After 69 Years of Colonialist/Imperialist Palestine Invasion, Occupations, and Oppression : A Historical Milestone is Reached With the Universal Backfire to the Trump/Netanyahu Unholy Collusion’s Exposure of Its Belligerent, Decadent, Dishonest, Racist, Hegemonic, Incompetent Real Objectives


December 10, 2017 by Alfred

When it comes to Trump and Netanyahu, the aphorism “Birds of a Feather Flock Together” is beyond apt, it is a reality.

Trump in the U.S., and Netanyahu in Israel, are under serious investigations for serious and most egregious criminal wrongdoing which has already resulted in enormous damage to both, the United States and to Israel, not to mention to the autochthonous inhabitants of Palestine for centuries,  namely, the Palestinians.

In 1948 the United Nations, barely 3 years old and under the dominance of Western colonialist/imperialist interests in fossil fuel, created a colossal miscarriage in the context of its acceptance of the product of the nationalization of the Judaic faith which was implanted violently into the land of Palestine without any consultation with the Palestinians.

Woodrow Wilson, to his credit, did create the King Crane Commission as early as in 1919, long before the synthesis by the U.N. of the so-called state entity called “Israel”to find out how the Palestinians would feel about the partition of their land as proclaimed by the imperialist British Lord Balfour in 1917 calling for the partition of Palestine.

Said commission reported that to President Woodrow Wilson, essentially what was obvious, namely that the Palestinians would not be dispossessed of their land without violence.

To document the reality that the corrupt, nationalist, supremacist, racist, hegemonic, and belligerent call by the members of the ideo-political right-wing extremist Zionist gangs which started their pernicious quest for the take over of lands in Argentina, Westphalia – Germany, and Uganda – Africa long before the conceptualization that the Nazis would come to power and carry out genocidal crimes against Jews and others,   it is important that Article 5 of said commission’s report be made disseminated  globally now, as it documents how the vast majority of decent, Torah universalist values abiding Jews, globally strenuously opposed such perversion of their religion and hence how its “might makes right” objectives finally settled on brazenly taking over the land of the Palestinians ( 75% of it), by dishonestly misusing  biblical history and exploiting the said genocidal crimes of the Nazis which in no way excused said take over.

Ever since, the Zionist toxic ideology was embraced by right-wing extremist, messianic fundamentalist, evangelist pseudo-Christians, i.e. those who embrace Donald Trump and preach the “prosperity gospel” which is a deviant,  materialistic,  and fake form of “so-called “Christian” practice which is condemned by normal, decent, rational, and human real Christians, and this was simultaneously also embraced by corrupted Congressional politicians of the neoliberal, and neoconservative brand, who calculated that they also  have a profitable chance to use the  Zionist scheme to generate for them political and financial capital.

This fact has become one of the greatest disgraces of the last 70 years as its toxic influence has metastasized virally in ways which have also corroded our educational institutions as well as our corporatized media (the so-called Forth Estate) which also profited from the sins of disinformation, as well as information suppression on the history of the brutally violent Palestine take over.

So, the objective of this article is to (a) succinctly educate the Argentum Post readers about Article 5 of the King Crane Commission report (and BTW, said commission also comprised members of Jewish religion, inter alia), and (b) to celebrate the apparent heralding of the potential onset of a new era as the malfeasance of  Zionism, Trump-Netanyahu interventionism, and neoliberal/neoconservative exploitation is brought to and end by their self-destructiveness exposure as a result of the most recent and most repulsive addition of the proverbial addition of the potentially  calamitous consequence insult added to the 70 years of relentless injury meted out on the Palestinians,  since for the first time all 14 members of the United Nations Security Council have declared their irreversible opposition to the unacceptably provocative and incendiary Jerusalem move by Trump/Netanyahu.

This move has eliminated the U.S. as a “peace” negotiations arbiter , and as particularly  with the exception of a moment in 1993 Oslo talks, said “peace” negotiations were always a perverse charade and a Zionist ruse to gain time to establish “invasive facts on the grounds” and to carry out international law violating occupations, house demolitions, collective punishments, and massacres  in Palestine, such as that of the Summer of 2014 when close 3 thousand  mostly unarmed, innocent Palestinian civilians were killed (and that comprises some 500 children)  when Israel carried out bombing raids in Gaza, acting as usually as the “victim” defending itself when in reality they were the criminal perpetrators of atrocities for which they have not yet been held accountable.

