[ APNFD Nr. 60 ] Trump and Netanyahu Plus Neocons and Neolibs Expose Not Only Greed, Arrogance and Ignorance but Violate Documented International Law since Jerusalem Was Designated by the UN a “Corpus Separatum” City in 1947 and is NOT a Capital of an Israel Later Created Controversially

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December 27, 2017 by Alfred

For expediency and brevity, this relatively short article is the Argentum Post’s educational response to the beyond outrageous provocation by Trump and Netanyahu as regards to their erroneous and dishonest characterization of “ Jerusalem the eternal capital of Israel ” .

Following up on this non-sense, they both then act as if it is their prerogative to move the embassy of the United States into Jerusalem and to add insult to injury they then affirm that other nations should follow suit, while Netanyahu dishonestly then added that he has already had conversations with leaders of said “other nations” which will join this inflammatory, international law violating, and violence generating,  irrational, ignorant, and arrogant suggestion.

As detailed in the previous Argentum Post article titled “[APNFD Nr. 61] The Intended Guatemala Embassy Move to Israel is Tied To Pay Back for Israel Support In Guatemala’s War on Its Indigenous Population “, Guatemala is the only nation which has indicated it would follow up with such an illegal for the reason which is inherent in said article’s title.

The facts are that the UN’s Security Council 14 members voted unanimously to immediately oppose this insanity, and subsequently the UN convened an emergency General Assembly session to deliberate and vote on this issue and the result constituted a collective global vote of defiance against such bizarre move by 128 nations against 7, excluding of course the U.S. and Israel votes, with some abstentions which however, particularly in the case of Mexico were made with a clear statement by its President that this does not mean that Mexico condones such a move.

The other nations were Micronesia, Nauru, Marshall Islands, Honduras, Togo and that says something about the nature of those who supported this intolerable  move.

Risibly but utterly embarrassingly once again our utterly incompetent nincompoop ditto head, namely our  so-called “US  representative” at the UN,  Kitty Haley, hat the temerity or rather “chutzpah” on steroids to call a vote “null and void” adding that “no vote the United Nations will make any difference” and adding further that the votes against the move are a sign of “disrespect for the U.S.” after previously having uttered such drivel as “ the days of Israel bashing at the UN are over” and “there is a new Sherrif in town now”.

Never in history has any U.S. delegate to the U.N. so embarrassed the United States.

Never in history has any U.S. President so embarrassed the United States.

With this foreword, what is now presented to the readers of the Argentum Post is what was supra referred to as an “educational” response to the false claim that “Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel “.

For expediency and hence brevity sale, only salient components of underlying genuine historical documentation is presented in a “talking points” fashion, but these salient points will be the proverbial “tips of icebergs” which will allow readers to open windows to some of a plethora of anthologies of documentations of a reality which has been hidden “under water” for decades,  by a collusion of corrupt politics, sins of omission by the corporatized media, undue influence of corrupting and lobbies, plus  underlying it all – the greed, hegemony, belligerence, expansionist objectives of the colonial / imperial European and later American exploiters of natural and human resources of in this case the Middle East’s fossil fuel.

Let us consider the following in the infra shown order.

(A)  Israel Synthesis and Violent Implantation into Palestine


It is historically documented that not only is Jerusalem NOT the “capital” of the “state of Israel”  since  Israel was violently synthesized in 1948 as a result of the bizarre nationalization of the Judaic religion, something which millions of decent, noble, Torah universalist values  abiding Jews have opposed on a world-wide scale,  because this bizarre notion was the result of the unholy collusion of  the colonialist-imperialist interests of the West in conjunction with the extreme right-wing supremacist, fundamentalist, ideologues of  Zionism which are composed of seculars, Jews, and Evangelists.

Since the 19th century the ideology (not religion) of Zionism has meted out tremendous and violent damage on Judaism.

One of the best sources for Americans to penetrate the fog of decades of propagandistic cultural programmation designed to create falsehoods and vandalize documented historical reality is a book titled  “Against Our Better Judgement : The Hidden History of How U.S. Was Used to Create Israel ”. The author is the journalist Alison Weir.

