeli government. AIPAC engages in political activities; acts as a public relations and publicity agent, and dispenses things of value and even handles classified US government information in the interest and by the mandate of its foreign principal. In addition to repeatedly violating the 1938 Foreign Agents Registration Act, AIPAC’s activities routinely short circuit the advice and consent of Americans, rule of law, and directly challenge US governance.”

Although the fact that AIPAC routinely engages in illegal activities to further the objectives of its foreign principal has not gone entirely unnoticed by the DOJ, it has failed in its previous efforts to achieve AIPAC FARA compliance that would deter a range of egregious harm inflicted on U.S. citizens.”

Note that FARA stands for “Foreign Agent’s Registration Act”.

It has too long been possible to make Americans buy into the notion that Iran is a villain, that it is a “threat” to Israel, that it supports terrorism, and that it is “anti-Semitic”.

In fact none of the above hold water.

Iran is not anti-Semitic. Period.

As Charles Kestenbaum , who is the President  of B&K International / Middle East North Africa Consultants as well as a Visiting Lecturer at the US Department of State declared,

Iran is not anti-Semitic. It is anti-Zionist, and so are many Jewish people. Iran has a seat in parliament for a Jewish Iranian citizen to represent the 25,000-strong Jewish community in Iran.  ( Regarding a May 29 op-ed by Reuel Marc Gerecht and Ray Taketh – Kestenbaum said the following) The op-ed conflated hatred of Jews — anti-Semitism — with political opposition to the apartheid-like Jewish identity of Israel, its violent origins and its continuing violent oppression of Palestinians. Many anti-Zionist Jewish supporters of Israel, including me, who seek to find ways to make real peace with the Arabs and Palestinians are thus identified, along with Iran, as “anti-Semites.” The situation demands more than propaganda.”

Now, as regards to Iran, the hysteria and ignorance of its history, of how an Anglo-American imperial alliance destroyed in 1953 Iran’s democracy led by Mossadegh of the Tudeh party (socialist party) and imposed the tyranny of the Shah and his criminally brutal Savak secret police, has all but been eclipsed from the mindset of the average American.

The vilification campaign against Iran has been beyond words and both neocons, neoliberals, Zionists and the present Trump regime,  have been egregiously hostile to Iran to the point that  Donald Rumsfeld offered Saddam Hussein during his war of aggression against Iran.

The arrogance and ignorance of Congresspersons about the history of Iran is appalling.

The right-wing Tea Party Republican hate and war monger, namely Senator Tom Cotton, uttered the idiocy that Iran is a “threat” to its neighbors and that the proof of that is that “ …it already controls Tehran…”, not knowing the obvious, namely that Tehran is Iran’s capital.

In fact Iran is the most stable, rational, democracy in the Middle East, which has not invaded any of its neighbors and which is becoming a major power for good in the region.

It is also an evolving society of industrial, scientific, comercial centers.

With the collapse of the Zionist Netanyahu regime, if the Peace Now progressive movement becomes in Israel becomes part of a reformist power structure which will end its Apartheid character, an alliance between Palestinians, Jews in Palestine, Iran, Qatar, Lebanon, Syria and others has a tremendous potential to lead to a sustainable peace and prosperity during and after reconstruction of the Israel devastated Gaza and other areas of Palestine, of Syria, of Iraq, of Saudi devastated Yemen, and perhaps the only “threat” of Iran, namely that of it being a role model for Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and UAR may become the needed nucleating agent which will crystallize the end of violence in the region.

Of course one would hope that coincidental to this success, there will be another one in Washington, DC with the legal and constitutional removal of the most incompetent and dangerous occupant of the White House who just had the nerve to threaten Pakistan and invoke its arch rival India with his Hindu nationalist Modi to “fix” Pakistan, thereby adding fuel to fire, after having threatened “fire and fury” on North Korea where the U.S. in the 50’s dropped more bombs than in WWII, i.e. 600 thousand tons of bombs, not to count the 32 thousand tons of napalm both of which wound up killing about one-third of the Korean population, and having threatened Venezuela with military intervention.

This writer ends this article by providing its readers with a unique interview of a brilliant, scholar and diplomat, the rationalist humanist Foreign Minister of Iran, namely Javad Zarif who “we the people” owe  gratitude and relief for his strenuous devoted dedication to peace and justice when after the intensive talks and negotiations with our former Secretary of State during the President Obama administration, the P5+1 nuclear agreement was sealed, notwithstanding the odious opposition of the same neocons, neolibs, Netanyahu, and other Zionist war and fear mongers.

It takes an energumenom to now attempt to scuttle this agreement, and that is the present occupant of the White House who is hell-bound on vandalizing anything that President Obama did that was in the best interests of the American people and of the world.

So, introduced infra is said interview which was rebroadcast on August 25, 2017 by Maryland Public Television to its credit, and whose interviewer, also to his credit was Charlie Rose, who by the way asked incisive questions which is always good, but who on a few too many occasions unfortunately  interrupted his interviewee and this was not too good.

From this interview objective viewers will definitely come away with the impression that with   illustrious Foreign Minister Javad Zarif in tandem with the moderate, intelligent, recently re-elected President Rouhani , Iran is on board as being a major agent for the solution of the problems of particularly violence by Al Qaeda, Daesh remnants, and Al Nousra terrorists, since strength through unity will not even have to necessarily require military solutions in all instances, as the onset of hope and of respect for reconstruction and the prospect of ensuing prosperity will become major factors in defusing the desperation of misery and  lack of hope for particularly young recruits who were lured by these criminal organizations.

As a Post Scriptum it is noteworthy to mention that during the AIPAC yearly meetings in Washington, DC representatives of the Zionist think tank BESA which is led by the infamous Efraim Inbar  have come to push a most sinister agenda.

Why is Inbar “infamous” ?   Because BESA, unbelievably, proposes not destroying all of  Daesh (i.e. ISIS) because it would be useful in attacking Iran and Hezbollah, which by the way, contrary to the propaganda by the same usual actors, is NOT a “terrorist” organization but it is part and parcel of Lebanese society composed of citizens of all walks of life and consist of a military defense organization which has protected and fought off along with the Lebanese army more than one Israeli invasions of Southern Lebanon which had killed tenths of thousands in the 80’s.   Nothing can be more obscene than to preserve Daesh murderers to use them against innocent unarmed Iranians and for that to be acceptable to the Israeli power structure, not to mention for us to support that as well since after all, $ 10 million dollars of our taxpayers funds are sent to Israel on a daily basis !

One thought on “With the Demise of Daesh (ISIS) and of the Netanyahu Zionist Misleadership, Peace Opportunities are Coalescing on the Horizon

  1. aliceny says:

    Sounds too good to be true, Alfred. Are there any miracles that the current corrupt Zionist leaders (chiefly Netanyahu) can dredge up? (Oh, I forgot, the Zionists are not a religious party so they would not look for miracles….)

    Once this matter has been settled and Israel, with new leadership, hopefully will be able to gain respect on the world scene again and bring peace to their long-suffering people and to their
    indigenous neighbors, the Palestinians.
    After that matter is settled and justice reigns, the next item on the agenda is to deal with the two
    sick, morally evil egotistical dictators, in Washington and North Korea who are currently seeking to make our world one giant fireball, destroying everything and everyone in its path..

    Welcome back, Alfred and thank you for this informative, hopeful piece.

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