[APFND Nr. 57] In Stark Contrast to the Trump’s Reckless Bombastic Threats at the UN, Former Army Lt. Col. Danny Davis Calls for an End To Threats to North Korea


November 29, 2017 by Alfred

This is an Argentum Post News Flash Digest [ APFND Nr. 57 ]

It is such a category of article by virtue of it being a very recent pronouncement of major importance by a distinguished and principled, Lieutenant Colonel of the United States Army who is a Senior Fellow (of Defense Priorities)  & Military Expert who has retired after 21 years of active service and who was deployed into combat zones four times in his career and was awarded a Bronze Star Medal for Valor at the Battle in 1991, and was awarded a Bronze Star Medal in Afghanistan in 2011.

It is also such a category of article as a result of it not having been given the ample and widest coverage it urgently and fully deserves by the mainstream U.S. media.

Said Lt. Col. of the  U.S. Army additionally earned a Master of International Relations, and speaks German and Russian.

This noble and dedicated  Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis furthermore has gained national notoriety in 2012 when he retired from Afghanistan and published a report detailing how senior U.S. military and civilian leaders told the American public and Congress that the war was going well while in reality it was heading for disaster.

For more elaborate information on this extraordinary American patriot and whistleblower the website “Defense Priorities” should be visited.

With this brief foreword, the Argentum Post presents to its readers a highly important warning Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis issued in the last few hours after the most recent ballistic missile test by North Korea.

If the mainstream media had not been characterized by its dereliction of duty to inform by covering objectively all news that is solid real news, without any deference to special interest groups objections based on their undue influence with their highly politicized agendas, then the infra quotation of this illustrious military officer would have been headline news, and this is so most particularly, because since the disastrous miselection (he lost by millions of direct democratic votes)  of the misleader Donald Trump to the position of President and hence Commander-in-Chief would not have started one of the worst political and social crisis the United States had in history, given that said misleader is utterly unqualified and hence extremely dangerous to our national security as proven by a plethora of documentation.

Trump’s bizarre and dishonest melt down during his so-called presentation at the United Nations General Assembly, which was hysterically applauded by the other major dangerous misleader of Israel, namely Benjamin Netanyahu,  in which he threatened to “totally destroy” a nation of 25 million people, was a shockingly disturbing spectacle watched world-wide and probably never happened before in the history of the United Nations.

Such an incendiary and disgraceful declaration would seem to be speech which is not protected by the First Amendment on the basis of the 1942 Supreme Court decision in Chaplinsky v. State of New Hampshire.

Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire, 315 U.S. 568 (1942), is a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court articulated that the “fighting words doctrine”, is a limitation of the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech.

Trump’s relentless and baseless aggressive speech and incitement to hate and fear is part and parcel of his own incapacity to live in a universe of integrity and rationalist and humanist discourse and as such it constitutes a disfunctionality which has been doing tremendous embarrassing damage to our nation’s best interests and prestige from day one of his inauguration to the present.  This cannot be sustainably tolerated until it is too late to prevent a major cataclysmic disaster with irreversible consequences.

Hence the imperative that former Army Lt. Col. Danny Davis’ message put forth must hailed and applauded on a bipartisan and nonpartisan basis,  as well as  be heard loud and clear and be disseminated at this critical moment on a world-wide basis, since we are possibly facing a calamity with potential irreversible damage if we do not act NOW.

Never again, must the American people and the world be in a situation where an unstable right wing extremist racist and dishonest misleader would acquire the controls of our nation and as a consequence threaten to unleash a catastrophic war which rapidly could evolve into a nuclear holocaust killing millions of South and North Koreans and tenths of thousands of American soldiers in the Korean peninsula, not to mention the radioactive clouds such an inferno would bring over the mainland of Asia.

We must repopulate the Department of State which has been gutted of the most experienced and sophisticated bright diplomats there,  and we must immediately resort to a summit conference at the UN to engage constructively in a diplomatic settlement which will have to involve military concessions by the United States in exchange for a freeze of the North Korean nuclear weapons program.   This must also involve direct people to people communications between the U.S. and North Korea.

We cannot also tolerate to have a Nikki Haley representing the United States at the United Nations,  whose background is that of keeper of books for her family’s clothing business, and a stint as the governor of South Carolina, uttering non-sensical and yet inflammatory statements based on her abject ignorance and arrogance  such as “the era of ( international law violating) Israel bashing at the United Nations is over”… “because there is a new sheriff in town” and “ North Korea is just begging for war .

The following therefore is the warning by former Army Lt. Col. Danny Davis, Analyst, for DefensePriorities.org as regards to the imperative  that tensions be reduced immediately.

It is crucial that we lower the temperature on the threats and the rhetoric and recognise what North Korea is doing, but we have to prevent war. We cannot start war, we can not use preventive war to think we’re going to take out the regime, because it won’t. Millions of lives could be at stake here both in South Korea, U.S. personnel and possibly even in the mainland.”

A segment of this  interview of Army Lt. Col. Danny L. Davis was broadcast today, November 29, 2017 by EuroNews under the rubric “We have to prevent war”.

These are few precious words which carry a tremendous pack of relevance and must be further disseminated, discussed, and  elaborated on.


3 thoughts on “[APFND Nr. 57] In Stark Contrast to the Trump’s Reckless Bombastic Threats at the UN, Former Army Lt. Col. Danny Davis Calls for an End To Threats to North Korea

  1. Strong, wise and timely words from Lt. Colonel Danny Davis. admirable in that he notes the massive negative potential consequences for millions of innocents, and very important in that his message portrays war on the Korean Peninsula as unthinkable – a horrific error of historic proportion.

    • Alfred,
      Perhaps you are fluent in Spanish, or perhaps not (while certainly interested in hearing/reading the English translation, we have no clue what the commenter has conveyed), but at any rate here is a comment posted regarding your interview.

      Cuando hablo de Fred como un activista que se opone al sionismo, muchos se extrañan que siendo él de extracción judía sea tan crítico de la política de Israel contra los palestinos. La entrevista resume quién es Fred Gluecksmann y la usaré para responder las críticas de mis conocidos amigos judíos y de otros que no lo son, pero están igual de desinformados sobre lo que sucede en el Medio Oriente.
      Manuel Esparza, México.

  2. M Estelle Spike says:

    Hopefully more in the military will begin to critically think and speak out!

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