Shortly after said  Oslo talks, Netanyahu was caught on video bragging to illegal settlers of Palestinian land that it was amazing how the United States could be manipulated and how he was proud to have scuttled these talks.

So, see infra, said Article 5 of the King Crane commission report.  Said report, by the way, is found on the website of the Virtual Jewish Library


Article 5. We recommend, in the fifth place, serious modification of the extreme Zionist Program for Palestine of unlimited immigration of Jews, looking finally to making Palestine distinctly a Jewish State.

(1) The Commissioners began their study of Zionism with minds predisposed in its favor, but the actual facts in Palestine, coupled with the force of the general principles proclaimed by the Allies and accepted by the Syrians have driven them to the recommendation here made.

(2) The Commission was abundantly supplied with literature on the Zionist program by the Zionist Commission to Palestine; heard in conferences much concerning the Zionist colonies and their claims; and personally saw something of what had been accomplished. They found much to approve in the aspirations and plans of the Zionists, and had warm appreciation for the devotion of many of the colonists, and for their success, by modem methods, in overcoming great natural obstacles.

(3) The Commission recognized also that definite encouragement had been given to the Zionists by the Allies in Mr. Balfour’s often quoted statement, in its approval by other representatives of the Allies. If, however, the strict terms of the Balfour Statement are adhered to-favoring “the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine”—it can hardly be doubted that the extreme Zionist Program must be greatly modified. For a “national home for the Jewish people” is not equivalent to making Palestine into a Jewish State; nor ran the erection of such a Jewish State be accomplished without the gravest trespass upon the “civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine.” The fact came out repeatedly in the Commission’s conference with Jewish representatives, that the Zionists looked forward to a practically complete dispossession of the present non-Jewish inhabitants of Palestine, by various forms of purchase.

In his address of July 4, 1918, President Wilson laid down the following principle as one of the four great “ends for which the associated peoples of the world were fighting”: “The settlement of every question, whether of territory, of sovereignty, of economic arrangement or of political relationship upon the basis of the free acceptance of that settlement by the people immediately concerned, and not upon the basis of the material interest or advantage of any other nation or people which may desire a different settlement for the sake of its own exterior influence or mastery.” If that principle is to rule, and so the wishes of Palestine’s population are to be decisive as to what is to be done with Palestine, then it is to be remembered that the non-Jewish population of Palestine-nearly nine-tenths of the whole-are emphatically against the entire Zionist program. The tables show that there was no one thing upon which the population of Palestine was more agreed than upon this. To subject a people so minded to unlimited Jewish immigration, and to steady financial and social pressure to surrender the land, would be a gross violation of the principle just quoted, and of the peoples’ rights, though it kept within the forms of law.

It is to be noted also that the feeling against the Zionist program is not confined to Palestine, but shared very generally by the people throughout Syria, as our conferences clearly showed. More than 72 per cent–1350 in all–of all the petitions in the whole of Syria were directed against the Zionist program. Only two requests-those for a united Syria and for independence-had a larger support. This general feeling was only voiced by the “General Syrian Congress,” in the seventh, eighth and tenth resolutions of their statement [paras. 7, 8, 10, Doc. 251….

The Peace Conference should not shut its eyes to the fact that the Anti-Zionist feeling in Palestine and Syria is intense and not lightly to be flouted. No British officer, consulted by the Commissioners, believed that the Zionist program could be carried out except by force of arms. The officers generally thought a force of not less than fifty thousand soldiers would be required even to initiate the program. That of itself is evidence of a strong sense of the injustice of the Zionist program, on the part of the non-Jewish populations of Palestine and Syria. Decisions, requiring armies to carry out, are sometimes necessary, but they are surely not gratuitously to be taken in the interests of a serious injustice. For the initial claim, often submitted by Zionist representatives, that they have a “right” to Palestine, based on an occupation of two thousand years ago, can hardly be seriously considered.

