There is Now an Urgent Need for Tikkun Olam and Therefore Forensic Architecture, and ICC Accountability are an Imperative

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September 8, 2017 by Alfred

A revolutionary reinvention and a reinvigorated implementation of the fundamental principles of universalist ethics coupled to honesty, in addition to a genuinely participative progressive democracy, based on the end of all wars as a means to arrive at and consolidate political power, and based on the end of the false notion that capitalism run amok bereft of underlying social development ( which both have fostered the false notion that perpetual growth is possible ),  and this additionally based on an universalist quest for the equalization of the rights and obligations inherent in civilized culture, all have to be implemented urgently NOW and on a global scale, since the alternative is a path guaranteed to lead to total self-destruction.


No single nations or group on nations have the moral right to declare themselves as “leaders” or worse yet as “exceptionalists”.

All nations have the moral imperative to collaborate and resolve conflicts peacefully and diplomatically.

The word “Tikkun Olam” used in the title of this article means in Hebrew “repairing the world” by the prioritization of the implementation of peace through social and economic justice.This is were such institutions as the United Nations (UN) and the International Criminal Court (ICC), inter alia, need to become deburocratized, become incorruptible, and use all modern tools and digital modeling systems to devise efficient reformist upgrades in their functionality and relevance.Incidentally, as regards to “Hebrew” , it must be noted that the most widely spoken Semitic languages today are (numbers given are for native speakers only) Arabic (300 million), Amharic (22 million), Tigrinya (7 million), Hebrew ( 5 million ).


The similarity of the Hebrew and Arabic was accepted by Jewish and Islamic scholars since medieval times.

The word “Architectural Forensics” used in the title of this article is a major tool, concept, approach which can effectively greatly enhance the efficiency in the pursuit of the urgent “repairing of the world” by providing institutions such as particularly the UN and the ICC with the tools to hold accountable the most egregious misleaderships of the world which presently fan the flames of violent wanton destruction with brazen impunity.

Among them, at this present time, the worst, most destructive and simultaneously the most corrupted, greedy, and irrational misleaderships which either are directly engaged in brazen crimes against humanity or are essential in the enablement of such misleaderships are the following.

NOTE :  One most use that the characterization of “misleaderships” exclusively for the so-called “leaders” since said characterizations do not have necessarily any bearing on the peoples or nations which either elected or did not elected them.

Saudi Arabia

Their euphemistically characterized “Prince Crowns” and “King” are some of the most vicious offenders of human rights known in the world.   Currently that nation is involved in veritable massacres in Yemen, the poorest nation in the Middle East.

Its misleadership sentences democracy activist bloggers such as Raif Badawi to thousands of lashes and years of prison.

In Yemen, Saudi Arabia is now for the second year involved in a barbaric bombing campaign which is genocidal and has caused massive loss of life and the highest epidemic of cholera in history.

The U.S. President Trump ,incredibly,  just had announced that he wanted  to Saudi  Arabia, but  with the condition that it would purchase $ 100 billion petro-dollars worth of weaponry and when that condition was accepted he went there and danced with these misleaders the traditional dance of swords.


The murderous misleader of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has given his police and vigilantes the green light to shoot to kill anyone suspected of either taking drugs or being a trafficker of drugs.

So far some 7,000 people have been executed without a trial.

The son of this horrific murderous misleader, namely  Paolo Duterte, now faces investigation  about his role in drug trafficking.

Furthermore, this decadent misleader has publicly characterized the U.S. President Obama  as a “ son of a whore “, something which would not and did not bother Donald Trump who falsely characterized fourteen times in several years President Obama has someone not born in the United States and hence not a legitimate President and hence Trump invited this misleader to the White House.


The literally murderous present misleader of Israel, the Zionist nationalist supremacist Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as most of his predecessors, have carried out crimes against the humanity of the autochthonous inhabitants of Palestine since Israel was synthesized in 1948.

One of worst crimes against the humanity of the Palestinians was that of the Summer of 2014 barbaric bombardment of the largest concentration camp of the world, namely the Palestinian Gaza territory, where mostly innocent unarmed Palestinians numbering close to about 3 thousand, which included 500 children, were mowed down (in an operation Netanyahu sadistically characterized “mowing the lawn”.

Again, Donald Trump invited Netanyahu to the White House and it did not matter to Trump that Netanyahu came against the will of President Obama to Washington at the invitation of the neocon Republicans to attempt to sabotage the P5+1 negotiations with Iran which successfully ended the impasse as regards to the issue of uranium enrichment limit by Iran so that it will not reach the weaponization level.

The case of Israel, given its relentless history of what the Israeli scholar  Ilan Pappe calls in his book on the subject, “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” is a most particularly suited case to be held accountable by the International Criminal Court (ICC) and this is one which has been analyzed via the Forensic Architecture approach which is referred to supra in this article.

This approach consists of a technique which develops a sequence in architectural modeling of buildings in Gaza whereby it can be documented how mostly innocent unarmed Palestinians lived and were all killed when Israel deliberately used its biggest bombs in densely populated neighborhoods during that Summer of 2014 massacre.

As Eyal Weizmann explains on the website of Forensic Architecture,

 “ Forensic Architecture is an independent research agency based at Goldsmiths, University of London. Our interdisciplinary team of investigators includes architects, scholars, artists, filmmakers, coders, investigative journalists, archaeologists, lawyers, and scientists.
Our evidence is presented in political and legal forums, truth commissions, courts and human rights reports. Additionally, the agency undertakes historical and theoretical examinations of the history and present status of forensic practices in articulating notions of public truth

This valuable approach to hold accountable to the UN and/or ICC the most sadistic and perverse crimes against the humanity by some of the worlds worst misleaders promises to be a wondrous tool and approach which now must be used to end once for all the uncivilized criminal barbarism which is part of the problem of so-called  gang “terrorism” because that is the blowback consequence of state-terrorism and only when both forms of inhumane violence are contained and defused by the indictment, trial, and sentencing of the criminal misleaders of the world, will this vicious cycle end once for all.


War is not the answer. Less now than ever.

And as the North Korea crisis is concerned, this even more important.Even though the Forth Estate (corporatized mainstream media) has been severely derelict in its duty to comprehensively, accurately, professionally, and ethical inform and thereby educate the American people,  The Washington Post, to its credit did publish a short contextualizing history about this crisis which leads one to understand better why North Korea is where it is.


Between 1950 and 1953, the United States dropped more bombs on all of Korea than in World War II.  In an effort to secure its sphere of influence the U.S.  dropped 600 thousand tons of bombs, not counting 32 thousands of bombs of  napalm on Korea, killing thereby one-third of its population.   Thus Korea became divided between North and South along the 34th parallel.

So, the U.S. to this day maintains some 28 thousand troops in South Korea and engages periodically in provocative military exercises as show of strength to North Korea and it in turn sees this as an existential threat and therefore decided to its arsenal of nuclear weapons as a deterrent.

Only diplomatic negotiations can resolve this impasse.  But there is not diplomat in the White House.

The occupant of the White House is making matter much worse by threatening the unthinkable, namely military action.  This would lead to a major catastrophe as even the hawkish Secretary of Defense Mattis declared.

To boot the United States representative at the UN background is that of an accountant for her family’s clothing business.  Zero competence for her UN post, where she has had the temerity to utter such arrogant, threatening and idiotic non-sense during a session of the Security Council that “…the era of Israel-bashing at the UN is over, there is now a new sheriff in town...

And furthermore, US representatives have traditionally been backed up by professional officers at the US Department of State to assist in the proper languaging of the declarations, but in this Department of State there is not such team.

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