Peace May Break Out as an Avalanche of Zionist/Netanyahu Crime Exposures May Lead to Long Overdue Regime Change in Israel


September 11, 2017 by Alfred

It has taken too many decades for the insidious prevarications coupled to the propagandistic cultural programmations and to the  synergy of decades of crimes against the humanity of the Palestinian people to be exposed AND published by the corporatized media.

But, there is a glimmer of evidence that some of that media is gradually being shamed by the alternate independent media to end its dereliction of duty to inform objectively and with proper historical contextualization which educates therefore neutralizes the execrable hate and fear mongering militarism of Trumpists, neocons, and neolibs.

Of course for decades these horrors were amply documented and scholars, independent media, independent investigative journalists, as well as the average people endowed with intellectual curiosity, most particularly peace activists, humanists, rationalists Jews not only of the Reform branch of Judaism, but as well as those of the Orthodox branch Neturei Karta, have been fully aware of the scandalous history of the abuse of the Palestinians, not by Jews generically , but by those who in the name of Judaism took it upon themselves to idea-politically abuse Judaism by nationalizing the Judaic religion and then with the support of colonialist, net-imperialist, British, French, and American imposed this form of nationalist supremacist exceptionalist ideology on the autochthonous Palestinian people to steal their land, their properties, and to engage literally in what the legendary Israeli scholar Ilan Pappe characterized and title his book by, namely “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” by massive expulsions of millions, massacres, and assassinations.

There has existed  a plethora of literature globally which illustrates and thoroughly documents the history of how the majority of decent, law-abiding, Jews who follow the Torah teachings of universalist humanist democratic values, vehemently and totally rejected the notion that there existed any entitlement of Jews to the land of Palestine.

This does not mean that Jews did not live in Palestine, or emigrated to Palestine – as did the grandfather of this writer who left Germany in 1935 when he started sensing the hate and fear mongering Nazi movement’s threats and hence decided to leave for the USSR.  After the war he emigrated to Haifa, Palestine and became a Palestinian citizen, only to then again feel he had to leave due to the extremely unjust partition of Palestine to implant violently into it said absurd nationalization embodiment of the Judaic faith.

The notion that Jews and Palestinians did not get along is repulsive distortion of reality.

Contrariwise, it is only via a one vibrant democratic Palestine state the modern and mature, rational, and humanist senior Jews living in Palestine now can and will collaborate like brothers and sisters, provided – it goes without saying – that Palestinians in the diaspora are granted their real right of return.

Jews, Christians, and Muslims lived in peace and harmony in Palestine.

To this day the Foreign Minister of Palestine is  the legendary Christian Hanan Ashrawi, who in March of 2017 came to the National Press Club in Washington, DC for an annual conference day-long conference attended by several hundred scholars, journalists, retired members of the American intelligence agencies, of retired members of the American foreign service, as well as survivors of the USS Liberty, an American Navy ship which was collecting intelligence during the 1967 Israeli provoked war on Egypt when it was bombed by the Israeli Air Force killing 34 American servicemen.

Said conferences are focused on the urgent need for the United States to reformulate its disastrous and corrupt policy to Israel since said policy is the result of the undue influence of AIPAC (American Israeli Political Affairs Committee) which is in effect in violation of the FARA (Foreign Agents Registration) Act .

So with this foreword, to cut to the chase and focus on the objective of this article, the following recent developments must be highlighted, since again most of the corporatized mainstream media has to some extend failed to properly and comprehensively report to the American people, something which still constitutes a veritable dereliction of its duty to inform and educate with proper and objective historical contextualization.

(A)  At long last the Israeli judiciary branch is zeroing in on internal crimes by Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara Netanyahu and it looks like indictments are imminent.

(B) In desperation due to (A), the utterly dishonest regime of Netanyahu is now actually doing more damage to itself by, inter alia, now barring human rights workers into Israel, and instead it continues to ratchet up hysterically fabricated hate and fear mongering litanies of fake charges against Iran, in an attempt to force the U.S. into a war on Iran after this misleadership regime utterly failed to sabotage the successful John Kerry-Javad Zarif negotiations in conducted in conjunction with the major powers of the world and which were characterized as the “P5+1” negotiations.

These negotiation led to their final agreement and this is now sealed as on September 1, 2017 the U.N. watchdog agency – International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) tasked with monitoring the implementation of said agreement,  certified it fully (notwithstanding nonsensical mumblings by Trump and even more bizarre statements by the utterly unqualified Nikky Haley who Trump picked to represent the U.S. in the U.N. who babies idiocies such as “ the days of Israel bashing at the U.N. are over, there is a new sheriff in town ”.

Holly shit, how embarrassing, give us a break and return to your accounting job at your family’s clothing store which has been penalized three times for not paying the taxes in South Carolina, Nikky !

Further in desperation of not being able to avoid (A) and (B), Netanyahu now enters bizarre territory which reflects his evident loss of control.

Among the bizarre events/announcements the following are cited as particularly offensive and even risible if this were not a tragicomedy.

(C) As even the prestigious Israeli newspaper announced on July 26, 2017, Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) activists were prevented from traveling to Israel.  BDS is a peaceful approach to end the international law violating occupation of Palestine by the Israel violent implant.

It should be noted that BDS is supported globally and in the U.S. it is urged by one of the most prestigious Jewish organization, namely the Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP).