There is a further consideration that cannot justly be ignored, if the world is to look forward to Palestine becoming a definitely Jewish state, however gradually that may take place. That consideration grows out of the fact that Palestine is “the Holy Land” for Jews, Christians, and Moslems alike. Millions of Christians and Moslems all over the world are quite as much concerned as the Jews with conditions in Palestine, especially with those conditions which touch upon religious feeling and rights. The relations in these matters in Palestine are most delicate and difficult. With the best possible intentions, it may be doubted whether the Jews could possibly seem to either Christians or Moslems proper guardians of the holy places, or custodians of the Holy Land as a whole. The reason is this: the places which are most sacred to Christians-those having to do with Jesus-and which are also sacred to Moslems, are not only not sacred to Jews, but abhorrent to them. It is simply impossible, under those circumstances, for Moslems and Christians to feel satisfied to have these places in Jewish hands, or under the custody of Jews. There are still other places about which Moslems must have the same feeling. In fact, from this point of view, the Moslems, just because the sacred places of all three religions are sacred to them, have made very naturally much more satisfactory custodians of the holy places than the Jews could be. It must be believed that the precise meaning, in this respect, of the complete Jewish occupation of Palestine has not been fully sensed by those who urge the extreme Zionist program. For it would intensify, with a certainty like fate, the anti-Jewish feeling both in Palestine and in all other portions of the world which look to Palestine as “the Holy Land.”

In view of all these considerations, and with a deep sense of sympathy for the Jewish cause, the Commissioners feel bound to recommend that only a greatly reduced Zionist program be attempted by the Peace Conference, and even that, only very gradually initiated. This would have to mean that Jewish immigration should be definitely limited, and that the project for making Palestine distinctly a Jewish commonwealth should be given up.

This is more than necessary documentation, inter alia, why Zionists had never any right to any kind of entitlement to any square centimeter of Palestinian land.

Certainly members of all religion had the right to visit the holy sites in Jerusalem and even prior to the synthesis of Israel and its violent implantation into Palestine, there were Palestinian Jews in Palestine, there were and are Christians in Palestine and one of the most illustrious and dedicated to peace Christian of Palestine is the Palestinian legislator, activist, and scholar Hanan Ashrawi who this writer had a opportunity to meet and chat with during last March’s annual event at the National Press Club organized by the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs and by the Institute of Research Middle East Program.

This is the fifth of an annual day long conference of hundreds of national and international scholars, former ambassadors, foreign service officials, intelligence community officials  and others about which the corporatized media keep conspicuously and deplorably mostly silent in view of the corrupting clout the Israel lobby has over it.

Incidentally this is the link to this year’s conference:   The Israel Lobby and American Policy 2018 Conference.  There is an imperative for this extremely informative, high integrity, event to be widely disseminated  as it supports the foundational elements of peace through justice and transparency by the most comprehensive and participatory democracy methods available.

This Argentum Post article is therefore brought to its closure comment which is the following.

Given that the U.N. created the absurdity of the violent implantation of a religious faith nationalization embodiment into land literally stolen from the autochthonous Palestinians in their homeland, a bizarre and horrifically barbaric event which the illustrious scholarly author Ilan Pappe characterized in his book as the “Ethnic Cleaning of Palestine” , it is now more than ever the historical moment when it is up to the United Nations in conjunction with the European Union, and with the support of the International Criminal Court, and with human rights organizations globally, and most particularly with the prestigious B’tselem human rights organization of Israel, and many other international organizations, to once for all, end the festering criminal oppression of the Palestinian people.

While the utterly ignorant at best, and malicious at worst U.S. envoy to the United Nations had he temerity to utter shamelessly the United Nations calumniating and imbecilic declaration that “the days of Israel bashing are over … we have a new Sheriff in town , the antithetical to such nonsense is the case.

The era of Neocon/Neolib/Trump/Netanyahu/Zionist innocent, unarmed, impoverished, Palestinian people bashing must most certainly de facto become over,  as yesterday ( December 9, 2017)  all 14 members of the United Nations Security Council condemned assertively the latest and hopefully final assault on the human and civil rights of all Palestinians who are held hostage in their own land and who were forced into refugee camps out of their lands.

