Bernie Sanders Launches an Epic Historic Moment : “Medicare for All”

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September 14, 2017 by Alfred

Instead of “Let’s Make America Great Again”, Bernie Sanders and decent, rational, humanist, patriotic, Americans of liberal and/or conservative backgrounds, cannot but give Bernie Sanders and now the accelerating  number of Congressmen and Congresswomen who support him, a standing ovation in his call in the spirit of what this writer would describe as  Let’s Make America Evolve Again.

At the core, America has been “great” all along.

In Congress and at the White House this has not always been the case, but it could not be worse than it is now since Trumpists, Neoconservatives, and Neoliberals, have literally ignored the majority of the American people in their quest for the human right of a health care systems that is NOT connected to  Wall Street investors for its maximization of profit at the expense of the health of ALL Americans.

It goes without saying that the 0.1% to 1.0% or more of the millionaire and billionaire class are not to be included in this category.

It also goes without saying that the United States is now the richest country in the world and the only one that does not have a government based health care system, except for that of its senior citizens.

What Bernie Sanders is calling is what FDR called for and created in August 14, 1935, namely the Social Security program.

Yes, Medicare for All is “expensive” and so is Social Security. But both are human rights in any civilized society.

In this era of deregulated capitalism run amok, it does not take a “revolution” or “socialism” for common sense and justice to prevail and dictate that ALL Americans deserve the best health care system in the world.

It is noteworthy that, inter alia, Australia and Canada, are examples of countries which have successfully established  so-called non “free market dependent” health care systems which not even conservatives in these civilized societies would dare to touch since these are conservatives, who unlike our Neoconservatives (AND unfortunately now as well our Neoliberals) conserve what is rational, humanist, and therefore good for all human beings in their societies.

Not to politicize this marvelous launching of the bill to be introduced by Sanders and many Democratic Senators, it becomes now an imperative that no Democrat (with a capital “D”) should have a audacity to characterize him/her self as such unless they are on fully board on this issue.  This is a major bifurcation moment for the Democratic party if it wants to survive with that characterization.

What is also an imperative now is to educated the skeptics, the cultural programmed, the uninvolved, so that they will not buy into the grotesque dishonesty of those who oppose Medicare for All because it is too “expensive”.

What is REALLY obscenely  expensive, wasteful, corrupt, recklessly ruthless, is what Republican President Dwight Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell speech when he warned all Americans of the grave danger posed to our society by that infamous industrial-military complex and by the foreign entanglements it fosters for the benefit of its investors.

In tandem with letting America evolve again, we must radically cut our so-called “defense” spending which is offensive in nature to ourselves and most often to imaginary so-called “enemies” abroad.  This of course entails the closing of our hundreds of military bases around the world which are indicative of a quest for hegemony which no other country is known for, and particularly among these are the two mightiest in military and non-military terms, namely the People’s Republic of China and Russia which have no military bases around the world as neither did the former USSR.

These “enemies” are most often the product of politically bankrupt prevaricating politicians hell-bent on keeping America on a socially stratified path of social Darwinistic survival of the fittest, which is a clear recipe for the collapse in the longer run or now even possibly but hopefully not probably in the shorter run , of our Constitutionally enshrined Democracy.

This article is concluded with the following :


Provision of a report produced by the highly prestigious Centre of Research on Globalization authored by the distinguished scholar, Prof. Michel Chossudovsky titled “ The Globalization of War, America’s ‘Long War’ Against Humanity” which contains, a long list of the U.S. interventions in elections and in other internal affairs of a huge number of nations, most noteworthy, to name only a very few in this article,  the U.S. intervention on 9/11 of !973 by Nixon – Kissinger to crash the democratically elected government of Chile and prop up the coup leader, the fascist murderous General Pinochet,  the 1953 intervention in Iran to crash the democratically elected government of Mossadegh of the Tudeh (Socialist ) party and the imposition of the tyranny of the Shah who created the terrifying secret Savak organization to eliminate dissidents by assassinations – something which led to the 1979 revolution which ousted the Shah,  and the U.S. supported crashing of the Brazilian democracy in 1964  which had General Vernon Walters prepare the U.S. military on its base off the coast of Brazil’s northeast to intervene in case the right-wing military coup against the democratically elected President João Goulart had failed.  What ensued was a dark era of disappearances and torture for 20 years.


Provision of an exciting video presented on 09/13/2107, on the one of a kind highly prestigious Democracy Now program hosted by the legendary Amy Goodman which features Senator Bernie Saunders announcement of his historic introduction of the Medicare for All legislation which promises to bring this nation of ours back no its track in more ways than one as we hopefully once for all, inspired by Britain, Canada, Australia and other nations,  become a most respectable and inspiring member of the nations in this world, rather than one which falsely claims some notion of “exceptionalism” as a cover to continuously waste our resources and the men and women in the military service to attack and invade nations for no justifiable reason, something which we do in tandem with the misleadership of the Israeli right-wing extremist supremacist Zionist power structure which now the majority of people of Jewish background, including this writer, absolutely and categorically reject.


Accordingly, provided herewith is the link of Bernie Sanders introduction of the Medicare for All bill titled “ Pivotal Moment in American History” : Sen. Sander Unveils Medicare-for-All Bill with 15 Co-Sponsors “.  Enjoy !



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