Roger Waters Targeted Due to The Sinister Synergy of :“ The Occupation of the American Mind “ + Hasbara


September 15, 2017 by Alfred

First of all an elaborative glossary-type description of the essence of this article’s title.

Roger Waters :  A legendary British songwriter, bassist, and composer who is also the co-founder of the progressive rock band Pink Floyd which includes drummer Nick Mason, keyboardist Rick Wright, and guitarist, singer, and songwriter Syd Barrett.

Roger Waters also happens to be a brilliant, highly eloquent, man endowed with a high sense of social awareness which is demonstrated in his peace through justice activism.

Hasbara : a Hebrew word which essentially stands for public diplomacy, but has been abusively misused by the right-wing extremist, supremacist, hegemonist Zionist misleaderships of Israel since 1948 and before , to justify the use of propaganda to distort historical reality and portray perpetrators as “victims” in the minds of the uninformed, most particularly in the United States.

The Occupation of the American Mind : Israel’s Public Relations War in the United States

This documentary is narrated by none other than the supra noted globally acclaimed musician Roger Waters.

The producer of The Occupation of the American Mind is the renown Sut Jhally who is a professor of communication at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and whose work focuses on cultural studies, media, and consumption.    He has produced over 40 documentaries and is the executive director of the Media Education Foundation.

Most importantly at the onset of this brief description of what this documentary is about, for those who due to lack of historical knowledge or those who are literally maliciously hell-bent on covering up historical knowledge and therefore would in a knee-jerk fashion characterize this articles and many other Argentum Post articles as “anti-Semitic” no matter how falsely insulting and libelous and oxymoronic such a characterization is.

Since the writer of this article is of Jewish background, it must be noted that the highly respected, illustrious, objective, rational, humanist Jewish journalist Gideon Levy(*) who writes for the independent, progressive Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, commented about this documentary the following “ I wish every American would watch this powerful documentary “.

(*) This writer met Gideon Levy twice in as many years at the National Press Club in Washington, DC during  annual all day conferences which draw some 600 scholars, investigative journalists, retired members of the U.S. intelligence, military, and foreign service communities.  Said conferences main objective is to inform and educate the American public with proper historical contextualization of the urgent need for a major reform of the U.S. policy towards the Israel which since 1948 has been mislead by the ideologues of nationalist, supremacist, hegemonist Zionist power structure as said misleadership constitutes a major threat, more now than ever,  to the best interests and security of the U.S., of Israel, of all people of the Judaic faith globally, not to metion to the stability, peace, and reconstruction of the Middle East.

Most regrettably the corporatized mainstream media for the last 5 years of these conferences has decided to remain silent about them and this is constitutes a dereliction of duty to inform the American public on their part.

Three more comments about this documentary will suffice for the objective of this article to describe what it is about and how important it is for it to be seen  by all Americans, in high schools, universities, via PBS, via all media which treasures or freedom and right to know the truth.

A remarkable achievement.  Anyone who wishes to understand the deeper reasons for America’s utter failure to bring peace to the Middle East region should begin by watching this powerful film” – Avi Shlaim, author of “The Iron Wall : Israel and the Arab World

Amazing ! A must-watch documentary for anyone interested in understanding the truth of the Occupation  and the failure of Western journalism” – Marc Lamont Hill, CNN political analyst and host of HuffPost Live

Compelling, revealing, and chilling.  For over half a century, Americans drank the Kool-Aid concocted by the Israel lobby (AIPAC), the U.S. media, and virtually all elected officials because there were no alternatives.  This film – like the movements that inspired it – is the antidote – Robin D.G. Kelley, author of “Freedom Dreams : The Black Radical Imagination

NOTE : While this DVD documentary is not easily available, The Occupation of the American Mind” is available via streaming and DVD at For information on the Media Education Foundation, visit

One last term ( not used in the supra title  ) is described infra for those not familiar with it.

BDS : Which means Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions.

It is a Palestinian led movement which is growing at an exponential rate of progression as it has been adopted by people of ALL backgrounds globally and that, it goes without saying, includes all peace aspiring Jews and their organizations (e.g. Jewish Voice for Peace – JVP) as it is movement for freedom, peace, and justice inspired by the South African anti-Apartheid movement, to pressure Israel to end its international law violating occupation and its crimes against the humanity of the autochthonous people of Palestine whose lands it took over.  Israel is now the only Apartheid state entity in the world, and shamefully, when it had clandestinely developed its arsenal of nuclear WMD, (with the awareness of Britain, France, and the U.S. intelligence agencies,  it simply would not comment about it when asked – invoking a policy of “strategic ambiguity” and to boot had the temerity to proliferate its nuclear energy weaponization technology to the odious white supremacist Apartheid regime of South Africa in the mid 80’s.

Now to cut to the chase, a brief foreword precedes the presentation of a clip of a video a 09/14/2017 interview by Democracy NOW’s one and only Amy Goodman of Roger Waters,  is provided at its end.

It turns out, that, incredibly Roger Waters was barred from performing in New York’s Nassau County, because he supports BDS, as this writer, and millions of people of all backgrounds and most particularly Jews, and noble Jewish organizations and Jewish Voice for Peace, which this writer also endorses and actively supports.

According to Nassau County Attorney, Roger Waters merely booking a concert in  Nassau County and following up on performing there  is somehow in violation “Local Law 3-2016” merely because he supports the peaceful BDS movement to bring Israel in compliance with international law.

As the publication Gothamist correctly stated and published, “According to the NYCLU, the law itself is a violation of the constitution. ‘ The law targets political boycotts, which the Supreme Court has long-held as a form of political speech,’.  

Zachary Ahmed, policy counsel at NYCLU, told Gothamist. “Here we had an example of the county threatening to enforce this law, and that’s what prompted us to respond.”

It is an aberration of common sense itself to even imagine that any law can exist which will criminalize an individual’s or an organization’s right to not buy or invest or  call for sanction against any state entity which is in gross violation of international law and commits crimes against the humanity of millions of innocent, unarmed people such as the autochthonous  people of Palestine.

The good news is, Roger Waters will regardless perform at the  Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum this Friday and Saturday nights  09/16/17 and 09/17/17.

This article is therefore finalized with the presentation of the supra referred to Democracy Now clip.

Two noteworthy exposures of ignorance, hypocrisy, and lack of candor are due.

Said video exposes how one of the co-sponsors of the bill to criminalize the support of BDS, namely the neoliberal Democrat Senator Cardin of Maryland,  who BTW also irresponsibly supported sabotaging the successful nuclear agreement between Iran and the P5+ 1, when confronted about the constitutional violation of the First Amendment his bill faces, he suddenly could not remember, or feigned not remembering, what exactly his own sponsored bill stipulates.

Said video also exposes how the MSNBC host Rachel Maddox who considers herself a “liberal” but most probably is a neoliberal, when narrating the conflict generated by the implant of Israel into Palestine, commits the same astounding and shocking travesty Trump did, by falsely suggesting  that Palestinians and Jews are both to be blamed for the conflict.  To equate aggressor and invader violence with victim  of both violence is literally the product of either utter ignorance at best, or worse, a rationale of an utterly Kafkaesque and perverse nature.

Provided here, therefore is said link of the video clip of the interview by Amy Goodman of Roger Waters.

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  1. M Estelle Spike says:

    Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to viewing this very important documentary!

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