Alfred W. McCoy’s “ The Rise and Decline of US Global Power ” is an Educational Clamor for an End to the Hemorrhage of Our Treasury by the Destructively, Provocative, Supremacy and Hegemony Thirsty Present Power Structure

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December 17, 2017 by Alfred

This is an Argentum Post article which hardly requires any comment.

It is about the Prize-winning historian Alfred W. McCoy as he discusses its book “The Rise and Decline of US Global Power ”.

The author is the J.R.W. Smail Professor of History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

To the credit of  Free Speech TV and its program “Pirate TV”, this one hour duration fascinating video presentation by Professor McCoy is brought to the attention of the Argentum Post readers.

What Professor McCoy emphasizes at the end of his presentation is what President Eisenhower warned us about during his farewell address, namely that “we the people”  should always  “… beware of the industrial-military complex (and) of foreign entanglements abroad…”.

Professor McCoy also,  added that during the cold war,  the U.S. became an empire building power abroad, where it interfered in the democratic elections of very many nations, was involved in military coups against democratically elected governments, practiced systematic torture after 9/11 and targeted assassination, and engaged in mass surveillance on a national and global scale, while at the same time practicing democracy at home, but also allowing its nefarious practices abroad to gradually be applied to our democracy at home to the point that today our democracy is seriously threatened by this contradiction, while simultaneously the US imperial hegemony abroad is rapidly decreasing and is overshadowed by the geopolitics abroad.

Clearly one can infer from presentation by illustrious scholars, such as the one by Professor McCoy, that  there is now a major  urgency that this natural decline of the US influence abroad as the influence of the  powers of the  Europe-Russia-China landmass rises increasingly  over Africa, and Latin America, that critical mass has been reached for this to  become the moment in history when “we the people” must focus and embark on a highly disciplined, progressive, democratic movement to resist and demand NOW before more damage is meted out on our nation and on the world, and therefore bring about the end to  our imperial spending waste abroad, and thereby end the hemorrhage of our treasury and the blood of our soldiers and of the innocent unarmed civilian victims of divide-to-conquer hegemony quests,  so that the trillions and trillions of dollars which the now cemented corrupted, demagogic, dishonest, pseudo-populist, right -wing extremists, supremacists Trump/Neocon/Neolib  power structure is in the process of planning wipe out, so that they can then perversely and falsely claim that there are no more funds available for infrastructure, public health, public education, and to ad insult to injury to further suggest cuts to medicare and social security programs.

Any decent, rational, humanist, liberal or conservative, (or even both in one), must now strive to CONSERVE the funds of our taxpayers and channel them once for all in the direction of constructiveness, leading to an equalization of social classes era of peace, harmony, and prosperity.

We deserve the same that the Canadian, Australian, British, German, French,  Scandinavians and many other developed democracies have when it comes to social security networks which maximize that all of our young, middle-aged, and aging populations, can be all they can be, and have a right to expect, and we can no longer accept to remain in a daily increasingly hostage-like crisis imposed by an election which went awry in 2016 and which ever since is putting us into a daily terror state.

We cannot afford 3 more years of destructiveness, provocativeness, hate and war incitement on the basis of falsehoods,  at home, abroad, and the United Nations where our misleader made a fool of himself to the lone hysterical applause of his equally dishonest, sycophant, right-wing extremist fundamentalist, PM of Israel, namely  Netanyahu,  when he had the Chutzpah to threaten to “totally destroy”  an entire nation of 25 million people, while not coincidentally,  both are being investigated by their nation’s law enforcement and judicial  institutions for a whole series of apparent criminal acts.

This perverse sordid and dishonest strategy by the present proto-fascist power structure can be analogously and cartoonishly depicted as akin to the case of an individual who after murdering his/her parents, pleads in court for leniency on the account that said individual is now an orphan.  It is hypocrisy and gall on steroids.

With this foreword, the following is therefore the link for the presentation by Professor Alfred McCoy of “The Rise and Decline of US Global Power “ .


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