Fast forward to the documentation supporting the supra title of this APNFD Nr. 60 is the fact that not only is Jerusalem NOT the capital of the embodiment of the nationalization of the Judaic religion, but from 1947 on several United Nations resolutions which were involved in following up with the Lord Balfour Declaration of the British empire in 1917 that – for the benefit of the control of the exploitation of the fossil fuel reserves in the Middle East – a colony of the West should be established there which could be called “Israel” because this manipulation of the “Biblical Israel” concept would enhance the demagoguery which would accompany the synthesis and implantation of a pseudo-state (i.e. a Western colony) into the midst of the land of Palestine.

So, to begin with, there was no entitlement, no historical legitimacy, and no legal legitimacy for the establishment of this Western colony by imperial powers in the Middle East, so the “might makes right” notion was used to supplant that obstacle  and hence Palestine was literally invaded, and its autochthonous population was told to “abide, leave, or die”.

Only President Wilson had the courage and conscience early on in 1919 to create a commission made up of two Americans, Charles Crane and Henry King,  which was ordered to travel to Palestine and to consult with the Palestinians how they felt about this Western colonial / imperialist project.

This commission was called the King Crane Commission and it came to the conclusion that Palestinians would not be dispossessed for their lands.

Of course the history which lead to this reality is much more complex and detailed but this synopsis is reality as compared to the Zionist ideologues’ synthesized falsehoods linked later to their exploitation of biblical belief and mythology, and after 1938 obscenely exploited as a result of the horrific genocidal atrocities committed against Jews and others by the Nazis.

(B) Jerusalem Legal Status


The following is a Wikipedia excerpt :

In November 1947, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine (Resolution 181), which called for the partition of Palestine into Arab and Jewish states, with Jerusalem being established as a Corpus Separatum city, or a “separated body” with a special legal and political status, administered by the United Nations.[12] Jewish representatives accepted the plan

The UN General Assembly (via Resolution 303 )reiterated the UN commitment to internationalization of Jerusalem, and designated it a “corpus separate  – separate body. Under the original partition plan of 1947 (GA resolution 181), Jerusalem was to have been administered under UN sovereignty as an international city. The outbreak of hostilities immediately following the publication of the partition plan, led to division of Jerusalem into an eastern half controlled by Jordan and a western half under Israeli sovereignty. The Arabs initially rejected the internationalization of Jerusalem, and the Jewish side accepted it. By the end of the war of independence (1948 war) after the Jews had been expelled from the old city of Jerusalem, the Israeli government rejected internationalization. The UN had made virtually no effort to establish an international regime or to safeguard Arab and Jewish inhabitants. The area allotted by the UN for this international city of Jerusalem covered Jerusalem, Bethlehem and environs. Jerusalem was conquered and reunified by Israel in the 6-day war.  Despite the reality of the actual situation, the UN has never ceased to officially regard Jerusalem as a “corpus separatum.” The United States does not recognize any part of Jerusalem as part of Israel, despite congressional resolutions. Both the United States and Great Britain, among others, consider that the status of Jerusalem is to be resolved by the parties to the dispute in final settlement negotiations, and in practice, ignore the UN corpus separatum resolutions.

See UN GA Resolution 303

                                               Israel Invasion and Annexation of 1967

Mythology would have it that the “perpetrator” Israel was the “victim” when in reality “Israel provoked the Six-Day War in 1967, and it was not fighting for survival”.

This comment is in quotation marks because it is the title of an article published by the prestigious website Mondoweiss and it would be an oxymoron on steroids for anyone to attempt to characterize this accurate account as tendentiously “anti-Semitic” since most of the professional staff of this prestigious website is made up of humanist, progressive, scholarly  Jews, as is the background of this writer of the Argentum Post.

So, here we have it.

Jerusalem cannot be the perpetual capital of Israel since this “Israel” is not the biblical Israel but the one conceptualized by right-wing extremist, fundamentalist, nationalist, supremacist members of the international Zionist ideology and this was then and is now opposed by countless non-Zionists all over the world, including in this synthetic Israel. 

