November 7, 2017 : The Democratically Voted Beginning of the End of the Nightmare Misadministration

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November 10, 2017 by Alfred

November 7, 1917 has become a day to be soberly celebrated as it a pivotal election day during which the predominant majority of the American public soundly and categorically voted to reject irreversibly the decadent, odious, self-destructive, irrational, violence generating, policies of the Trump misadministration.

This is a day which marks the beginning of the collapse of Trumpism AND hopefully along with it, NEOconservative Republicanism in synergy with the NEOliberal Democratism since both have in common a track record of greed, corruption, dishonesty, and violent and destructive international hegemony objectives.

Steve Bannon stated that Trump’s cabinet picks are intended to “Deconstruct” regulation and agencies, and potentially much more.

Deconstruction is synonymous with destruction.

“We the People” have initiated by peaceful, democratic, and disciplined means to bring to an irreversible end the now almost one year old bizarre and anomalous massive destruction,  and generation of hate, violence, and divisiveness in our nation.

So, on November 7, 2017 the people of America finally had an opportunity to cast the first decisive vote end “Deconstruction” and to reject irreversibly the spiral course to the bottom the Reconstructor-In-Chief and his acolytes had decided to impose on our nation, and this after loosing the election by some 3 million voted,  on the democratic standard which most democracies function, i.e. by the direct vote of one man/woman one vote.  The Electora College most be moved to a museum.

This major pivotal event occurred only days after two extraordinarily courageous and principled conservative Senators, namely Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, and Tennessee Senator Bob Corker realized that the Trumpist/NEOcon brand of conservatism is bizarrely inapplicable to historical reality, and hence is utterly inoperative as it clashes with fundamental pillars enshrined in the Constitution of the United States and, furthermore, on the basis of ignorance and arrogance based proclamations and actions by the protagonist of this U.S. Government “deconstruction” demolition derby, which has required the continuous intervention by noble, ethical, patriotic  Federal Judges to avoid major damage and chaos from breaking out on all kinds of fronts simultaneously.

The Trump misadministration has increasingly become a threat to our stability, and to our national security,  most particularly because as part of the U.S. Government “deconstruction” the U.S. Department of State has been gutted, and has a Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who does not seem to care about it particularly as he has zero experience in diplomacy, just like our so-called “representative” at the United Nations, namely Nikki Haley has no notion of what she is talking about when she acts as a ditto head for Trump, since her background has been that of bookkeeper for her family’s clothing business and later having been elected to be governor of the state of South Carolina.

As ambassador Barbara Stephenson aptly stated, “ The talent being shown the door now (at the Department of State) is not only our top talent, but also talent that cannot be replicated overnight.  The rapid loss of so many senior officers has a serious, immediate, and tangible effect on the capacity of the United States to shape world events.

The “Reconstructor-In-Chief” and Tweeter-in-Chief has been daily  shooting surreal non-sense from the hips erratically, threateningly,  and in a series of self-centered, contradictory, outbursts, coupled by false and dishonest narratives which normally would by now be considered a solid basis to have him removed from office where it not for political obstacles which can only postpone this ultimately inevitable course of peaceful and legal/Constitutional action.

The major problem which however exists is the criticality of the precious little time available to block and remove the threats to our national security as this unpresidential man pursues relentlessly his obsession to  mislead with continuous Twitter tirades from the “adult day-care center” where thanks to, surprisingly, Secretary of Defense James Mattis, has him somewhat temporarily sobered up by confronting him with the reality that such inflammatory outbursts as his threats to “ destroy “ the nation of North Korea,  would lead to a major catastrophe if carried out.

There are various conflicts going on in the world today, but in the case of two of the most dangerous ones, Trump incredibly, is supporting the wrong side all along doubling up on it by opportunistically adding fuel to the fire by acting as a salesman for the industrial military complex which President Eisenhower warned up against in his farewell address, and thereby encouraging the grotesque and criminal behavior of such devious hegemony seeking misleaders as Prince Bin Salman in Saudi Arabia and his now friend the Zionist supremacist misleader of Israel.

One of the conflicts which could spin out of control at an accelerated pace is that fanned by the incendiary aggressive  and international law violating murderous violence meted out by Prince Bin Salman on Yemen which Saudi Arabia has been bombing relentlessly for 2 years now creating the worst humanitarian crisis the world has faced in more than a century and that aggression is in tandem with that of the Zionist misleadership’s aggression of Netanyahu in his violent repression and international law violating occupation of Palestine by Israel.

Both,  Bin Salman and Netanyahu are on the same page in that crime against the humanity of Yemen and the humanity of Palestine.

Meanwhile Trump has just made an infamous “deal”with Bin Salman selling him a package of billions of petrodollars worth of armaments and supporting Salman’s criminal threats against Qatar, and engaging in dancing the traditional sword dance with these outright thugs, who now also have threatened for hegemony’s sake the stability of Lebanon.

We must also remember that Saudi Arabia continues in its effort to thwart U.S. release of long-classified documents on connections between its government and the September 11 terrorist plot.  Former Senator Bob Graham, the Florida Democrat, led the push to have the 28-page declassified.

