[APNFD Nr. 56] Execrable Saudi Arabia Dictator Barbarically and Mendaciously is Using Starvation as a Weapon With Trump and Netanyahu Complicity


November 20, 2017 by Alfred

This is an Argentum Post News Flash Digest [ APNFD Nr. 56 ]

The Israeli courageous and highly principled and professional newspaper Haaretz,  and last night’s (November 19, 2017) , need to be highly commended for their report on what is now going into the 3rd year of a genocidal bombing of Yemen, and which has done so much damage that a critical mass of zero tolerance by the entire world has been reached and must be now met with the immediate intervention of the World Health Organization, the International Criminal Court, and the United Nations to prevent the Saudi Arabian government , with – incredibly the support of Trump and Netanyahu – to continue to perversely and savagely  bomb one more day the country of Yemen which as documented by a “60 Minute” special is killing one sick and/or starved child every 10 minutes, since the literally diabolical misleader of Saudi Arabia, namely Mohammed Bin Salman, is relentlessly bombing hospitals, and is preventing any humanitarian relied from reaching the country of 26 million people, of which some 10 thousands of innocent, unarmed civilians have been killed, and some 7 million have been rendered homeless, injured, and sick with nowhere to go.

As soon as Trump arrived in Saudi Arabia, after telling his decadent criminal misleadership that the only condition for this visit is that Saudi Arabia will sign an agreement to purchase U.S. arms, which they did, Saudi Arabia started to accelerate a campaign of calumniating accusations against the sovereign nation of Qatar, Iran, and then more recently has started to threaten to destabilize Lebanon.

Trump danced the infamous sword dance along with Rex Tillerson after the purchase of weapons agreements was signed,  and Netanyahu, while under an increasing set of investigations by Israel’s police for a variety of corruption crimes, has secretly supported every Saudi because his Zionist power structure agenda is to get the United States into a war on Iran on the basis of false claims, similar to the war on Iraq , for his exclusively their expansionist hegemonic designs in the region,  as well as those of our present grotesque and unqualified misleader and its neocon and neoliberal acolytes.

With this brief foreword, given the urgency of this matter, which must be brought up to the UN Security Council today, which lamentably has as the representative of the United States, the most utterly ignorant, unqualified, Nikki Haley, who utters demonstrably the most dishonest and non-sensical memes about being the guardian of Israel against United Nations Israel bashing, what will be listed infra are some of the sources of information which support the supra introductory report.

One thought on “[APNFD Nr. 56] Execrable Saudi Arabia Dictator Barbarically and Mendaciously is Using Starvation as a Weapon With Trump and Netanyahu Complicity

  1. M Estelle Spike says:

    The evil ones continue to get away with the most vicious acts against humanity on a daily basis in the poorest, most vulnerable places in the World! We must come up with specific, practical plans to bring all these world class criminals to justice or it will only get worse!!

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