Trump’s Recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel is a Perversely Provocative Ignorant and Arrogant Travesty Which Threatens U.S. Best Interests as Well as Those of Rational Humanist Jews Everywhere


December 5, 2017 by Alfred

On January 27, 2017 this writer of the Argentum Post published a comprehensive article titled on the absurdity and downright illegality of a recognition of the city of Jerusalem as somehow the “capital” of Israel.

Said article title’s functionalized so a serve as a link to it, is incorporated by reference thereto infra.

The Absurdly Provocative and Universally Opposed Move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem is a Red Line Which Trump Must be Informed Not To Cross

No more needs to be said about this subject by the Argentum Post.

What can be added to this extremely outrageously dangerous and destructive declaration by Trump is that there is a whole universe of fervourous Jewish opposition to the nationalist, supremacist,  racist Zionist power structure of Israel which the corporatized mainstream media is being derelict in its duty to report on to the American people.

Additionally guilty of this sin of omission are all of active protagonists disseminating and imposing on Americans the grotesque lies that unconditional support of Israel is untouchable.

Neoliberal and neoconservative corrupted to the core Congresspersons are active 24/7 along with the pseudo-Christian evangelist Zionists as propagandists for their dishonest false narratives which literally ban Israel criticism as “anti-Semitic” and feeble-mindedly believe that falsely equating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism will suffice for them to camouflage their cultural programmation that the stealing, invasion,  occupation, and lethal oppression of Palestinians in Palestine somehow is part of an entitlement of said nationalist Zionists.

Millions of decent, humanist, scholarly and non-scholarly, Jews word-wide, including  in Israel, have long before Nazism and the synthesis of  Israel in 1948 and ever afterwards, categorically opposed the nationalization of their Torah universalist values based Judaic faith.

Trump’s move will potentially create a catastrophe while he is potentially creating another one with his threats to “totally destroy” the 25 million people nation of North Korea if he is not stopped NOW, not only by the opposition of the American people, but by an already establish opposition of ALL of our allies globally.

The scourge of this insane nationalism which is represented by the Trump and Netanyahu hate and fear mongering hegemons  is going to be extremely costly in human and financial ways, way beyond the more than $ 10 million dollars per day which the American taxpayer is forced to contribute to this bizarre and bloody “Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine”.

The time is more than ripe for Trump to be removed from office by peaceful, legal, and constitutional means before the damage he is meting out on American and on the world becomes irreversible for generations.

See infra a touching short video declaration by a Jewish survivor on Palestine.


3 thoughts on “Trump’s Recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel is a Perversely Provocative Ignorant and Arrogant Travesty Which Threatens U.S. Best Interests as Well as Those of Rational Humanist Jews Everywhere

  1. aliceny says:

    You have expressed this adulteration of history so well, Alfred, and covered the angles
    and the troublesome issues and problems that will be caused by this ill-formed and
    ill-timed decision.
    Thank you.

  2. After Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu’s attempt to escalate war in Syria by launching 59 Tomahawk missiles, based on the false flag chemical incident near Idlib in April 2017, failed in bringing their desired military response and escalation. Trump and Netanyahu now seem desperate enough to try again for escalation with the most provocative action imaginable: U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol and moving the U.S. embassy there.

    Trump’s irrational action, following on the heels of his anti-Muslim Twitter posts and ignoring universal concern and warnings not to do it, can be seen as nothing but an attempt to fuel incidents “legitimizing” U.S./Israeli (likely massive – think “Operation Protective Edge” on a larger scale) military response.

  3. M Estelle Spike says:

    It’s amazing how stable this country remains in spite of the madmen, idiots and devils who run it with full immunity from Constitutional and International law. How long before this evil empire orchestrated by the CIA and enforced by the Pentagon is brought to its knees? We need a powerful national and international law firm dedicated to bringing all heads of state – worldwide – to justice!

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