[APNFD Nr. 61] The Intended Guatemala Embassy Move to Israel is Tied To Pay Back for Israel Support In Guatemala’s War on Its Indigenous Population


December 26, 2017 by Alfred

This is an Argentum Post News Flash Digest [APNFD Nr. 61]

The outrageous, international law violating, Guatemala intended move of its embassy to Jerusalem gives the aphorism “ birds of a feather flock together “ and new and grotesque dimension, which furthermore constitutes an insult to all member of the aviary species.

For decades, prize-wining investigative journalists such as Alan Nairn and Jeremy Scahill have  reported with an abundance of redundance  of documentation, the sordid involvement of the Zionist power structures of Israel in most particularly, although not exclusively, genocidal wars by Guatemala’s right-wing extremist dictators such as Rios Montt, on Guatemala’s autochthonous inhabitants, a historical fact which resulted in the death of tens of thousands mostly unarmed innocent civilians and even their children.

Today, on December 26, 2017 to the credit of The Washington Post, it reported the repulsive announcement by the corrupt Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales that he intends to move Guatemala’s embassy to the city of Jerusalem  in brazen violation of international law, since Jerusalem – contrary to the non-sensical and misleading statements by Trump, his ditto head Kitty Haley, and his sycophantic acolyte Benjamin Netanyahu – is NOTthe eternal capital of Israel “.

Brief cursory research provides a plethora of REAL solid historical information documentation for this reality and for the sake of brevity, provide infra is an excerpt of said documentation provided by Wikipedia.

In November 1947, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine (Resolution 181), which called for the partition of Palestine into Arab and Jewish states, with Jerusalem being established as a Corpus separatum or a “separated body” with a special legal and political status, administered by the United Nations.[12] Jewish representatives accepted the plan.

The UN General Assembly (via Resolution 303 )reiterated the UN commitment to internationalization of Jerusalem, and designated it a “corpus separate  – separate body. Under the original partition plan of 1947 (GA resolution 181), Jerusalem was to have been administered under UN sovereignty as an international city. The outbreak of hostilities immediately following the publication of the partition plan, led to division of Jerusalem into an eastern half controlled by Jordan and a western half under Israeli sovereignty. The Arabs initially rejected the internationalization of Jerusalem, and the Jewish side accepted it. By the end of the war of independence (1948 war) after the Jews had been expelled from the old city of Jerusalem, the Israeli government rejected internationalization. The UN had made virtually no effort to establish an international regime or to safeguard Arab and Jewish inhabitants. The area allotted by the UN for this international city of Jerusalem covered Jerusalem, Bethlehem and environs. Jerusalem was conquered and reunified by Israel in the 6-day war.  Despite the reality of the actual situation, the UN has never ceased to officially regard Jerusalem as a “corpus separatum.” The United States does not recognize any part of Jerusalem as part of Israel, despite congressional resolutions. Both the United States and Great Britain, among others, consider that the status of Jerusalem is to be resolved by the parties to the dispute in final settlement negotiations, and in practice, ignore the UN corpus separate resolutions.”

Now, to document just as briefly the obscene and horrific support of Israel in the genocidal war on the indigenous population of Guatemala (inter alia), see infra a synopsis provided by “Third World Traveler” titled Israel and Guatemala.

So to go back to the credit The Washington Post deserves, it suffices to point out that in its report of the insultingly outrageous move announced by the President of Guatemala, it ads at the end of the article the following paragraph :

“ Guatemala and Israel have long ago had close ties, especially in “security matters and arms sales”(emphasis added).

Books have been written about Israel’s Zionist power structure support for racist, supremacist, hegemonic, belligerent dictatorships in states in Central America, South America, and – believe it or not – the most odious Apartheid regime of South Africa whereto Israel clandestinely proliferated its technology of nuclear energy weaponization and even became involved in a nuclear test detonation off the coast of South Africa, a reality which is amply documented, but most appropriately by the son of Jewish parents who escaped from the Nazis to South Africa, namely Sasha Polakow-Suransky in his book titled  “The Forbidden Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa

Finally it should be no surprise that Guatemala’s President Jimmy Morales is part of an elite political class which attempts to shield itself from accountability to the people of Guatemala and which attempted illegally to expel a lawyer and lead investigator of the United Nations backed  International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG). The prestigious organization  NACLA has reported in detail on this historical reality.

No more needs to be said about how dishonest misleaders collaborate globally to violently impose their putrid state of immorality, disregard for justice for the law, in their bloodthirsty quest for the relentless generation of political and financial capital to further their classes hegemonic, beligernte lust and greed for democracy destruction.

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  1. M Estelle Spike says:

    Thank you for this very informative and chilling article. Sharing!

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