It should also be noted that for the wrong reason, Israel bans the return of any of the millions of Palestinians forced illegally by it into exile in refugee camps, but anyone who documentably proves to have or have had a Jewish mother is automatically allowed to not only enter Israel but become its citizen.

BTW, this writer had a Jewish mother who survived the Nazi crimes against the humanity of Jews and others and was in the U.S. interviewed by the SHOAH Foundation and hence has the video of her interview available to the public at the “Holocaust Museum”, however this writer endorses and supports BDS hence he is automatically barred from even visiting Israel.  This writer also endorses and supports the  prestigious Judaic reform branch American Council for Judaism (ACJ) and this may also automatically have him barred from even visiting Israel since it maintains that to worship Israel is a form of idolatry.

(D) The Deputy Director of this prestigious JVP organization has announced on August 15, 2017 that JVP has been working with American Muslims for Palestine, Presbyterian Fellowships, and Interfaith Peace Builders on “an interesting and exciting interfaith delegation of Christians, Muslims, and Jews to Israel/Palestine with an explicit focus across all the communities on leadership from people of color. The delegation was especially designed to bring faith leaders new to the issue to Israel/Palestine for the first time.

Well, most incredibly as said delegates arrived at our Dulles International Airport they were pulled aside because Israel had the temerity and got away with under a no-fly list under the newly passed BDS Travel Ban.

This is just one of the products of what the AIPAC lobby which in violation of the FARA law manages to get away with in the U.S., and it is shamefully disgusting beyond the pale.

To further document and elaborate the topic (A) supra,  it can now be reported that the Netanyahus who have been under police investigation for many many, months, according to the recent statement by Israel’s Attorney General, are likely  to be indicted for graft and bribery.

Sara Netanyahu is also notorious for having engaged in abusive treatment of her household employees and a lawsuit by one of them has resulted her having had to pay said employee close to $ 44 thousand dollars.

Benjamin Netanyahu has officially been named for receiving illegal gifts from billionaire benefactors and additionally he is accused of attempting to cut a deal with an Israeli newspaper for “better coverage” in return for “political favors”.

But these “internal” law violations may now further lead to political consequences to the point that Netanyahu will be forced to resign and then he must be held accountable by the U.N. and the International Criminal Court (ICC) for the atrocities he and his Zionist supporters committed,  most particularly in the Gaza massacre of the Summer of 2014 where close to 3 thousand mostly innocent, unarmed Palestinians – including 500 children  – were cold-bloodily killed by days of bombardments which targeted schools and hospitals.

Life in the blockaded and electrical energy rationed greatest concentration camp of the history of the world is 24/7 torture.

(E) Last but not least, it is relevant and revealing that the elder son of the Netanyahus, namely, “Hun” as he likes to call himself, turns out to have  published a post which actually equated the racist and anti-Semites of the neo-Nazi demonstration in Charlottesville, with those peacefully demonstrating against them.

To boot, “Yair Hun” who  is 26 year old, went as far as stating in a Tweet that “…the thugs of… Black Lives Matter who hate my country…are becoming stronger and becoming super dominant in American universities and public life, dismissing the neo-Nazis as something from the past.

The father of Yair did not issue an apology for his son’s outrageous statement.

And this is the Benjamin Netanyahu who exploited the Charlie Hebdo tragedy in Paris, was asked by former French President Hollande to not come to the Paris demonstration against terrorism, as it was clear to Hollande what Netanyahu’s agenda was and is, but just as he ignored advice to not offend President Obama by accepting the invitation of the Tea Party neocons (supported by many neolibs) to sabotage the Iran nuclear agreement negotiations, he came, elbowed out demonstrators on the front line and later made the obscene declarations that (a) all Jews should come to Israel, and (b) “… I speak for all Jews...”

The prestigious, courageous, Israeli Haaretz Newspaper reported today on September 11, 2017  an Analysis of this decadent embodiment of Zionist racist supremacist mentality which embodies the quintessential elements of urgency with which the United States must end its support for the violence generating misleaders of Israel.

The title of this Analysis is – “ When David Duke Agrees With Netanyahu’s Son : As Probes Intensify, the Prime Minister and His Family Lose Control

Unfortunately the neocons AND the neolibs along with the Trumpists are corrupted to the core and are antithetical to those who embrace progressive, humanist, participative democracy, but we the people have the power and the will to sweep them out and into the dust bin of history, and must and can do it with the due discipline to avoid at all costs violent and illegal acts which would only  benefit those who are hell-bent on aiming to perpetually morph our democracy into a totally socially stratified  oligarchic plutocracy.  This nightmare would be the end of the UNITED States of America.

On the other hand, given the realistically potential collapse of the misleaderships of both energumens misleaderships power structure, namely that of  Trump and Netanyahu, the dream of a surge of a vibrant progressive wave which will be at the forefront of an era when we actually can become all “we the people” have proven to be able to be, when push comes to shove,  is a very embraceable proposition for the vast majority of our USA inhabitants.

One thought on “Peace May Break Out as an Avalanche of Zionist/Netanyahu Crime Exposures May Lead to Long Overdue Regime Change in Israel

  1. Alfred,
    How are you. One can be thankful when developments come around which point toward establishing greater peace in this world. Undoubtedly most people are 100% in favor of peace on Earth, so any change of circumstances leading in that desired direction are most welcome.

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