This is an inglorious end of 2017 but at the same time it heralds perhaps the most glorious beginning of 2018 when the Trump/Netanyahu gang of two is sidelined and becomes irrelevant as they hopefully are held accountable for their wrongdoing, and hence the beginning of an era of vibrant reconstruction and healing in the Middle East, most particularly as yesterday the Iraqi PM Abadi declared the “end of war against the ISIL scourge, and victory which was achieved as a result of the significant support of the most democratic nation of the Middle East, namely Iran which as been targeted by the Trump/Netanyahu duo with neolib/neocon support for aggression on the basis of empty and fraudulent claims.

It is important to note that during the last March annual meeting of the Israel propaganda lobby AIPAC – which is in violation of the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) – a meeting which is attended by Hilary Clinton who has followed literally and documentably the instructions of the Zionist power structure of Israel for which the multibillionaire Israeli Chaim Saban bestowed her with millions of dollars, that a  high-ranking representative of the  Israeli think tank BESA was present which proposed that ISIS (aka Daesh) NOT be totally destroyed so that Israel through the United States can use it to attack Iran.

The obscenity of this reality is so appaling that no further worlds are needed.

If peace now breaks out thanks to the united outcry against the atrocious  Trump/Netanyahu divide-to-conquer disaster which has turned over the control of the Zionist implant of Israel in Palestine solution to the world community,  then the prospect for an end to ALL conflicts in the Middle East is huge as it would as well impact on the Sunni-Shiite split once Saudi Arabia is brought to its senses and is forced to end its massacre in Yemen, and once Egypt is peacefully led to another peaceful Arab Spring which will end the brutal Al-Sissi regime.

Most importantly though is that Israel then becomes fully democratized and that in tandem with Palestine, so that a “two contiguous  state solution” is established, or better yet, a “one state two cultures” solution vibrant democracy is established in Palestine.  Either way, the international law violating occupation must END NOW, and the Palestinian right of return must be immediately legislated.    Israel must give up its bizarre “right of return” based on biblical mythology.

What is clear is that in 2018 there can be no longer a place on earth where there still exists a so-called “religious state“, since as important as the separation of state and religion is for a genuine democracy, as important is the notion that no democratic state can be a “religious state” since that is an irrational oxymoronic concept.

It goes without saying that religions comprise cultural dimensions and any sovereign state can be democratic AND have a cultural religious component as long as it respects people of all rational religiously humanistic faiths as well as people of no faith.

Nation-State democracies cannot be “religious”.

Former President George Herbert Bush could not have been more wrong and more outrageous when he had the temerity of stating that  “ I don’t know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots

Just as the United States democracy cannot and  is not a “Christian nation”,  in reality and constitutionally, neither is  nor can Israel be a “Jewish nation” if it wants to be a democracy.

Exceptionalism is a myth.  There exist no exceptionalist nation-states. It is a state of mind.

It is the politicization and, heaven forbid, the nationalization of religions which underlies the foundational elements of utterly unnecessary and destructive conflicts and wars.   Their end has come.




2 thoughts on “After 69 Years of Colonialist/Imperialist Palestine Invasion, Occupations, and Oppression : A Historical Milestone is Reached With the Universal Backfire to the Trump/Netanyahu Unholy Collusion’s Exposure of Its Belligerent, Decadent, Dishonest, Racist, Hegemonic, Incompetent Real Objectives

  1. aliceny says:

    Thank you, Alfred, for this succinct background history of Israel’s illegal invasion and occupation of Palestine. Unfortunately, many journalists supply the ancient history, but fail to incorporate the modern history – that is what is of major importance to us in this century.

    I feel exactly as fellow Commenter M. Estelle Spike feels – ‘close to hopeless.’ I would add ‘helpless’ to her thought. How can caring, hopefully informed, Americans stop the diabolical onslaught of injustices and abject failure in our foreign policy efforts and other destructive decisions that emanate from Trump, his Cabinet, the incompetent staff ‘appointees’ and erstwhile ‘family’ that dominate the Oval Office. We can oust Congressional members when their term expires but that is time away from now when the damage is being done and its frightful effects felt for years to come.

  2. M Estelle Spike says:

    Will the EU, ICC and the UN gather the necessary forces to challenge US/Zionist Israel on all counts of their Crimes Against Humanity? I am close to hopeless.

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