A Complementing Addendum to : “There is Now an Urgent Need for Tikkun Olam and Therefore Forensic Architecture and ICC Accountability are an Imperative

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September 8, 2017 by Alfred

As an addendum to the supra captioned title of the article published on September 8, 2017 and on the basis of an Associated Press report published today on the same date, it must be noted that the misleadership of misleadership of Egypt must be added to the list of the misleaderships of Saudi Arabia, Philippines, and Israel as well of that of their enablers and supporters.

Accordingly it should be noted that Egypt’s only democratically elected government it ever had, namely that of President Mohamed Morsi, was violently overthrown by General Abdel Fattah el-Sissi on July 3, of 2013.

Since then, the military coup has received U.S. support and weaponry and yet General el-Sissi turned out be as violently oppressive and downright murderous, since he ordered mass executions on fabricated charges, as was the murderous dictator Hosni Mubarak during his 30 years in power – yet Hillary Clinton declared that she loved Mubarak as if he was a member of the family.

Today’s article published in The Washington Post, refers to a 63 page Human Rights Watch report which declares that al-Sissi has given a “green light” to systematic torture inside detention facilities, allowing officers to act with “almost total impunity”.

This murderous misleader was also warmly received at the White House this year.

According to AlJazeera “Egypt is Worse Off on Every Indicator Since  the 2013 Coup

Bottom line is this :  The heads of the world’s most violently oppressive misleaderships, namely those of Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Egypt, and Israel were all warmly embraced by our own incompetent, dishonest,  and unpredictable and therefore dangerous misleader, who is the present occupier of the White House.

An embarrassing and extremely sad moment in our history not to be forgotten or gotten over with for a very long time.

A moment in history which must never repeat itself and will not if “we the people” organize and demand the elimination of the Electoral College, since this occupier of the White House actually lost the election on the basis of the real democratic direct vote, by millions of votes.

Additionally we must demand the inception of the Instant Run Off (IRV)  system, since such a vote would allow us to have a third-party candidate and still be able to assign our vote to the lesser inferior candidate of the other two.

Al Gore also won the year 2000 election by the direct democratic vote system and if we had an IRV voting system, voting for Ralph Nader would not have us smeared with the insult of being a “spoiler” since practically  all of us who voted for Nader would have designated the presidential Gore as the recipient of our vote, over “W” who led us along with Cheney into the catastrophic war on Iraq on utterly false claims, for which both should have been indicted.

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