Saudi Arabia is also threatening its peaceful and stable neighbors Qatar and Lebanon as part of an outrageous campaign of Iran vilification since Iran is an emerging economy which grants its citizens an ever-increasing degree of democracy, something which is perceived as a “threat” by the Saudi decadent misleader(s) while Netanyahu is encouraging such a travesty hoping to involve the United States in a war on Iran as it continues its hegemonist expansionism to literally take over all of Palestine, as described by the Israeli scholarly, anti-Zionist, humanist author Ilan Pappe in his book titled “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine”.

To boot, Trump’s son-in-law who benefits from real estate investment in stolen Palestinian lands is also cooperating with Bin-Salman, and simultaneously while the Burmese government is carrying out a racist ethnic cleansing crime against the humanity of its autochthonous Rohingya population, it is being armed by, the Netanyahu criminal regime    as reported by the highly prestigious, objective, and progressive Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

So,  wherever Trump goes in his Middle East and now East Asia trip he continues to insist peddling armaments which can only serve to stoke the fires of rage, destruction,  and prejudice, and that  includes Japan and South Korea where thousands of South Koreans demonstrate against Trump and against war on North Korea.

After Trumps stop in Vietnam he is visiting the Philippines.

Even though Philippines is led by literary a mass murderer, namely Rodrigo Duterte,  who has authorized his police and even vigilantes to assassinate anyone “suspected” or using or selling drugs, a situation which has resulted in the extra-judicial execution of 7 thousand people, Trump has expressed profound admiration for this executioner and has stated that “he is doing a tremendous job”.  So in effect Trump goes abroad and endorses murder, but he must be held accountable for that.  Never in history has this happened so brazenly, and never must such an individual with such warped values be allowed to pretend to represent us.

Another fact about this despicable and criminal misleader of the Philippines which may endear him to Trump, since he is pathological consumed with the destructive and racist need to denigrate President Obama and all of his accomplishments,  is that he had the temerity to characterize our President Barak Obama as a “son of a whore” as BBC (inter alia) has reported.

Duterte also stated that “he’d be happy to follow Hitler’s example” !

The New York Times reported on April 30, 2017 that Trump invited this criminal to the White House.  This is surrealistically and appallingly beyond the pale, when a so-called “President” of the United States of America is allowed to stoop so low.

It only gets worse when we look at the North Korea impasse crisis which Trump has suggested to be inclined to resolve by military means.  These means include risking a nuclear reprisal to be then met by a nuclear attack.

The very thought of such an audacity coupled to the utterance of its possibility as a threat is in itself criminal, as the illustrious scholar Bruce Cumings of the University of Chicago has stated in (inter alia) his book “Korea’s Place in the Sun”.

Cumings reminds us that the use of nuclear bombs ushers in an era of a nuclear winter which is a horrific crop killer.  Perish even the thought of such an threat and hence there is an imperative to NOW block Trump’s access to the use of nuclear weapons to attack.

The American public is not informed that in 1953 the U.S. dropped more bombs on the Korean peninsular than in  WWII.   Some 600 thousand bombs, including 32 thousand napalm bombs killed about one third of the population of Korea.   No wonder, most particularly North Korea does not trust the U.S.   And no wonder North Korea has acquired a small arsenal of nuclear bombs to function as a deterrent as Cumings also states.

In the case of Israel, it was not only allowed to but facilitated in its acquisition of an arsenal of nuclear weapons notwithstanding that (a) it came into existence by the violent partition for Palestine with British and then American support, and (b) to this day it maintains its policy of “strategic ambiguity” when it comes to admitting that it has the arsenal, while at the same time it refused to sign on to the NPT (nuclear non-proliferation treaty) and therefore decided to secretly in the mid-80’s to proliferate and assist the odious white supremacist regime of Apartheid South Africa to weaponize nuclear energy.   One of the sources of information on this historical reality is that written by a Jewish author whose parents were forced into exile by the Nazi invasion of Austria.  The name of said author is Sasha-Polakow Suransky and his book’s title is “ The Unspoken Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship With Apartheid South Africa

The solution according to Cumings is what he calls a “Freeze for Freeze” formula, followed up by the establishment of diplomatic relations.  The freeze of the huge military exercises the U.S. carries out in South Korea coupled to a freeze of the nuclear weapons testing by North Korea, would be an opener which has to be followed up by a peace treaty which has never been signed.  Only an armistice agreement was established.

Neither this Trump administration nor a follow up NEOcon Republican administration will be inclined to resolve this issue peacefully and democratically and this is why the famous and legendary MIT scholar Noam Chomsky declared that “ the most dangerous criminal organization of the world is the Republican Party “.

Sadly even the NEOlib Democrats did not prioritize the Korea issue but at this time there is an imperative that either (a) the Trump / Pence administration be removed from office by peaceful, legal, Constitutional, means or at least that (b) neither Trump (nor Pence) be allowed to by themselves initiate a war which may go nuclear.

To provide the readers of this Argentum Post article with additional corroboration of what has been stated supra, see infra said further elaborative corroboration in the embodiment of  relevant and revealing videos clips which were presented by the formidably independent high integrity Democracy Now daily news program.

NOTE :  The URL of each article is that of the underlined sentence enclosed in brackets which follows the title of said article

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