So, in addition to the outrageous idiocy and arrogance which motivates Trump and Netanyahu to stoke the fires of hatred and violence in the Middle East, what they intend to carry out is also a brazen act of international law violation which must be prevented at all costs, lest we are willing to risk a major conflagration which easily can  spiral into a much wider and even “World War” , something which should never again happen in the history of humanity .

To finalize, lets focus on the following :

                                        (CWhat Differentiates Judaism from Zionism   

Zionism is a rigid supremacist, racist ideology.

Judaism is not only not racist, it is not even a race, but both, Nazis and many Zionists consider it a race, the Nazi considers it an inferior race and the Zionists considers it a superior race.    Thank God, Judaism is neither.

Liberal Judaism is based on the universality values of the Torah.   It does not talk about it being a “chosen people” and it considers its “promised land” to be any land in the civilized world where it can live in harmony with people of all religions, where it has equal rights as citizens, and where it shares vibrant democracies based on justice for all, and the end of all wars.

It is also noteworthy how scholars defined “Anti-Zionism” compared to how corrupted and/or ignorant politicians define it.

One thing is for sure undeniable.  “Anti-Zionism” cannot be described or defined as “Anti-Semitism” regardless of what such misleaders as Netanyahu dishonestly use to denigrate legitimate Israel criticism as regards to its barbaric crimes against the humanity of the Palestinians.   Anti-Zionism  cannot rationally be conflated with Anti-Semitism ever. Period.

What follows is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

Anti-Zionism is opposition to Zionism. The term is broadly defined in the modern era as the opposition to the ethnonationalist and political movement of Jewsand Jewish culture that supports the establishment of a Jewish state as a Jewish homeland in the territory defined as the historic Land of Israel (also referred to as Palestine, Canaan, or the Holy Land). Anti-Zionism is also defined as opposition to the modern State of Israel as defined as a Jewish and democratic state

Noam Chomsky has reported a change in the boundaries of what are considered Zionist and anti-Zionist views.[29] In 1947, in his youth, Chomsky’s support for a socialist binational state, in conjunction with his opposition to any semblance of a theocratic system of governance in Israel, was at the time considered well within the mainstream of secular Zionism; today, it lands him solidly in the anti-Zionist camp.[30]

Even countless Orthodox Jews, have in the past and continue to this day to be vehemently opposed to the Zionist state of Israel.

This historical real fact is best exemplified by the following article published by the progressive Tikkun journal and website whose director and editor is the legendary, noble, liberal, progressive Rabbi Michael Lerner.

This article published by Stephen Lendman is titled “Jews Against Zionism”

Last but not least, the Argentum Post calls to the attention of its readers the following two sources of education about the historical reality which exposes how repulsively false the allegations by fraudsters and non-sapient inhuman beings are, such as particularly Trump is, when they claim falsely to be “friends” of Jews by protecting, funding,  and instigating hate and fear mongering Zionist extremists.

One source is the book by a famous Jewish author and scholar who had to leave Israel and now lives in London and teaches at the University of Exeter.  His name is Ilan Pappe and his prize wining book which is must read for anyone genuinely interested in neutralizing and expunging the toxic propaganda  of Zionism and its AIPAC U.S. based lobby is “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” . Videos of various of his presentations at academia word-wide are found on YouTube.

The other source of extremely valuable information is the annual event which takes place in March at the National Press Club in Washington, DC which is frequented by hundreds of academics, journalists, members of foreign services, intelligence communities, and many more, and which is typically composed of some 20 speakers focusing on the urgent imperative for the United States to radically reform it’s beyond disastrous policy of unconditional support for Israel, a policy which lies at the root cause of much of the strife in the Middle East, and which is antithetical  to the best national and international security interests of the United States and of all of the world’s nations.

This year’s event is titled “ The Israel Lobby and American Policy 2018 Conference”.

Scandalously this event is not covered by the corporatized mainstream media which is thereby derelict of its duty to inform and thereby educate the American people.  This is as serious a violation as the violation of our freedom of speech.

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